Top 158 reviews and complaints about ford taurus locate a gas station near me


In February of 2014, the timing belt had a hole in it and the radiator overheated almost as soon as I started the vehicle. We had to have it towed to the shop… the above normal temperature reading in 2013 was the beginning of this. Then in the winter/spring of 2015, I experienced transmission failure while driving to work in -20 degree weather. In March of 2016 we again had to have major 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh repairs done on it as there was a small hole in the radiator which led to loss of fluid and overheating. This car has had two transmissions, a timing belt/water pump, oil leaks, shocks, struts, electrical, multiple sets of tires, starter, body and too many other repairs to list.

This particular model of car is very poorly made and a hazard on the road. In addition, I fault the car lot from which we purchased the vehicle, as we now believe the car had sustained considerable water damage before we purchased it and we were given incomplete/false information about the history of the gas house eggs vehicle. This is also highly suspected by various mechanics we have taken it to due to the rusted out and corroding undercarriage. I have paid equal purchase value or more in repairs on this car due to poor quality and maintenance and will not be purchasing again. If possible, this car would receive zero stars. Do not purchase a 2003 Taurus… avoid at all costs.

I have contacted The Executive Chairman Ford Motor Company: Mr. William Clay Ford, J.R. via U.S. Postal service’ wfmz69 news, national transportation s gashi safety board (NTSB), National Highway Traffic Administration, Honorable Barack Obama and also hired an attorney in case my insurance company Geico tries to fool me into repairing this unsafe and dangerous 2011 Ford Taurus in which all these type of vehicles should be recalled to inspect the safety of its airbag systems in which all of my air bags in my 2011 Ford Taurus failed and could have caused death to my family. My vehicle is currently in the Easton Police Department impound lot awaiting inspection by Geico insurance company adjuster. I am now afraid of this 2011 Ford Taurus FAILURE and refuse to take this car back.

The car was purchased at brown daub Tom gas engineer salary Ring Kia, William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18042 in which the dealership NO LONGER EXIST; it is now called BROWN DAUB GARY LEE KIA and the dealer who sold me this LEMON is nowhere to be found. This is why I wrote to The Ford Motor Company Headquarters. I refuse to keep payments on this LEMON and demand another car to replace my loss and my family’s injuries. These are the kind of cars being sold at brown daub kia.

I spoke to Ford HQ who advised me to take it back to same dealer to find and fix the problem. (Car never gas welder job description had starting problems, or stalling and no loss of power since the mpg drop). I took it back to them in early Nov. and they reported that CAM sensor and synchronizer were defective and charged me over $540.00; I drove the car to MA and back in the next 3-4 days: mpg shot up but gradually dropped back by 35% when I returned to NJ and almost stayed steady there.

I took it back to them and this time they just changed the spark plug wires (saying they were shorting), charging me $200 and did a ‘simulated’ hwy driving on the table d gaskets rack and found the mpg to be about 25/gal; however, on the road I am still getting less than 200 miles in city and 240 in hwy per each fill-up (18 gal. tank), (vs 275/city 350/hwy prior to Jan. 2014). The dealer said that they could not do anything more! I spoke to Ford HQ and they told me that for a 10+ yr old car, I can’t expect more. I told them I would never again buy a Ford in my life.