Top 159 reviews and complaints about sharp microwave quadcopter gas engine


Sharp’s Response: “I understand that the turntable tray will not stay on the coupler in your SHARP SMC1132CS microwave and the unit also shuts down. I do apologize for the inconvenience electricity magnetism and light and I will be happy to advise. Where is the unit located e.g. on the counter, in a trim kit? Is the unit properly ventilated with at least 4 of space around the unit? Have you tried unplugging the microwave for approximately 30 seconds and then re-plug to see if the issue remains?”

My Response: “The microwave is on the counter. It is not enclosed in a trim kit. The microwave is properly ventilated. Yes we have unplugged the microwave and moved it on the counter to a different outlet. The problem continued to exist. We have used the first outlet for another appliance and we have not had any problems with that electricity font appliance working properly. We checked with an electrician and the power sources in the kitchen are very adequate to accommodate the microwave. What is the next step to correct this problem?”

Sharp’s Response: “Thank you for responding with that information. In order to move forward with your case, we ask that you send a video of the unit shutting down to, and attach your case number in the subject line. The video should be approximately 10mb in size. After we have received your video, your case will be sent to the relevant department and you will be contacted within one (1) business day.” My Response: “I cannot imagine that you would expect someone to try to make a video of the unknown. We do not know when the microwave is going to shut down, if so we would not use it at that time. This is the first Sharp product we have purchased and it will be the last. We will discontinue using the microwave and purchase a brand that is more severable and reliable. This microwave has been such a headache. We will not donate it to any organization. We will put it where it should be-in the trash.”

1. When did the incident happen? 2. Who was home at the time of the incident. a. Who normally uses the product? All of us listed in question 2. 3. What was the customer doing grade 9 electricity test and answers at the time of the incident? 4. Where was the product at the time of the incident? a. If the unit is in an RV, or Airplane, who installed the unit? 5. Was the unit mounted or on a countertop? 6. Was 101 gas station an extension cord or power strip being used? 7. What was the customer preparing? a. If cooking potatoes, how many and what kind of potatoes were they? n/a. b. If cooking popcorn, what size (i.e. Regular or snack sized). How many ounces and what brand? 8. How was the food prepared? 9. If using paper towel or paper plate, what is the brand name of the towel or plate? n/a. a. Does it contain recyclable materials? 10. What type of dish was used? n/a. a. Any damage to the dish? The dish?

11. Was the turntable tray in place? a. Was the turntable turning? Was there any damage to the turntable tray? 12. If the unit is a convection unit, what mode was the unit operating in? 13. What feature buttons were used? a. If high power and only the timer were used, how long was the timer set for? b. If used features/ buttons – which features/buttons were used and how many times was the button pushed? 14. Was a feature/button used for more than one cycle? 15. Did the customer hear any noise or see anything unusual at the time grade 6 electricity quiz of the incident? 16. Does the customer recall what was showing on the display when they found the issue? 17. What happened (i.e. smoke, fire, sparking, etc.)? Sparking. 18. Was the oven still running when the customer found the fire/smoke etc.? 19. Were there actual flames (if applicable)?

20. Where did the flames/sparking/smoke come from (i.e. food. the turntable. the wall, the ceiling on the unit, etc.)? 21. How did the problem go away? 22. Was the fire department called? a. If yes, what was the name of the fire department? n/a. b. Did the customer get a fire report? n/a. 23. Was there any personal injury? n/a. a. If yes, who was injured? n/a. b. What were their symptoms or injuries? n/a. c. Was medical attention sought? n/a. 24. Was there any property damage? a. If yes, what was damaged? n/a. 25. Is there damage to the product? 26. What is the customer seeking from Sharp? 27. Where is the product now? 28. Was there anything near the product at the time of the incident? 29. Did the customer experience any issues with the product prior to the incident? 30. Was the electricity in water experiment product previously repaired?