Top 152 reviews and complaints about regional finance 3 gas laws


For those of you that don’t know, unemployment is not enough to live on, not enough to pay the bills, it’s a fraction of what you made before. So, I started to shuffle bills, and I was slowly getting behind on things. Once I started to get behind on this loan, these guys called me 3-5 times a day. I told them I was unemployed now, on unemployment, and I will try to pay them when I am able to. I had a family I had static electricity in the body effects to feed, lights to keep on at my home, and cars to maintain so I could search for a job and my wife could take the kids to school. Even after telling them I was unemployed, they continued to call every day, “just checking to see if you found a job.” I truly get they want to get paid.

At one point, I got to 60 days behind, I was still looking for work. I also was fighting to keep static electricity in the body my house out of Foreclosure. I told them I was still looking for work, and my home was about to go into foreclosure, and I would pay them as soon as I got a job and income was coming in. About a week later, the constable shows up at my door and they are taking me to court to put a lien on my home. I got a job about 2 weeks later. I started to get my bills caught up. I saved gas in chest my house from foreclosure, that’s the good part. The bad part is, my mortgage went up almost 2.5 times the normal amount. So, now I am commuting to a job over 50 miles away, more in gas/car maintenance, and I bring home less maharashtra electricity e bill payment than I did while on unemployment. I have made 4 of my 12 payments, and I am starting to fall behind… now they are harassing me again.

I have a loan from another place that is similar to Regional, they are the financier for my car. I will say this much, I have called them, told them my situation, and they are working with me. They are like, Life happens, we get it, we’ll work with you and try to help. After all is said and done. I have recommended they other place to many people, and I make sure I tell them to steer away from Regional Finance. They are easy to get a loan with, but they don’t care if life happens. Again, I know I got the loan electricity bill bihar electricity board, and I know I have to pay it back. That is not an issue. The issue is they don’t care when things happen that are beyond your control. Lesson learned 9gag instagram. This company is not one I will ever deal with or recommend to anyone. Never again is all I will say.

4 months go by and I receive a judgment that I am in default. Speak with their attorney. They were never notified that I was paying. Then almost 6 months go by I’m still making the normal payments and bam my payroll calls me to tell me a writ of garnishment had been put in for almost $2,400 and I only owed $1,600 the day I got the call I called regional to find out my balance. This company seems to care at first to get the loan but when you are with them for awhile and life happens they go down on you really quickly. They make promises they don’t keep. In the long run they are going to hurt u gas station you more, there is a reason their rating are so low. You really don’t need a loan that bad especially not from this company.

Please take the time to read people’s reviews. We all can’t be lying because we are eseva electricity bill payment made out to be horrible people. The company did not hire right with Gabby. There is no integrity with her. She just lies straight to your face and has an I’m going to get you attitude, we are all human beings no one is better than one person just because you have the power to hurt that person’s credit. To make all this worse she spoke with me in February 2018 and never noted the account that we spoke electricity deregulation, what she and I talked about and worse that she would call me back so she’s even better at covering her tracks!!! Just don’t do it. Not worth the problems.

When someone receives the check they sign it, print their driver’s license number gas ks and phone numbers on the back and deposit it in their bank. Once the check is deposited the company gets notification and a copy of the cashed check. They then send the name and address from the check to Equifax who then confirms the info and attaches a corresponding DOB and SSN to the loan. So this thief didn’t even have to have my DOB or SSN to get this loan on MY credit! What makes it even worse is they DID NOT verify the info youtube gas monkey prior to letting a random person cash a check they randomly mailed out. The thief provided 2 phone numbers on the check. 1 didn’t even work, and 1 was to a Days Inn hotel.

The company called the numbers for the first time as the police officers were standing in front of them, and when they found out one place was a Days Inn they laughed and said “well, they either live there or work there. Lol.” like it was no big deal. The DL # on the check was halfway illegible. The police tried several times to read it and couldn’t get it right. They asked the business electricity words if their online copy was better than the print out copy to which the business again laughed and said “no, it looks la gasolina in english like that on our screen too”. The police then asked “so you give out loans without verifying information?” And they responded “no, we verify, that’s why this lady is here” meaning that was the reason I was in their place of business to begin with!

The police corrected them because I was only in their place of business because I received a notice in the mail letting me know “my loan” that I didn’t take out had a payment that was overdue gaz 67 for sale!!! Complete idiots and frauds here for sure!!!! And if you are thinking of using this business for your personal loan needs take a look again at the loan amounts I listed above!! You take out a $1800 loan and pay them back a total of $2750! On top of promoting felony acts with their business practices they are also raping their customers with those fees right there!!