Top 18+ best th9 war base layouts 2018 (new!) anti 2 stars gas 91


When getting attacked with a gowipe attacking strategy, the x-bows are the crucial defensive building we need. With its quick, high-ranged shooting power, it is recommended to protect it with the best care! And that’s exactly what we have done here. The x-bows here, will surely make it difficult for the golems to act as a meat shield for a long time. And the well placed archer towers won’t spare any wizard, wandering outside the outer walls! Thus, the village can be a perfect choice for gowipe, drag and valkyrie attacks. Attacks Against:

Alright. Let’s look at what we have here. Th9 war designs anti lavaloons + Th9 war base anti gowipe; judging by the name, we all know what it specializes in. But how does this particular village give us the result we need? That’s a question every blogger can use to convince their viewers. And I use the same here too. How does it defend against gowipe?

The main troop here is the golem, and it is used as a meat shield for the rest of the units. With the long-ranged, high-speed firing x-bows placed deeply inside, the golems will surely suck up a huge amount of damage; killing it very shortly after the battle starts! Thus, the other units may find hard to survive inside the layout, leading the attacker to only 1-2 stars. How does it defend against lavaloons?

What’s the thing lavaloons fear the most? Air-defense of course! And with the 4 air-defenses placed in a tricky manner around the village, the attacker will not get a total of 3 stars! The two air defenses, placed deep inside the layout, will stay for a longer time than the other two; as these are placed behind a lot of storage’s and other buildings! And these two loyal air-rockets promises to let you keep at least a star with you! TH9 Anti 3 star Lavaloon Hogs Bowler

This ultimate war design is great for lavaloons! The extra protection, with layers of defensive buildings around for the air-defense determines the result of the battle. With this ultimate protection, the air-defenses won’t be destroyed that easily, no matter what all troops the attacker combines with. Defends Against:

Have you been searching for a layout to defend against the govaho attacks? Well, good news because you just found one! How does this map work? Well, see those two giant bombs and the bomb tower? If you did, then that’s your answer. Let the battle start, and those 2 traps and the bomb tower will do the rest! With the giant bombs being a certain thing that the hogs fear most, the hogs are likely to get killed in a bomb attack! Anyhow, this design won’t guarantee 2 stars for you; but at least it won’t let the attacker destroy your village completely, letting you keep at least one star with you! Defends Against:

but a mess; which is what makes it difficult for the valkyries. Pushing the valks inside the layout is the strategy every attacker use. But with this particular village design, pushing them inside will be a hard task! As you can see, the base is divided into two sections and a lot of buildings are placed between the two divisions.

So, even if the valkyries and its partnering units destroy half of the layout, there will still be one division left; that survives and makes sure it stays the same till the battle ends! Thus, you will get to keep 1-2 stars in battles. These base can withstand Against:

Getting attacked with Valkyries regularly? Then you must try this one out! You may have seen this a lot of times, but have you ever wondered why this particular map is this much popular? Well, it’s the services it offers! This base design is best for the valkyrie attacks. A lot of wall intersections are actually a bad news for the valkyries. The walls makes it hard for the valkyries to make a way to the next group of buildings, making it slow down! Thus, the layout ensures at least one start to be kept with you.

Here we are, with another layout design compatible for the valkyries, lavaloons and gohobo attack strategies. The base is divided into different compartments that help you to confuse the attacking troops. The cleverly placed air-defenses helps in handling the air units, while the the x-bow placed deep inside, and the compartments of defenses will help in managing the ground units! Thus, letting the master keep at least 1 star with them! Defends Against:

Haven’t you found your dream base yet? Well then, you might wanna try this one out! There is nothing more to point out, when the title already defines what this design can do! This cleverly built; well arranged design can stand against any sort of attacking strategies. What make this layout special are the well-placed walls. If you are someone who gets attacked with different troop combos every time, then you surely gotta try this one out! these anti 3 stars town hall 9 war base can withstand

If we are talking about strategy, then this design can be related to it. This is the perfect example of a this clash of clans strategic base! As you can see, the co-operation of the defensive buildings is high. One group of defense on one side, and the other group on the opposite sides; with the legendary x-bows in the middle! And these are what makes it difficult for the meat shields golem to push through/hold the defenses for a long time. The attacker can hardly get a two star on this village design, making it one of the bests!

But it will surely help you a lot! As you can see, the base got double layers of walls, on one side of the town hall. This layer of walls and traps and the well placed defense building will surely come in handy when its time. Let the battle start, and hold back; this strategic layout will do the rest! one more village

This base design can be titled as one of the bests! Not because it’s well arranged, but because of the congested defense. These village can defend well against almost any attacking strategies; no matter how differently the attacker attacks! Luring the troops out of the clan castle can be a hard task; which gives you an extra protection/advantage during battle. The layout can concede hardly any two stars. Thus making it the most preferred base design! Level 9 Town Hall War Base town hall 9 war base anti 2 star with bomb tower

Don’t let them come near the clan castle away; protect it with whatever we have”, that’s what this base designs says all the time! The protected air-defenses, focusing on four sides, are bound to kill anything that comes within their range, making it one of the most preferred village designs for lavaloons and drag attacks.