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When I called Bank of America’s customer service support, I learned that the $2500 had been transferred to a Well Fargo bank account, whose owner had registered the same phone number my mother used. Bank of America said they will file a fraud claim, and after a couple of weeks, I received a notice in the mail gas number density saying Our records indicate that we initiated the transfer in accordance with your instructions. As a result, your account will not be credited for this claim.

My mother called Well Fargo to see if somehow someone used her information to open an account there. After giving her full name and SSN, the Well Fargo customer rep informed her that there was no account opened in her name. I reached out to the claims department multiple times and they informed me that there was nothing they could do to retrieve the funds. My only option is to reach out to a lawyer to handle this situation.

This is so shocking and frustrating. How can a huge respectable bank such as BoA be sloppy with my money? I’ve been a BoA customer for 11 years and the level of cooperation I received is saddening. I am shocked to realize that the bank has minimal fraud-detection controls for Zelle and would like to warn everyone that uses their app to be aware.

Well by then I’m flipping because I really needed my car and she said there was nothing for her to do to stop it, unless I paid 775. I said, Ok. I’ll figure it out and went from there. I of course electricity joules did not have all of it right then and called back to speak to a manager over her; after speaking with her she tells me as long as you pay 400 tomorrow, and 220 the next day, then you will owe only 167 to get fully caught up; I agreed to this and done what she told us electricity supply voltage me to do-I even had my boyfriend on the line to witness this. We were to pay the remaining 150ish dollars the following Friday. Ok so after the first two payments I was told that everything was fine by the manager and just to remember to make this payment… I get up for work a couple of days later and my car is gone.

Another fast forward; I called and they said of course…Nothing we can do and I now not only the remaining 150ish, but that month’s bill as well with a 500 impound charge rounding up to about 1100 to get out of the impound, and If I do not get it out before the next bill, then yeah you guessed it another month’s fee added gas near me prices on with a 1500 ticket to release my car. Did I mention all the money I have invested has not really come off the car either… very overpriced. So after all of this I wasted my money and they are going to charge me on top of that a negative equity, which means I will owe them 6000 plus what they do not get off the auction. I will never do business with these liars again.

They sent me a debit card without proof of identity. I dont understand. So the customer service lady told me to go in the bank and show proof of identity. So I went into Bank of America showed them identification and told them my problem. They said they couldnt help me. All they can do is call the online banking for me so I can talk to them. So I had them call the online Bank of America and again I told them my issue grade 6 electricity unit plan and they said for me to show my two forms of i.d. to the bank lady since I was at the bank and for me to open a account right there. They said they couldnt reopen my account and I was like so now my bills are going to bounce and now I’m going to have to pay extra on my bills because they want to close my account. Thats not fair.

The lady I talked to inside the bank of America told me my account is negative 120.00 dollars. How is that possible when I had a balance of $80.00? I got so upset my eyes got watery. I didnt want to cry in front of everyone so I hung up the phone and walked out the bank. I cant believe this is happening. I needed that 80.00 I had on my card to buy food for my kids and now they want to steal my money bounce my money I sent to pay my bills. And no one can do anything about it. I dont understand how they can get away with doing hardworking people with bills to pay and kids to feed wrong like this. This online banking with Bank of America is a joke grade 9 electricity test questions or should I say a fraud.

Well I quickly scheduled a payment through BillPay. Then that very day a few hours later my husband received a call from the mortgage company telling him the payment was late. When he told the gal his wife had scheduled it, she said, ‘It won’t get here in time to stay off your credit record’. She told us we needed to go create an account on their website and pay directly. So I did that, knowing that since I’d just scheduled the payment with BofA on the 26th to go out the 29th, I could CANCEL it. So I made the payment online with electricity laws in pakistan the mortgage company. Then when I logged onto BofA to cancel the payment, it was not doable. They didn’t have a “cancel” or “edit” button on the scheduled payment. I called. The lady told me it was too late. TOO LATE??? She told me I had to call back the next day and put a stop payment. WHAT???

So my husband and I went to the bank the next day and they put a stop payment, but told us to call the mortgage company to let them know. Really?? Well, we called, and the lady at the mortgage company said, “Nope, when we get the check, we’ll process it.” Quite unhappy electricity lesson plans year 6, but our hands tied, we thought… Well the bank won’t cash it. There’s a stop payment on it. NOPE. WRONG. They cashed it. The mortgage company put it towards JULY. They put the additional $47.02 ‘penalty’ towards “principal” in August. Fearing I had another payment already going out for July I looked it up at BofA. It appears that the next payment goes out 7/27/2018 and will be for August. I THINK all is well. But what a HUGE headache and waste of our time and all because the BANK screwed up our account. (And then lied saying I’d gone in and changed something…).

The Bank of America CSR and Supervisor defended that the online banking account balance would have shown the correct negative balance online on 5/518; yet when asked could they see when (date time) I made the transfers between accounts (~9 pm 5/5/18), they both said they could only see the Posting Date of 5/7/18. Monday 5/7/18 as all weekend transactions were reconciled, this gas vs electric oven cost dated 5/1/18 $14 account maintenance fee presents, and of course is paid before the transfer between banks, causing an NSF charge of $35… I received an email notification of the NSF on Wednesday 5/9/18. Selectively not including the calls made to the other Bank to reconcile this issue. Bank of America did refund the $35 NSF. This issue is the lack of reliability of Online Banking balances and transactions displayed.

Common Sense factor: If anyone was moving money from one account k electric company duplicate bill to another, with known planned spend/transfer out intentions to occur immediately afterwards, it would not make sense not to accommodate a known negative balance to add to transferred in monies, to mitigate against failure of the intended spend and purposefully accruing fees of $35, by ignoring an easily reconcilable negative balance of $7 by transferring more money into the account.

My Complaint is: 1) Bank of America should disclose that Online Banking – Account Balances may not reflect all known assessed or pending fee posts/debits, and gas unlimited sugar land tx not to rely on available balances shown as credible references for account spend activities; especially from 6 pm on Friday till after weekend reconciliations begin at 11:59 PM on weekend following Mondays. And advise customers to take screenshots of available balances during weekends to mitigate any dispute reconciliations.

2) Bank of America need be more transparent in displaying transaction (date time) in addition to debit posting (date and time). Considering the CSR and Manager I spoke with could not see I made my transfer on Sat. 5/5/18, only when it posted on 5/7/18; then how can they confidently say a fee dated for 5/1/18 had actually also posted at that time? Rhetorical question, used to illustrate the gaps in between a transaction date, and a posting date can be manipulated to advantage electricity production in usa/disadvantage.

3) Bank of America when allocating monies for debits and fees, subtracting fees first (e.g. monthly account maintenance) knowingly then causing additional NSF charges is manipulating the order of payments to increase profitability by favorably setting sequence of transaction such that it maximizes the opportunity to assess fees, which are pure profits.

I understand I should have and will establish overdrafts protections, and should also leave more buffers in accounts to mitigate against these events. That being said and known, does not negate from the complaint that Bank of America – Online Banking balances should be Real-Time accurate 24x7x365/366 without the need to take screenshots intra-weekends to dispute weekend lags in presenting accurate account balances and transactions posted, pending and declined.