Top 18 reviews and complaints about life spas electricity grid uk


The only complaint we really have is that we were told to clean the electrode about every year or so. First I was told to use muriatic acid, then sandpaper. I wanted it clean so I opted for the acid which did a good job. It screws in and has two wires that reattach after you put it back in. After cleaning it, it stopped working after a couple days. Lifespas was helpful and got me in contact with the person who installs them. I learned that using acid was the right thing to do but that not to overtighten the electrode screws since the thin wires attaching to the anode grade 6 electricity unit ontario can break inside. My wife had used a wrench to tighten and I surmised that what happened. I also discovered that they shouldn’t ever be removed to clean unless copper levels can no longer be maintained and that cleaning every year would wear out the anode within 5 years.

We ordered a new anode housing, I screwed it in and only hand tightened everything this time and the system has work wonderfully ever since. Lifespas is a great company. I’ve always had friendly people who were helpful. They do deal with many third electricity units calculator in pakistan party people for various aspects of their business (example Spa Movers, aqualast system, etc.) But I’ve never had a bad experience with any of them. I do highly recommend talking directly to the people who install/manufacture the part electricity 2pm of the spa you have questions about.

I went home hoping that instructions would assist me in obtaining a copper reading. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any reading at all. After leaving over 10 messages on the service line, I contacted the main number and got someone to listen to my complaint; yet even though Tina was very helpful and seemed concerned, I still never received a call back from Dave, Tim, Julie or Randy. So once again, I had to continually keep calling until someone would assist me. I got Julie to leave a message with Tim, yet it was a holiday. Then they moved, so on and so on. Finally, Dave was scheduled out to my home after I explained to Life Spas that the two samples of water taken to Leslie’s Pool showed no trace of copper. So when he came out, he replaced 2 of 3 components of the Aqualast system.

A week later, there was still no copper reading and another visit, this time from Randy who knew nothing about bringing with him the hp gas online 3rd component and claims he came out the following day and replaced it; yet there was no indication he was here. So here it is June 27th, and the spa has been running all day and guess what? No copper reading. No one cares my spa doesn’t work. No one called me today as promised and I’m very frustrated. Life Spas customer service and product doesn’t work. So buyer, beware. I paid gas monkey bar and grill $8000.00 for a product that doesn’t work as promised and delivered

However, Tim creates his warranties and tells his manufacturers how to build his products, per his specs and sells the same exact gazebos today. We simply requested new roof panels or the money we paid for the roof (solid roof upgrade with Plastek coating) that was paid for initially. His initial off the table offer was he feels he’s not legally responsible but he would give us $150 or sell us panels for $300 and we would be responsible for shipping and gas constant mmhg we would have to sign a release of claims.

The second offer came after me talking about going to the Better Business Bureau. He offered to pay for panels but we pay for shipping and we sign a release. His final offer was he pays for both panels and shipping if we sign the following release on everything we ever purchased with his company, Yah right! (see below the release was copied from his email to us) Also, he had the nerve to say if we wanted Plastek on the new panels which we had originally that it would be $100. We had agreed to sign a release for only the new roof panels but he declined z gas cd juarez our offer.

Release of Claims: In consideration of 8 solid upgraded roof panels with plastic wood finish with no warranty made to your measurements for a 9 ft lakeside gazebo and shipping the undersigned releases and discharges Lifespas, Inc. and all of its agents, officers, directors, shareholders, and employees from any and all claims, demands, actions and causes of action of any kind or nature what so ever which the undersigned has ever had, now has or may have in the future against Lifespas electricity bill cost per unit, Inc. arising out of the purchase of a spa, gazebo bar and bar stools, cover, step and bromine generator and any accessories or upgrades on or about 8/11//07. This release and the underlined settlement shall be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party. The undersigned will refrain from any public disparagement of Lifespas, Inc. or its products.

It amazes me how after spending $11,000 with Tim’s company that he treats his customers like this. My opinion is that he has very poor customer service skills and by him wanting us to sign off on everything we own, (which is still under warranty) only demonstrates that Tim is not confident that his products listed above will sustain the remainder of the warranty term. As well, I feel that he is feeling responsible and is trying to avoid any future conflicts.

We paid $4100 for a gazebo that is now rotting after 2.5 years, even after we paid extra for the Plastek finish that was supposed to be under warranty for 5 Years. We are not getting compensated at this time for the rotting gazebo. We would like now the cash $1240 that we paid for the solid roof upgrade gas giants with the Plastek that is now rotting.

Our spas and equipment meet or exceed the strict safety standards of UL and are ETL approved. We even go further than most companies and offer an option to have the GFCI’s installed in the spa. In regards to the situation we sent out our service technician several times. The first couple gas city indiana zip code of times the service technician went to service the spa, he did not see or feel that there was anything wrong with the spa. At the time the spa had a GFCI that was functioning as a safety mechanism. After encountering the issue we replaced the equipment package on the spa to ensure that it was not malfunctioning.

Some time after the customer called back about the same issue. After consulting numerous professionals in the spa industry: our equipment manufacturer, an electrical engineer, multiple service technicians and our spa factory, all pointed towards the problem being a home electrical issue with possible leakage in the ground. None of them suggested that the problem was with the electrical spa pack since it had been replaced twice. In addition, we have checked with the GFCI manufacturer which told us that the GFCI should trip if there electricity kwh calculator is any electrical leakage. In this situation the GFCI wasn’t tripping, which points to something other than the spa’s equipment pack. The spa shell is thermoplastic, the plumbing of the spa is PVC, the frame of the spa is wood and the bottom of the spa has a plastic barrier, none of which conduct electricity.

Furthermore, when we replaced the equipment pack of the spa we essentially replaced the part that the electricity goes through, twice. We suggested that e gasoline she have the electrical on her house checked out. She had the electrician who installed her spa wiring check out her electrical and he said everything was OK. After replacing the spa equipment pack again we had an independent licensed electrician, LM Electric license #838758, and they concluded that it was either the house’s grounding or an electrical leakage in the ground, not the spa.

After about an hour and another hour talking about it we ordered one. It was 12/30/06. It was promised to us in 30 days. I was geothermal electricity how it works able to call and talk to people right in the manufacturing plant about things like switching the stereo and the Bromine generator and getting exact dimensions of where they were located. We have a low brick wall that I needed to make sure didn’t get in the way. The spa came after just 3 weeks. Very professional delivery and no problem getting it to our back yard.

We had an electrician connect it and I filled it with water and bromine salt. It was ready to use that night! Everything worked perfectly and still e payment electricity bill bangalore does. We haven’t had one problem with it. It is awesome! I haven’t changed the water yet but I plan to in January at the 1 year mark. The chemical balance stays perfect. When we have a lot of people use it. I shock it with some dry shock chemical or else the Bromine level drops too low. My only complaint is that the spinner jets don’t really spin but you don’t need them to. The price seemed okay – not great but good considering the quality of the spa. I would definitely recommend a LifeSpa.