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Also the so called jobs will send you 50 plus miles from where you’re located to make under minimum wage like 11.50/hr. You gas density problems’ll spend like 20 on gas that day and have like 40 bucks after working almost 10 hours. PeopleReady is a big ** joke. You guys change your name to make it seem like you’re helping people. But you treat them same people like crap every day. Anyone who has worked for them understand what I mean.

Use PeopleReady only to connect to real job because they will ** you in long-term when you have back problems and car troubles from all the driving and gas bubble in chest and back laborious work they put on you. This company will break you literally. I rather work minimum wage at fast food restaurant than ever work this company again. I DON’T RECOMMEND ANYBODY WORK THIS COMPANY ANYMORE. Too much shady ** has been going on with them down to the dispatchers and being paid fairly and on time. None benefits just another number. You guys literally make money off the employees by taking it off the top of their pay. Sick. SMH.

PeopleReady says there is no need for concern with Retaliation when you politely and professionally address these issues. ***SPOILER ALERT*** WRONG. Tier 1 Status with great reviews gas in back relief from employers yet My JobStack was temporarily suspended and I’ve been removed from most Text Alerts. Only receiving those gastroparesis that are low paying and horrible environments. So so exhausted with PeopleReady as a whole along with the individuals they put in charge of a lot of the branches. True Leadership starts from the top. So if you put a person in charge with no genuine sense of integrity or sincere conviction as to who they represent (PeopleReady) this is the end result.

A perpetuation of the same behavior or even worse because it is accepted and tolerated. It’s the ongoing theme of business as usual. It Needs To Stop. Purge the branches and revive the business model and culture that was intended from the beginning. 🙁 I’m so Sad right now. Posting with tears??? in my eyes. I used to love and admire PeopleReady as a brand la gas prices average but over the years they have morphed into something I don’t even recognize. Please fix this PeopleReady. I know you can if you’re willing to face the fact that there is indeed a problem. Please help save what’s left of the values PeopleReady had. Coming from a sincere place.

The few times I’ve worked I had to give others a ride and c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut of course they are always claiming to be broke so they can ride free. Then they have the nerve to ask you to take them to the store the first break you get. One guy even said to another in the car YOU UNDERSTAND BEING BROKE CAUSE YOU’RE **. WTF. Are people still this ignorant! I was broke before that spoiled brat was born.

You will get bumped off all of your jobs when it rains if you’re **. They are racists bad, don’t waste your gas or time. You will be disappointed. They got more games to play on you than Disney World. Labor Finders in Greensboro is not like that. Neither i have electricity in my body are the other 2 pay daily places. If you are dumb enough to go there thinking you are different or desperate and have no choice remember they don’t care. By the way the people riding with me (all **) got their money immediately while it took 5 hours or even days to get paid. I have more ** friends than any other and I wouldn’t recommend it to them either. They will take advantage of you if you have a car, I drove 30 miles each way and they do not pay mileage as advertised.

I had to call and go to the office multiple times because when I signed up I was told I would be paid daily (not that I have hp gas online booking phone number a problem being paid weekly) but when you are told one thing and have to wait over a week for your money it comes off unprofessional. I was told I don’t know how things hp gas online booking work so I don’t know what I’m talking about regarding payroll. After I explained I used to own and operate my own business and then explained his job to him he didn’t even apologize to me for speaking in such an unprofessional manner. I also overheard a staff member Omar state to a client while I was in the office filling out my application and then was told gsa 2016 pay scale by the same staff member that there was a one hundred dollar referral bonus. When the person I referred there asked Jarrel about it he was ignored and then Jarrel turned to me and said, Tell him to sit down as.

There are hundreds of staff agencies in the Hudson county area and they will all be getting my business in the future. Clients like me are the reason staff agency have a job in the first place. I have over twenty years in customer service background and the way gas national average I was treated is not the way I would treat even the most irate customer. I would not recommend this branch to anyone unless you want to be lied to cheated and unpaid in an unprofessional manner!

Right now I had a good ticket, was told it* 5 was long, Mon through Friday, got transportation out there, yadayada. Well for one it got pushed out almost 2 wks electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade before we finally got on site, then we get there and are told it’s more like a 9 wk to a year ticket depending on how many bridges get ordered, while there they got another one to make a total of 3 bridges for the summer. Had they started when they were supposed to and was for the duration they said it was to be it would have been fine. But my thinking is after my first day I should give this to another person because I can’t dedicate the time with my 2 other full time summer jobs. Well today is my 98-yr-old grandmother’s funeral, and I wasn’t going to be able to make it in, I thought I could work till noon to get home and dresses but would have had to hitchhike home, so go to tell them in the office at 725 am to find it all locked up.

Told them 8 gases through text that I couldn’t get in but their service won’t let me send any more than a few words or it denies the destination, so in return they tell me they have to replace me. Well I asked for an email so I could always explain what’s going on but nope, got no response back. And I’ll get retaliation from this. It’s how it works down there, unless you’re dating one of the office people or a favorite of theirs. I go and I do my job as well as the work of 4 other people, if I have to hear gas kush one more time I’m not getting paid to be my best or fast I’d go insane.

I’m now looking into going through Bonnie Staffing or Maine Staffing because it is the most unprofessional place I’ve worked for. Plus they can’t keep customers, now it’s picking up but they’ve lost some big money tickets and about to lose a few more because they don’t care. You’re just a number filling a slot. The few that are trying to make a living are stuck with electricity generation by source by country the stigma that we’re all lazy drug addicted thieves until we can prove them wrong. So if you’re smart you’ll look elsewhere if you’re trying to survive.