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This leads to many questions who is running this company and how for so long with the BALLS TO SCREW OVER SO MANY PEOPLE WITHOUT AN OUNCE OF COMPASSION??! I contact the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner. It’s obvious in bed with them. The local office electricity japan was located on N. Causeway Blvd. has been closed down right after being relocated renovated. After spending thousands of dollars they suddenly was shut down. My agent who was relieve asked me to come with the company he soon to be working for. This office was unaware of this sudden release of job duties. I called my agent. He was not speaking. Then one day just told me I still had coverage information I already knew. They have this consumer division Ms. Sunny ** who never return your calls bogus just to buy time like they looking into it. Within 14 days you will receive a letter stating the same as before your policy has lapse.

I’m still currently going through American General refusing to pay off my claim. This is a horrible mental beakdown for any persons after losing a love one to endure this kind of treatment. All our stories are the same, when will something be done? Why as American citizens we have to go through such matters when the Government is focus on all the wrong things. The crimes are committed right here in the United States every second someone die and these insurance companies are getting away with nonpayment of claims. Here is what the attentions is needed to be focus on resolutions to families such as the ones who crying for help from this. I’m out of words when will this stop. We need help right here.

After receiving the termination letter, I called American General Life Insurance and they say they need proof from my bank of the 3 electronic payments were processed by my bank. They also told me my last electronic payment they received was Jan 2018… (this is important info to remember). I faxed them copies of my bank statement, showing all 3 electronic payments, made to AIG and processed by my bank and paid.

Today I called them because I received a letter from them stating I needed to apply for re-instatement of my policy… I sent them 3 payments to the same address as the January 2018 payment… but yet they say they know they received the money but can’t find it. The person in the PHILIPPINES that I spoke to was very pleasant but when I asked to speak to his supervisor or manager, he said he was it, that there was no one else I could contact. I just cannot believe that they r gas constant chemistry are trying to blow me off like this. I have been paying on a policy since 1994 that is now worthless. I have filed a complaint with the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance to find out if they can have my policy re-instated and the extra payments refunded to me.

Although, the original insurance agent that sold me the policy told me my premiums remain the same throughout the life of my policy electricity and circuits class 6 questions which is why I chose the company in the first place. However, he is long gone and numerous calls to my new agent have gone unanswered. After numerous calls, complaints, I am finally told that my premium has more than doubled, I am behind a sum of money, and if I wish to continue I need to raise my premium and pay the money. I asked why I was never notified, I received no response. I asked why the website was not updated to reflect this change, I was told they have no idea, and to this date, it has not been updated.

Fast forward to today, four months later, after I paid them all the money they asked for, paid the increased premium last quarter, etc. Once again, the recent quarterly premium was not deducted once again, they want more money… once again, no notice, and YES, once again, no one can tell me how much more they want. The website still shows that my quarterly premium is what it was over 20 years ago. I am now to the point where I have been waiting over three days for an answer.

I am fairly certain that this company is doing something that cannot be considered legal, and am fairly certain that there must be a number of people being scammed. I am a second away from walking away, canceling the policy and losing all the money I have put in over these 20+ years. Mainly because I am POSITIVE that my beneficiaries will never see a penny of this when the time comes because this company is definitely NOT ABOVE BOARD! My recommendation is to STAY AWAY!

Original Review: Had an issue with my policy premiums. Totally on them, as they never notified me that my premiums had increased and that they were taking all the money out of my cash value. Then they put a message in the document section of their website, instead of the message center and never notified me that the message was put there. If not for me going onto the website to update banking information. I would never have known gas bijoux nolita that they were planning on terminating my policy. Started contacting customer service, first by phone.

The agent was arrogant and rude and did nothing to solve my issue. Then start using the message system on the website. Still no answers or assistance. At this very minute, after numerous phone calls and emails, my account still shows my old premium amount, I have not received an answer as to why they took my cash value without notifying me, and still have no answer as to why and when my premium essentially doubled. I will tell everyone: FIND A BETTER COMPANY!

Today we were also told electricity voltage in germany they do not know when her 100 days would be met. They would decide at a later date. How can they run a company like this??? I can tell you, by not paying the clients benefits, they pass away and they keep all the premiums. My mother I am sure is not the only one going through this. They are keeping the insurance company open on the deaths of our loved ones who trusted this company they would follow through.

Also if you call in and get Vanessa, ask for her supervisor. Such a rude person to handle problems for people dealing with parents money and health problems. Threatened to hang up on me yesterday because I started crying and asking for an explanation as to why their clients can never speak to claims manager and why we are given different information each time we call in. So rude and patronizing. I did not appreciate her tone when I am worried about my Terminal mother and now thinking she will never get any of the benefits Norm Bill ** promised her when my dad passed in 2000.

I finally asked for a payment history. When the payment history arrived it showed my payments up to date. I called the company again and they refused to change even looking at their own records. I had to go to my bank and get records which they still would not accept. I again contacted the Insurance Commissioner’s Office. They finally admitted my payments were up to date but during this time in looking over their paperwork I discovered when my son who was 14 when I took out the policy turned 18 they made him a smoker and charged higher rates. I questioned this and they replied that unless forms are filled out gas 02 when a child turns 18 they are considered a smoker. They lied and said forms were sent. I never received any forms. My son turns 47 this year so not only have I paid higher premiums but it has cost me interest through the years.

They refuse to do anything other than change the policy to non smoker now if I filled out forms. If anyone has taken out insurance on a child please check your premium because they will take advantage of you without you know. This company has caused me nothing but heartache. We discovered 13 years ago my husband has congestive heart failure, he has a mechanical valve and a CRT for his heart. Also 6 years ago he had a stroke so now after paying for over 30 years on his policy I will end up with no insurance if he dies before me. I would never tell anyone to buy insurance from this company. Please be warned! Look at your policies and know what you are paying for.

I called them again 6-28-17 and was told the information was not yet acknowledged by their legal department. Called again 6-30-17 and was then told gas in oil mower not yet acknowledged, and when (if) it was, it would be mailed to my mother’s address, even though I have had all her mail formally changed at USPS to come to my home address, as I handle all of her correspondence, bills, etc. The woman I spoke to on 6-30 was difficult to understand, and only stated I’ sorry, numerous times.

Called again 7-12-17 to check status and was told that I would now need a withdrawal form to be signed and notarized. This form was notarized and faxed to American General 7-13-17. I have been in communication with this organization for one month, and do not appear to be any nearer in obtaining these funds. The individual I spoke to on 7-12 asked me to call back the end of the month to check the status. I am amazed at the poor customer support from this group. Can you help? These funds are needed NOW. Thank you for your time.