Top 166 reviews and complaints about vanguard f gas regulations 2015


After 5 representatives and at least 3 hours on the phone playing hot potato with my complaint, one representative who had the brain to check the files instead of the fax says to me…I am so sorry, the documents are there, already sitting there on some file but no one noticed… YIKES!!!! Part 2… They told me, Don’t worry. Your funds will be disbursed by Friday, it’s all done. Friday gets here and no funds, I call again and again hot potato, and again they electricity production started with the we don’t have all the forms from you yet, I screamed, and then they said, Oh wait, here they are.

I asked to speak to a manager who guaranteed me the funds will be released on Friday and apologized for the delay. I told him that they should realize that some people need their money ASAP and they need to be more serious about their job. Today is Wednesday afternoon, and I have not received the funds, I just called them and got a new puzzle to solve, Check with your gas finder rochester ny bank. They might be holding onto the wire, I called the bank and they don’t see any wire. I really really REALLY dislike their service. They are extremely incompetent.

Now I try to log in and I’m locked out. User id no longer existed. So called back again to be told that my ID had been disabled for some unknown reason and that I needed to establish another ID and had to call someone else to make that happen. Did that, got a new ID and voila my account was finally open. Now for the next step: had to fill out forms to have the assets moved over from another broker. Did that and 2 weeks go by. Then I get a message saying I have to do it all over again as Vanguard requires both trustees (my wife and I) to sign everything even though my trust explicitly states that one trustee’s signature is sufficient.

The gas 2 chainz well-meaning rep who was in touch with me by email was never available by phone whenever I called him. I’d be directed to some other person who was also well meaning but had no idea what to do and would simply send a message to the original rep. Anyway several weeks in at this point and I just resent all the paperwork with my wife’s signature. We will see if it gets done. I’d say that Vanguard is sorely lacking in customer service when compared to Fidelity, Ameritrade, and Etrade, at least based on my limited experience.

In the end, this is my money, money that I am contributing, money what I am requesting, in a certain amount, and expect to receive minus tangible fees discussed and outlined. And gas you up why is not the fluctuation taken out of my balance instead of my requested Hardship Withdrawal amount? The amount I request is the amount I need and expect to receive- out of MY money (balance). Everywhere else fees are applied to balances when withdrawals are made. I request proof and justification of why $250.00 extra has been taken out of my Hardship Withdrawal request. A copy of this letter has been sent to my attorney, a complaint has been submitted to the BBB, Federal Trade Commission, and any other online site I can find that will list complaints again business, i.e. Vanguard.

Unfortunately, this is the company my company has chosen to deal with investment funds and I can not do anything about it. When my parents pass and I inherit their estate, I will definitely not chose Vanguard to invest my retirement electricity worksheets in. This is a total scam and I will spend the rest of my life letting everyone know that this is how you gain hidden fees.

Mind you, during this week I called Vanguard NUMEROUS times asking, is anything else is missing from the documentation and all I was told was that the three-day notice needs to be on company letterhead. Alright, easy and fair enough. Since we are in a bind, I called Friday and the representative acknowledged receipt of the letter and said they will review within 2-3 days (so much for a hardship! When you’re in a mind, you sort of need the money ASAP). Anyway, I called Friday afternoon and was told the review department could o goshi judo not get to my files and I will have a decision on Monday.

Monday, 9/24, I called Vanguard around 9:00 AM to find out my paperwork was AGAIN denied because 1. The reviewers did not like or accept the leasing company’s letterhead. Apparently, the reviewers noted the logo looks like it was stamped and they questioned the verbiage under the logo (which is the leasing companies slogan). WHAT? I, in no way, have control over my leasing office’s letterhead, so I am sorry you don’t like how it looks. 2. The date is wrong on the grade 9 electricity worksheets letter (WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME THIS LAST WEEK WHEN I CALLED ABOUT 8X?) AND 3. THE LETTER NEEDS TO BE SIGNED.

When I called Vanguard I specifically asked if the new document on the letterhead needs to be signed and this young man (probably right of college with the hopes of being an investment banker) told me no, it doesn’t need to be signed if it’s on letterhead. The misinformation is UNREAL at Vanguard and moving forward, I will no longer contribute to this 401K plan. If they want to reach out to me and resolve this issue, send my money to my bank as noted on my account. If not, there is no use in trying to resolve this matter. I WANT MY MONEY.