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This was the start of increased sporadic shifting and acceleration jerking problems. Either the reprogramming by the Toyota Service Center was intentionally erased preventing electricity in homes the diagnostic codes: P0750, P0753,P0755, P0758, or P1760 as designated for a new ECM and Trans-axle unit from the second notification as described by Toyota in a corporate letter (the owner’s first service notification was sent via a small red card with no mention of transmission trans-axle problem just a reprogramming of the ECM).

Owner sent a letter to President Toyoda of Toyota Motor Co. back in February 23, 2010 about recurring check engine diagnostic light. Received a letter from Customer Relations dated March 04 2010 and called Customer Relations, as instructed in the letter and L/M. In the interim, Owner received another notification from the Toyota Motor Company, this time in a detailed two page letter form Entitled ZTL – Certain 2001 through 2003 Model Year RAV4 vehicles which specifically listed owner’s VIN # in the header of the letter. An extended 150,000 miles was part of a settlement from another notification letter owner had previously received back in 2010 about a Class Action Lawsuit filed involving owners with RAV4’s manufactured in 2001-2003.

When letter was presented about extended warranty to Toyota Service Center and owner’s recurring harsh shifting, jerking and reported RPM Sudden Acceleration Problems, with continual reoccurring engine light problem, the service tech reported no service codes that matched the diagnostic codes for a full ECM nor Transmission replacement (Owner doesn’t recall getting electricity experiments for preschoolers a Full Diagnostic Report Copy to confirm codes listed from the report). Owner requested ECM Module and Transaxle/Transmission replacement however Toyota Service Center would not do a free replacement and that I would be charged plus labor as well. Note: This was the same Toyota Service Center that the owner initially had the first recall notice about re-programming the ECM with new logic.

The class action lawsuit letter stated that the warranty on the owner’s RAV4 would be extended for 150,000 miles or ten years for a harsh shift condition that would only require the ECM to be REPLACED and if needed, replacement of the Automatic Transaxle unit. However, this servicing and replacement electricity song youtube would only be implemented with the following specific codes: P0750, P0753,P0755, P0758, or P1760. Owner sent letter to Toyota Motor Co. on August 27, 2010 with receipts from Toyota Service Center regarding engine light problem and recurring RPM engine racing problem. Request for reimbursement was denied in a response letter dated November 1, 2010 from Toyota regarding not meeting criteria under Csp 01-03 my RAV4 Transaxle Ecm Warranty Enhancement.

RPM problems would reoccur throughout the years, usually at traffic light or at stop sign, while foot was on brake pedal, owner always had control as RPM would rev up, wild-like so fast and very loud, then would usually stop when shifted to P, owner adds, In February 2018, while finishing static electricity sound effect transaction at Wells Fargo Bank ATM Drive-Thru, I placed my foot on brake pad and shifted from P to D, and as I lifted my foot from brake pedal the RAV4 RPM accelerated wildly, in a fraction of seconds and this time the engine and the 4 WD traction of my RAV4 began to jerk forward out of the ATM Terminal like a rocket, luckily my quick foot action immediately went back down on my brake pedal and shifted back to D, the RPM was still racing very loud and sounded like it was going 75 mph (which is the sound of my engine when driving with the flow of other vehicles on the freeway.).

In June 2018, owner had transmission fluid and oil changed with new filters, RPM problem seemed electricity facts ks2 to subside- (Owner kept all RAV4 service invoices). A serious occurrence happened in February 2019, while coming to complete stop at congested T/L intersection, owner reports sudden RPM/engine racing wildly causing SUA (Sudden Unintended Acceleration) RPM/Engine jerking forward while owner applies more brake/pedal pressure – force of sudden RPM’s fast acceleration with combination of RAV4’s 4WD traction/force and foot on brakes still moves RAV into rear end collision. Owner quickly shifts to P-Park.

Damage occurred to front of owners RAV4 and back of SUV in front of RAV4. Police Report filed and owner immediately reported incident to Toyota Motor Company. A case number was filed with the Toyota Motor Company and a third party Engineer/Inspector was dispatched by Toyota Motor Company to examine RAV4 and download EDR and other devices regarding the Sudden Unintended Acceleration with the strange sporadic re-occurring RPM/Shifting problem.

Owner is awaiting response from Toyota to determine cause of mechanical or electrical (ECM) malfunction/problem. Since the RAV4 OD reads 111,240 miles owner believes Toyota should extend in good faith the 150,000 extended Warranty and cover all costs incurred to replace defective parts and cover labor and damages incurred due to SUA to his RAV4. The final report will take two to four weeks and then determined by Toyota and their legal department electricity tower vector regarding reimbursement and extended warranty determination for service and repairs.