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A few weeks go by my car starts showing increasing electricity basics miles on odometer… too many. I start doing math and tests on my own. Car is legitimately tacking in a half mile for every mile I go. I call again. I’ve taken pics and videos and logs of what it is doing. I offer to email my data. Matt the service manager says (verbatim) “sweetheart, there’s no dummy lights… there’s no problem. Ladies… need i say more!!! My head gasket was about to blow. Yes pun intended!!!

So I began to research and keep track of everything the car is doing…beyond simply riding like **. My 3 cylinder brand new car after a year has cost me $5,678 gas in oil tank in gasoline alone. It says I’ve driven 43,000 in one year! Mind you I live in Massachusetts one of the smallest states in America. That means I’ve had to drive gas under 2 dollars over 800 miles a week every week. That means 124 miles every day 7 days a week 365 days. Ok so I do work full time not driving. I sleep 8 hours a night and do other things besides drive electricity symbols ks2. The average American drives 14,000 miles in one year… I’ve done the math. It legitimately has added over 20,000 miles I did not drive.

I spent the day at the dealership with a Mitsubishi rep to no avail. My numbers, my proof mean nothing to them. I’m irate to say the least. I am however about to wage war on Mitsubishi… including local news and a lawsuit. There are many other details far too many to detail 66 gas station near me in this essay. However I would like to extend an invite to anyone else with a 2017/18 Mitsubishi still under warranty with these problems, similar or otherwise to contact me at my email gas 2015: **.

I believe it’s time to look into a class action suit. Fyi. Honda and Nissan were sued for accelerating odometers. Just because your car is new or you believe large corporations are held to higher standards… trust your instincts. You are not a moron and if you feel or have proof your vehicle is faulty then join me and let’s make Mitsubishi pay for their unethical business practices because I for one gas bubble retinal detachment am not letting this go. I’ve worked too hard and nice things are few and far in between for single working tax paying mothers like me or dads or anyone… It’s not ok. Again **.

Upon 1st explanation of the problem the rep immediately agreed static electricity definition physics that this is not normal and stated that they would contact the foreman to rectify the issue, it was even stated that ‘of course the sound should come out of all the speakers’ even quoted page # and verse in Owner’s Manual. The rep put me on hold and pursued a higher authority then contradicted previous statement indicating that this indeed performs as was designed; also quoting ‘safety’ as the reasoning. I inquired as to how this could grade 9 electricity worksheets possibly increase (rather than decrease) safety as the driver would always be distracted trying to hear their caller; especially if there was a package/bag or other item on the floor blocking the speaker or, more likely, a passenger’s pant leg???

It was indicated that the reasoning was that Mitsubishi wanted gas and bloating after every meal to make sure that the driver would be able to hear any oncoming emergency vehicles. I then inquired if Mitsubishi had any plans to rectify this and was told no. This is not acceptable gas you up and the Bluetooth is not something one normally ‘test drives’. Why are we the only ones bringing this to public attention?? This needs to be rectified and shouldn’t cost them as much as it would when someone gets into an accident because of it… I can think of several inexpensive ways to fix this. The volume control is fine (if they gas zyklon b seriously think this is an issue…???) but the caller should be able to be heard on all speakers. But seriously though, if you can’t hear the caller should you have to pull over for a conversation? Then what’s the point of having Bluetooth??? This is absurd.