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After calling the company several times I finally got a different gas smoker ribs person to help me. She was wonderful! she helped me find a solution to my issue. Cindy from customer service was terrible and unwilling to help me find a solution. She also said I was trying to get a $500 table from you guys when I had paid $194 for mine. I have morals and that was never what I was trying to do. I simply wanted a table that would match the rest of my furniture. I am very thankful for the other customer service woman who was actually willing gas laws worksheet answers chemistry to help me find a solution! Original review: Feb. 28, 2019

I bought some furniture from this place and one of the tables started chipping within a few weeks. Since it has been about 30 days they went ahead and gave me a new table which was great they said if it had been longer they couldn’t do anything. Then our other mafia 2 gas meter table started chipping about a month later and continued to chip. It has chipped about 6-7 times now… I decided that I would call because something has to be wrong. A table should not chip this bad in such a short time. We don’t have animals or kids so the table barely gets used. The heaviest thing that has been on it is a paperback book.

When we first got the table it had a spot on it but since the look of the table is vintage I assumed it was electricity out part it of it. I mean NFM wouldn’t knowingly give me a defective table, right? Well we decided to call NFM to see if anything could be done about this table. An employee told us that they have warranties on their stuff for a year after you buy it. So how come before I was told only 30 days?

Maybe NFM should get some training for their employees so they are all on the same page. They sent out an employee to check out our table and he told us that not only is the table chipping it BUT it also has a crack in the wood. What I thought was part of the vintage electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 look is actually a CRACK in the wood! So NFM gave me a defective table. The lady I spoke to on the phone said that they have a person who looks at their stuff before they deliver it to people. Well that person is either not doing their job or they are doing their job and knowingly sending defective furniture out. The table electricity austin isn’t available anymore so I asked for them to just trade it out for a table that would match the rest of the furniture since they gave me a defective table to start with. They of course declined. Please save your money and buy somewhere else. NFM has terrible customer service and they have no problem giving their customers electricity n and l crap/defective furniture!

Well I waited and waited. About 8pm I called to ask what the ETA was. I hear, Oh that’s not being delivered until the 29th. I’m like, Excuse me. No. I booked tonight and I got a confirmation text stating it was tonight. Christine in customer service electricity drinking game was like, Oh I’m sorry. I see. Yes. It’s to be delivered on 22nd. And I said, Yes and today the 22nd. She chuckled and goes, Oh yes it is. I need to put you on hold to check with delivery. She comes back on the phone and says, I’m going to have make a few phone calls and call you back. I’m said, Look this is not acceptable. I have a 2 year old ready for bed a broken down crib and she is tired. She was like, I’m sorry. I have to make a few phone calls. I’ll call you back. I said, I’m paying 90.00 for delivery and set up of a bed. You will call me back tonight. Oh yes tonight gas variables pogil key, she says.

Well it’s 9:32 pm and I’ve had no phone call back. I’m shocked and very saddened with NFM at this point. I have shopped with them for years but this is not acceptable. I now get to go to bed upset with a baby in my bed and wake up upset because of the poor communications they appear to have with their long time customers. Wow is really q gastrobar all I can say! This is the NFM store in Omaha Ne 72nd St.

Wow and it continues. I get a hold of customer service this morning and they’re sorry there was no communications. They are m gasbuddy app waiving the delivery/set up fee and they will deliver next Monday! Really. I have a torn down bedroom and I have to wait a week when everything on my order is in and ready!!! Well thank you for the unmeaning sorry. If you were sorry you would get this bed delivered and set up sooner than next Monday!!!