Top 15 best cameras for vlogging 2018 wb state electricity board recruitment 2015

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Anyone with a blog that has video content is likely to ponder on which video camera to use at some point of time or the other. The ideal choice for best Vlogging equipment is generally centered somewhere around price range and features. Before you pick your camera unit from market, it is good to go through the list of essentials that you need to review during selection.

• Image Quality: It is recommended to choose camera that has Full HD recording capabilities or can go at least up to 1080p, to make your vlog look professional. But if your vlog channel focuses on beauty & stylish, food, photography or science experiment, etc. that’s especially demanding on video quality, you’d better look for 4K or "Ultra HD" cameras.

You can’t deny that Huawei usually provide you high-quality products with a reasonable pirce. It’s latest P20 Pro can be regarded as the best camera phone in Android market, even in the whole smartphone market. 40MP rear camera with 3x optical zoom and 24MP front camera, big 4000mAh battery, 6.1-inch AMOLED display, about $999, if you are serious about the photo/video quality, Huawei P20 Pro should be one of your best choices.

The best thing to know about Google Pixel 2 is its 4K recording capabilities that work at 30fps frame rate and 9-megapixel for selfie. You will get a lovely exposure to colors with every click and saturation is completely fine. Professionals can it perfect combination of size, portability and video as well as still quality. Google Pixel comes with pre installed Google assistant and pixel launcher service.

iPhone X is well known for camera upgrades like dual 12MP cameras, 2x optical zoom and truedepth camera that make image quality stunning. The color rich screen along with feature rich module makes it best choice for vlogging needs. And longest battery life is something that was not even delivered by any of its predecessors.

ELPH 350 HS is rated as one of the best budget friendly camera unit for bloggers but you have to make some sacrifices for low light performance. Professionals rate it microphone placed as one of the best quality because it helps in rich audio signal recording. Also, your image will not become shaky even if you are recording at tough locations.

Canon S120 provides faster performance with 1080p recording capabilities at 60fps whereas stills can be captured at 12MP. Users will be able to get easy access to settings for adjustment of ISO, white balance, self timer, drive mode and metering pattern.

It supports 1080p recording ability with frame rate switching options ranging between 60, 30 and 24fps. Bloggers love this camera due to its small size and light weight as it becomes easier to carry. Some of the popular YouTubes such as Faze rain and Cutie Pie use this camera and recommend for impressive vlogging results.

It is one of the highly recommended digital camera units for bloggers that can capture breathtaking stills with its 24.2MP ability. Videos can be captured at 4K resolution level and it offers great image stabilization. You will love its autofocus feature and the handy design that makes it suitable for tough location recordings.

Osmo offers great picture quality even at low light condition. Users can operate this camera even with DJI GO advanced mobile application. Users can easily switch between slow motion and auto video recording modes where maximum support to video bit rate goes up to 60Mbps. You will definitely love its 3 axis stabilizer and added UV filter feature.

It will be a great choice for your professional vlogging video needs and if you want to populate your YouTube channel with impressive collection. Video quality is definitely good and tripod recording becomes much easier with its handy design.

Let’s get into the more serious stuff. If you’re a pro at what you do and need a piece of equipment to maintain your existing image and market value, you really do need the best video cameras available. And as you already know, it doesn’t get better than DSLRs in the world of cameras.

If vlogging is your hobby as well as profession then Sony a7R II is specially designed camera for your needs. Its 4k recording abilities leads to outstanding performance with high ISO facility. Professionals rate its autofocus best for action camera shooting and body is designed with 5 axis type image stabilization feature.

Vloggers need exceptional quality for video recording and Sony PXW-X70 is dedicated to fulfill those needs. It serves with 4K recording abilities and possesses Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* lens for development of outstanding videos. Professionals recommend it to travel vloggers.

Choosing an appropriate vlogging camera is just the first step, the post production process is of equal importance to your vlogging if you want to make your Vlogs a little bit more impressive than just the average home video. Few people would show interest in the raw materials you shoot which are uploaded without any editing work. So if you want to take your video content to the next level with some video editing without being completely overwhelmed, you will definitely want to give Wondershare Filmora a try. The software offers a free trial period which allows you to try before buy. Well-designed intuitive interface enables anyone to master the program within minutes.

What’s more, it has all the features you will need to make you feel like a pro. Simple editing functionalities like trimming, cropping, merging, adjusting speed, fast or slow motion, mosaic etc. will meet most of your demands. Besides all that, advanced features like split screen, green screen, filters&overlay effects, together with hundreds of licensed music, sound effects, motion elements, transiton effects etc will definitely turn your video into something extraordinary with the least amount of effort. Check to video below to get an overview of this gorgeous video editing program: