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We caught her doing this when a nurse arrived at the house and asked where the caregiver was to my brother and he responded she left. Nurse contacted my sister and I was then contacted. I called my brother’s cell phone and ask to speak with the nurse. I asked her, What time did she arrive? and she said she arrived at 12:30 and nobody meaning caregiver was there. The caregiver Laura was supposed to be there from 10 to 2.

I contacted Home Instead in Bel Air Maryland and spoke with Emily and she verified that Laura clocked in at 10 and is still there at the house and I informed her that that was not true because we have a nurse at the house and Laura o goshi judo is nowhere to be found. Then I contacted Laura by text and asked her to clock in and out using my brother’s cell phone and my sister was there at the house waiting for her to come back if she was coming back and sure enough she drove up the driveway and then text me saying she’s clocking out. My brother then informed me that she has been doing this ever since we hired her meaning leaving the house in between hours of clocking in and clocking out and we were billed recently of those days with full hours 10 to 2.

My sister and I managed to contact the bank on time to stop the automatic withdrawal of $786 however I did notice another charge of $186 that was withdrawn on March 8th 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore and there is no invoice backup as to why we were charged this amount. I am requesting a full refund and in the process of finding a lawyer. Home Instead is a scam business and they are trying to take advantage of the disabled and seniors’ inability to remember electricity word search printable and use it against us. I am here to inform others to not use Home Instead because they are not in the business of caring for your loved one but out to get your money.

Also having the conversation with Emily of Home Instead it didn’t sound like she was surprised. In fact she was even defending the employee by saying that she had an emergency and that her daughter was out of gas and needed help. I just drew from that conclusion that they had previously been doing this before and knew all about how their employees work and they don’t care about it. My advice. PLEASE DON’T LET Home Instead CARE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM AND IT’S ALL ABOUT MAKING A BUCK. NO COMPASSION. NO TRUST.

Fast forward, (4) four years later… to September 2017… Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from Home Instead Senior Care Fran SEVEN YEARS after we used them for my (now) deceased father and FOUR YEARS later for myself. My initial thought was maybe they were looking for me to use them as a reference; because I could think of no other reason they would call! Imagine my astonishment and increasing anger I felt when Fran falsely stated we’ve been gas stations in texas sending you invoices and haven’t heard from you. I was in shock trying to process what this woman was claiming since I had NOT received any bill or communication from HISC since 2013!!

And I know I personally pay all bills immediately upon receipt and keep very good records, so I became frustrated and angered as Fran was falsely claiming to have been unsuccessfully trying to reach me (even though I verified they had my correct address, phone #, email, etc). The $ dollar amount Fran claimed on the phone for myself was $54.00 from 2013. I told her I owe them nothing and paid all my bills when they were received and it is not my problem if they have very bad bookkeeping!

Now, four years later, my husband and I just moved in late April 2017 to another state to down-size into a small home in a retirement community. The post office has been successfully forwarding all our gas prices going up june 2016 mail correctly to our new address. My frustration grew as my mind wandered how now I am burdened by trying to prove this was paid four years ago!! I offered my new address and asked her to send me an invoice of this bill. Since moving and down-sizing we got rid of 50% of our possessions and the old designated binder I kept for HISC records were not something I kept from 2009 2013! Important things like taxes and other relevant important documents moved with us, but holding onto HISC binder from 2009 2013 did NOT make the cut when deciding what was absolutely necessary to take into our new small home.

So I became increasingly mad to be accused of owing something I knew I didn’t owe and spent HOURS trying to find my old checkbook registers to find proof of paying this to them in 2013. Thankfully I found one old bank electronic electricity production bank statement showing proof of payment from my checking account. Unfortunately I closed my other checking account I had often used to pay medical bills and cannot access old statements which is a huge hassle. I’m thinking how ridiculous that this company is obviously in financial trouble and probably was audited for their illegal billing practices and poor book-keeping… and are bogusly calling very old clients to try and collect money they do not owe.

On September 7, 2017 I received an envelope in the 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat mail from Fran from HISC with the promised invoice. INSTEAD it is a poor ledger, no invoices and the amount Fran said on the phone was not anywhere to be found in this vague on this four-lined ledger. I am disgusted and frustrated and will write to them stating I owe them nothing and all bills were paid with a copy of my payment. I want no further correspondence and consider this to be harassment and illegal. Keeping in mind Fran’s initial claim they have been sending me invoices when I NEVER got any bill since 2013 which was paid. THIS makes me mad and would NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE AFTER THIS FRAUDULENT CLAIM.

I would get up in the morning to make coffee. She was still in her bedroom and would come out well after the coffee was made gas variables pogil answers extension questions. That was too much of a chore for her to do. The only thing she ever cleaned was dishes after her feeding time. After several days I called her boss in an effort to have her removed because she had an attitude and manner that was unbearable, even for my family and friends that visited. She borrowed money from my friend that drove her to a drug store and never paid her back the loan.

When she finally left (thank God) she was carrying two heavy bags that she put into my car that she had not come with. I was curious until I arrived home afterwards. My curiosity was solved. All the packages of frozen chicken and meat purchased from the supermarket the previous day were missing. She took it with her. While I was home ill for the few weeks, I did not wear my jewelry. Instead I left it in my desk top drawer that was right outside the bedroom she used. My bedroom is on the other side of the house and I slept with the door closed. My cousin Tom brought the jewelry to me from the hospital electricity song lyrics where they had taken it off when I arrived at the emergency room. He gave it to me when I was sitting at my desk. She was standing next to my desk when he handed it to me and I put it into the top drawer because I did not want to put it on just then.

A week after she had been gone I decided to put the jewelry back on so I went to my desk to get the small container that I put the jewelry into that was located in the top drawer. When I opened the drawer there was the container (she saw me put the jewelry into the container). I opened it and there was nothing inside. My girlfriend and I turned the house upside down looking for the jewelry as anybody would when something of that value was missing. I contacted Home Instead and they said that people usually call right away when something like this happens. I asked them how often does it happen? They said nothing. There was over $1200.00 due on the balance I owed them. Greg, an owner, told me not to bother paying them and apologized for the incident. My loss exceeded gas you up $4,000.00. That jewelry is not replaceable. I guess when she left she took a lot more than food.