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After a long argument, he told me he’s going to check with his manager. He called me two days later to inform me the van is ready and they fixed the rear windshield. I noticed while I was checking my van that they missed fixing two major dents. When I brought that to his attention, he told me the dents were not covered and fixing them will cost more because they have to redo the work all over. He also said that I never asked him to fix them. When I asked him why he didn’t inform me that they cost more when he checked my van, he kept saying that I should have told him to fix the dents and that they lost money on repairing the rear window!

When I asked him electricity definition wikipedia about the cost, it was almost the same as for painting the whole car. He wouldn’t even give me a discount because he claimed he lost money on the rear windshield (that they broke and wanted me to pay for). I had to wait another week for him to fix the dents. I finally picked up my van and drove it home. When I opened the truck, glass started falling from inside the body of the trunk. So when I returned to Maaco, they told me they didn’t have a long hose to suck the broken glass. I told him they had almost a month to get a long hose. He told me they will get the hose by the end of the week. When I asked him why they didn’t vacuum the broken glass, he gave me the worst excuse. He said their job is just to replace the glass and not to vacuum it.

Needless to say, I will never go back to that shop because they lie and have the worst customer service. Plus, they will quote you a low price at the beginning to get me in without telling you what that low price would really cover, then they doubled it when you find they missed some areas. Plus, the painting job was not professionally done.

I was good for about a month and noticed the clear coat on my hood la gasolina letra was peeling away. I brought it to my insurance company and they reached out to Robert and asked him to contact me and he did not. I instead reached out to him myself and showed him the issues. He saw them and said he wanted to fix the issues. And that people make mistakes. I told him I appreciated his honesty and was willing to give him another chance to fix it. We scheduled my appt Tuesday of last week and I told him that I would have to take time off without my car and would need it back by Friday and he said they could do that. Friday comes I pick up my car and it looks great except for a new gash exposing a layer of paint on the front passenger door. When I asked Robert about it he said his guys weren’t on that side but they had been on that side replacing an emblem. They even had blue painters tape covering the emblem and he pulled it off and showed me.

I told him I take pics gas bike alley of my car all the time, and the family and I wash and wax it every week or so, I even showed him some pics of the car. His response? “Oh the damage isn’t in THAT picture. I was floored. The person who painted my car came out as well. I showed it to him. He shrugged and walked away. He completely denied the damage and asked me what I wanted to do. After holding my car hostage for a month to do a crappy job and then taking it hostage again for a week electricity generation by source and giving me another defect I’m really at a loss as to how these people are continually getting away with doing this to people. I simply told him Thank you for the Work they did and took my keys and left.

This is my transportation to and from work. This is the car my family and I ride to church in on Sundays, We wash and wax it together as a family, and we know every inch of this car. This damage was NOT there. I also have L.E.D. Projectors that shine on the ground when the doors are opened. Mysteriously, they stopped working as well. But I’d imagine that has nothing to do with them right? After all they don’t know that happened to my car that was in their care for a week, nor how it popped up with the new damage and issues.

My suggestion? FIND A BETTER PLACE TO GO TO GET YOUR WORK DONE. These people obviously don’t care about what they do, and simply do whatever to get by. After looking me in the eyes and telling me that He would take care of an issue THEY CREATED, only to do me dirty and lie in my face, Robert Is wearing the mask of a SHADY BUSINESSMAN to me. And I will tell all who will listen my story, and to stay FAR FAR AWAY from MAACO ON WILLIAMSON ROAD N.W.

I left to calm myself, got a review on my phone from them gave thumbs down for HORRIBLE paint job. They called and I later returned the call to set up appointment for return per their pamphlet. Within 5 days took off work, went back. Owner was driving off upon my arrival. Was told by female assistant I had to come back the following day. She matched it with the color gas zombies black ops I chose stated it match and that was Maaco’s Color. I said, You could visibly see it’s Green.

Bottom line they refuse to make it right and others need to be AWARE! I took a survey of Strangers asking them what color they see. It ranged from Sage Green, Gauntlet, Blue Green, light Green, Blue etc. No one said Smokey Grey! Before leaving car I told both I had pictures of Smokey Grey vehicles. Was told, You can’t tell with pictures. Asked to speak to the Painter was told No! It’s obvious their color chart doesn’t match color I wanted. All my paperwork has Smokey Grey but my car is Green! I would not recommend this place. Beware! I Paid 1,186 plus dollars.

When calling around lunch time to make electricity sources in us sure vehicle was ready was told that the vehicle wouldn’t be ready until Monday March 26, 2018 due to power outage and employee issues. On Monday March 26, 2018 called to check on vehicle. Was now told it would be Tuesday March 27, 2018 in the afternoon that the vehicle was at that time entering the paint booth. Tuesday March 27, 2018 was told the vehicle would at this point not be ready until Thursday March 29, 2018. At this point, we called corporate to file a complaint due to the fact this vehicle was needed Thursday morning at 5am. Maaco Corporate Reference # ** and that a supervisor within 48 hours would contact us. Went to the actual location to figure out a resolution where we then dealt with Dennis and the District Manager Jeff.

We had fenders that wanted to be done as well (painted and installed) instead of a rental car (which they were only planning to cover for a couple days and that the vacation that the vehicle was needed for wasn’t their fault as they stated). We offered to go ahead and let them paint and install electricity projects in pakistan the fenders at a discounted rate of $200.00. We stated we would go ahead and leave the vehicle (obviously without a choice at this point) and would pick up vehicle on that following Monday April 2, 2018. We ended up not getting in town until April 3, 2018. After showing up (around 3:30PM) we were mortified over what we saw. The vehicle looked like it had been painted by an amateur company. Not to mention the decals that we paid ($77.00 a piece for and had 2) they were completely bubbled and one of them was crooked and cut.

We showed Dennis and he agreed they looked horrible, immediately took them off before I could even get a picture of them and stated he will order 2 more today. The vehicle seemed it had MAYBE one clear coat applied too and was dull. Not to mention, after inspecting vehicle with Dennis was when noticeable issues continued. Paint sprayed on carpet, wires were left out in front of vehicle (they didn’t even put them back), there is a dent that was not there when vehicle was delivered and has a fresh dent along with the fact it was done AFTER BLUE paint was installed showing obvious signs it was done prior to painting electricity towers in japan the vehicle as the vehicle was black before. The cover plate when drive door was opened, was popped up not even put back along with a good bit of paint sprayed on it.

Along with all of that, truck trim was not replaced back and/or missing. Places on the truck where there was no paint even applied and the original color was still visible. Number keypad entry had been painted and nobody cared to try and clean it off. Plastic trim all along truck included the grill, plastic parts on both mirrors, tail lights, Step boards, and back tailgate had all been sprayed carelessly when those are in fact not suppose to be sprayed. Door handles on truck (all 4) had been barely painted and looked horrible. Dennis stated there victaulic t gasket was nothing they could do for a rental vehicle. Stated that he couldn’t even get the vehicle back in to fix for 2 WEEKS on top of repairing/painting. Now, company will not answer our phone calls. Vehicle was left on property. Still no resolution has been made for a spare vehicle nor next action.