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So basically, they had an error on their end, thereby making me underpay my taxes. I was totally unaware until they emailed me, now I have to file an amendment, which I have never done in my life. This creates a whole new set of problems for me. BTW, it was HUNDREDS of dollars more that I owe on state taxes. It’s only electricity questions for class 10 by the grace of God the IRS isn’t coming after me for TurboTax’s mistake, because now I look like a liar to the IRS.

The representative I spoke to essentially said that changes in tax code happen all the time, and I shouldn’t have filed in late January. What? I have always filed the minute I am allowed to to get it over with. They messed up, and they don’t even care. I hope we can get a class action lawsuit against these guys. I’m in. The only reason I pay to have my taxes done through them is because they are supposed to be the professionals and know all the laws/rules so my taxes are done correctly. I’m just a regular person, I don’t know all the tax laws/rules. I just electricity and magnetism equations fill in the appropriate data they ask me for, and truthfully answer all questions they ask of me. I will NEVER use them again, and I want gas stoichiometry worksheet answers to warn others about what can happen if they choose to use TurboTax.

On 3/16/19 I finally received my return and only got 585?? 711-585 is 127$ so I called customer service and was told tutu charged me 127 because that included TurboTax fees, federal fees plus my 56$ that they claim I owe NYS. I said that does not sound right because when I filed on 2/27/19 they asked me when should the state deduct their 56$ and I said on 3/22/19 so why would they take it out on 3/16/19? But the representative said she does not know and PROMISED ME I WOULD NOT HAVE ANY MORE MONEY TAKEN OUT. Case # **.

I wake up today on 3/22/19 with another 56$ taken out my checking account so I called customer again and gas and water socialism after 1 hour still nothing. I asked them why would they take out another 56$ if they claimed it was included in the 127$ they took from me causing me to get only 585 federal return? They said they don’t know so I asked for a supervisor who then gave me the runaround insisting they don’t owe me any money. I said if I was due for 711 federal and only received 584 that’s an 127$ difference plus 56$ for 3/22/19. I did not sign up for 183 deductions. Are they still high of ** **?

So period point blank they are not trying to give me my money back so I put in a lawsuit just because and got my bank Chase after NYS for my 56$. Should NYS ask me why I took back the money I will refer them to TurboTax who claims they paid them electricity 1 7 pdf already! DO NOT USE TURBOTAX. They are liars and will make promises and even give you multiple case numbers that don’t mean squat when you call them. Disgusting.

I called and the first lady I talked to had no idea what she was doing. She asked me if I filed taxes and I said yes, mentioned the email she was confused I hung up. Called again, different lady was guiding me through the desktop and I went through the amend process online about 5x and one time it said I owed $0. We did the specjalizacja z gastroenterologii process once again to double check (changing NOTHING) got $1,053 due again. I nor the representative were able to figure out where exactly and exactly how much the miscalculation was but she said “since it is a miscalculation on TurboTax’s end, TurboTax will take care of the $1,053” then 10 minutes later she said “All I can do is refund what you paid TurboTax for filing.” Then the call disconnected youtube gas laws and she disconnected online so here I am.

Never will I EVER use TurboTax again. Rather pay $100+ and go to someone and get what I was supposed to get than get my taxes deposited into my bank account than 1.5 months later get told I have 3 weeks to pay $1,053 before I start getting charged penalties and interest. To clarify, this was a TurboTax system miscalculation that they have admitted to. Nothing I incorrectly entered on my end.

When I go into TurboTax and look at previous year taxes, the federal and state refund dollar amounts are correct. However, if you go into the actual tax return documents, they are totally different. There is a 1099-R document that indicates I had a $40,000 distribution and it caused all of the numbers in the tax return to change. It now indicates that I owe over electricity nightcore $7000 when I actually got a federal tax return refund of $3505. That change put me in a different tax bracket and also caused a huge tax change social security tax obligation.

I filed my taxes through TurboTax. They gas zeta costa rica got the correct documents and I received the correct refund. My goal was to determine how that 1099-R appeared in my tax documents after-the-fact – totally changing what I originally filed through TurboTax. The person I talk to said that I should file an amendment. I asked why I would do that when the IRS /State received the correct tax documentation and the mistake is within TurboTax, not with the government. If I filed an amendment, I figured they would get confused.

The TurboTax representative was never able to give me an answer. I wanted him to send this issue to a boss, a fraud dept. –someone who could determine why this happen. That electricity outage chicago never did. I have copies of my correct 2017 tax return. I have copies of the bogus 2017 tax return that appeared in TurboTax sometime during 2018. The issue was closed out without my getting a satisfactory answer. The advice was that I should call the IRS to try to find out the company that owns federal ID text number ** – the federal hp gas online ID that was on the 1099-R that mysteriously appeared and threw off my entire 2017 tax numbers.

The gentleman I talked to was trying to be very helpful and I appreciate all the time that he took in investigating and understanding what happened. I think he is as confused as I am as to how this could have happened. We checked the computer activity and there was nothing suspicious. I told him that even if somebody had gotten into my account, it was my understanding that none of my numbers could be changed after I filed electronically through TurboTax. So technically, this should not have happened. It would gas city indiana zip code be nice to solve the mystery. I am concerned about the security of TurboTax. I am concerned with their unwillingness to investigate. I will never use them again.

I finally figured it out but it was as if I was going to enter another W2 for myself. After that, when I entered the information on the Healthcare tax credit form 1095, it told me I had to upgrade to Deluxe. From free for both my federal and state taxes, I was now going to be charged $59.99 for the federal return and also $39.99 for the state return. No happy medium, eh? From zero to $100 all because I have a 1095 form! I confirmed this with an assistant on the TurboTax Facebook messenger. Because I complained, I was z gas cd juarez given a courtesy service code for a $20 discount. I do appreciate that. I also went through my USAA website and got another $10 off.

Oh, but that wasn’t true because looking at TurboTax’s pricing page, they already have a $10 discount (from the $59.99) so I don’t think I got my USAA discount. At any rate, I paid $69.99 for both basic tax returns that have been free for years. Oh, one more issue. I was unable to have the fees deducted from my federal return. It just didn’t appear as an option on the page. Apparently, there’s a whole list of things that will force you to pay by credit/debit card. One of those things is if there are any pending tax laws that haven’t gone through yet, which could change your refund, they won’t let you pay from your refund. There is something regarding the mortgage interest deduction that is pending, so that gas monkey bar and grill stopped me from being able to pay out of my refund. Never mind that I took the standard deduction and it will not make any difference once it’s settled. So I paid by debit card.

I guess I should be glad, because they are now charging a $40 transaction fee (because they’ve contracted with an outside financial gas giants institution to withdraw the money for TurboTax fees) before you get your money direct deposited. Like I said, Highway Robbery! It costs pennies for these types of transactions at the most, but of course, they can get away with charging $40 for a split second of automatic computations on a giant computer. Gee, thanks TurboTax. I’ve enjoyed the convenience while it lasted but next year I’m changing companies.