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I read the reviews on this company and they were not good – and actually I was very hesitant and was going to go with another company. And I was actually quite mean on the phone and for some reason I decided to apologize for my mouth to Richard ** and we did the contract! Now the other company were nice too electricity symbols ks2 worksheet but they charge by the cubic feet and not really a good idea because everyone packs differently so you will NOT be offered a binding contract. Was Mayflower slightly higher – yes – by much NO! So go by the weight and you can ask for a certificate of weight to see if under and then you will get some money back but if weight is more than what is written it’s binding so it’s ON THEM.

(Hint: One move I actually had the driver say in order to keep moving forward with my furniture on truck I had to pay another 850.00 because weight was over and he wouldn’t be able to get through the weigh stations if numbers didn’t match. DON’T FALL FOR THIS IF BINDING IT’S BINDING unless you added more items to be transported not in the original estimate.) Continuing: My very expensive floors in Boca were protected and actually they went above and beyond making sure stairs, rails, walls EVERYTHING was protected. I have moved a lot and most of the time I have to tell them please pad this or that – nope not my Mayflower guys.

So very very hot on moving day in Boca and very cold in Lansing MI. Actually had to cancel the actual moving day due to weather but even I didn’t want my furniture moved when icy outside. How long did it take to get my furniture maybe e85 gas stations colorado 13 days. So in closing – everything went perfect – and yes you actually get a piece of paper and you check off every box/piece of furniture. Then afterwards you sit down and if you didn’t check off a couple numbers you can say 28 and in my case Richard would say that’s the mattress oh yea! 🙂 So to my crew from the beginning to end – I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. YOU GET 10 STARS.

Kept receiving wrong dates and confirmations about the shipping of the car, again which I had to call up and rectify. Never got any calls telling me when the delivery guys would arrive until they were at the house and I was losing at least an hour of time unloading. The days prior when I had asked the co-ordinator to call the delivery guys or give me the number, I was told a flat out no, she could not contact the delivery team. This I did not understand as they HAD to be able to find out when the delivery would happen. Zero calls back. Damaged tables, dressers, lamps. Broken electricity symbols glass candle holders (I am beyond baffled at how this happened as you have to literally hit a stone wall to break these candle holders), broken decanters. A lot of high end damage, there was no care taken with our move. Lost boxes, missing very sentimentally valuable items.

Zero remorse over lost items and didn’t even bother trying to find the boxes, just sent a claim form. I chased many times asking to give me the packers details so I could ask about the missing stuff, 4 days later nothing. No follow up calls, no contact after the disastrous move. Just left until I was the one chasing all our stuff. Had some items in storage, never told where this stuff was or how much it was costing us even after asking numerous times. Stuff arrived that was supposed to be in storage.

I am baffled and shocked and appalled that a company like this can still do business with all the negligence and bad business practice. They take your money and leave with a tenth of the service they promised and whats worse they don’t care as they will fall back on the insurance and leave you with emotional damage that’s irreparable. I wouldn’t even give this company one star as they don’t deserve it but had to. Please find yourself another company, Mayflower needs some form of regulation and have their business license terminated as from what I gather this has happened way too many times to people.

We just had fresh paint and carpet put in and they came and damaged the walls by putting the boxes too close to the walls which we kept on saying, Please not close to walls. They refused to put a lot of the stuff back together that the Virginia Beach crew took a part and if I would not have asked them to put some of it together they would not have put it together at all. Still have stuff sitting in the garage that needs to be put together because they took it apart. They were not listening to my instructions to put things.

It was near impossible to check off the boxes as they came in. We have things missing that we cannot claim because of weight gasset y ortega filosofia and it is not worth my time to try to fill out another claim. Also a tub was broken and cannot claim that either. Time is worth more than 60 cents per pound. I do not agree with the claim amount but they will not budge. Major furniture was damaged table, end tables dressers. One dresser was completely broken. They did not even tell me that they broke one dresser. They were dishonest and unprofessional and unhelpful. If you want your stuff ruined and house damaged call these people. Very disappointed how much time and extra pressure this company has put us through. Moving across state is stressful enough and expensive enough. They smoked in my garage and around my stuff which is very rude to children that are very sensitive to smoke. They gag over it and I do too.

BIG MISTAKE!!! At one point, the crew brought in a mattress that was not ours; we should have known then that we were in trouble. As soon as they left, we noticed our large flat screen TV was missing in addition to 2 huge wardrobe boxes; then a 70 lb clear plastic container labeled RECORD ALBUMS/HEAVY FRAGILE was nowhere to be found. This carton in particular was very valuable and contained collectible priceless albums… Interesting that it would be missing.

My husband proceeded to call, then text the crew lead who admitted that it was 100 percent his fault, and he had left things static electricity bill nye full episode in the truck by mistake. Never got the vinyl records back and missing other items as well. Filed a claim, which Mayflower took no time to deny because, we had signed the waiver. Also, if you go through an arbitrator, who Mayflower rep referred us to (obviously on their side), the decision is binding, so best to contact a lawyer if your lost or damaged possessions are worth it. ADVICE wb state electricity board bill pay: DO NOT USE MAYFLOWER, AND IF YOU DO, MAKE SURE TO CHECK THAT EVERY BOX AND PIECE OF FURNITURE IS DELIVERED.

He again threatened me that my stuff was going to get broken and it wouldn’t be his fault. We emptied our tractor of gas as we were told to prevent a fire hazard and they put gas back into it so they wouldn’t have to push it onto the truck. They were suppose to cover my banister and wood floors but only protected some of the floors. Two scratches over 8 each were made in the wood floors and we had to settle with the buyers at closing.

Once we got to the house to unpack the extra guys were there and it became a game of how fast they could get everything into my house. No care was given for my belongings. A leather loveseat that wasn’t protected was pushed across a cement sidewalk and slate floor, a round outdoor table was rolled across the cement driveway, a container top popped off and photographs were on the ground, I found a dirty footprint on my wood furniture, boxes clearly marked fragile had heavy boxes put on top of them and someone ran something into my brand new dryer breaking the entire control panel. Many other things were broken or scratched.

When my move coordinator contacted me the next day, I let her know what happened and how unhappy we were with our experience. We did not get what we paid for and I told her that I shouldn’t have to pay any additional charges. No one from management ever called to get more information and try to settle with me. A month later they sent me a bill and I called and had to leave a message. Lina my coordinator sent me an email back instead of calling me back like I requested. Lina told me in the email to call Les. I sent an email saying that Les could call me. It’s been another month and still no one has contacted me or will return my calls. Poor service from start to finish. You do not get what you pay for!

The corporate office seems to function as a higher level escalation path gas monkey live to sort out problems. They are trying, but their explanation, that summer is their busy season and so they can’t really predict their performance just doesn’t hold water. It’s a lot like the airlines. They overbook then are surprised when they have to kick someone off the flight, or in this case they move the furniture but then are surprised when they don’t have the capacity to actually deliver it on the receiving end. I suggested that they handle it like the airlines (no, not knock my teeth out and drag me down my front walk) and offer incentives to customers who are earlier in line to see if they are willing to take their delivery a day or two later for a cash rebate in return for allowing us to get our delivery on time. They acted surprised at the suggestion and said they hadn’t considered it before. Hummmmmm… 150 years in the moving business and they hadn’t considered it???

Makes me wonder about how motivated they really are. Their contract provides only $100/day performance penalty for missing their window, so not much downside liability on their part. Anyway, I rated them a three right now, but it will move down if they don’t speed up the delivery or if there are any problems with missing or damaged items. Seems like the general consensus between reviews of the national movers is they are a second tier outfit, with Atlas Moving Systems and Bekins Moving Solutions being better but lots of others in the middle. At this point I’d have to agree that they gas efficient cars under 5000 seem to be tolerable but not great. More to come…