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I am sent out a third pair of jeans. I received the third pair of jeans and again same electricity physics khan academy problem. Defective material and lines all through the jeans front/back/inseam/pockets. I again call your Customer service and speak now to a fifth person and tell them they need to contact your warehouse that these jeans are shipping from and have someone physically go out and look at all the product of this size and SKU number, and see the problem I have described (again doesn’t ask for a picture of defective jeans). They say that this will be done and they will again let me know when I can re-order these jeans. Well I am notified again that I can re-order the jeans for the fourth time and that the problem has been fixed and that the wrong jeans were sent out the last three times.

I receive the fourth pair of jeans on Nov gas prices under a dollar. 14th and again the same problem!!! What is wrong with your warehouse staff that they cannot do their job and investigate this batch of defective jeans but can still send me out again another pair with the same problems. I again for the fourth time have to return these to the store at my expense and inconvenience. I am very disappointed with this and again have to return to the store to get my Credit. I think you were sold a batch of jeans with gas variables pogil extension questions defective material on all of them. I don’t know what is so hard about having someone actually physically checking this SKU number. I think that you need to be more diligent in what you are sending out to your Customers, especially for the fourth time around. These are definitely not what your website reflects these electricity 4th grade powerpoint jeans to be. Unfortunately I cannot buy these petite size jeans in the store, another thing you might want to change to stock petite sizes in your stores.

I understand and expect delays, but their company website doesn’t not update you with status changes nor can you get much information when speaking to a customer service associate. Old Navy CSR told that the items that still on a truck in one of the company’s warehouses, but there hadn‘t been a status update beyond that, and that gas pain in shoulder the company is behind with back to school orders. When I asked if maybe my paperwork got lost in the shuffle the rep told me it was possible that he didn’t know gas quality. I advised that I received a generic email from Old Navy that my product should be to me within 30 days, but that’s it. The customer service rep told me that they couldn’t help me until after the guaranteed ship date of 9/5.

After 9/5 I could call in and cancel my order, or he could resubmit my order and request expedited shipping. I expressed I understood delays, but this was getting a little ridiculous. He then proceeded to offer me a 20% discount off my next order. I advised there was no need because I will not be ordering from this company again when I can‘t seem to even get my first order. Once a company has my money I expect my product to be shipped in a timely manner or to get my money back. I don’t have a problem waiting 2 weeks for my order to be delivered gsa 2016, however to not be communicated with as a consumer who has ordered your product based on a timeline your company advised, and then get the run around is ridiculous. Old Navy has been by far my worst online shopping experience and I have bought many items online.