Top 247 reviews and complaints about assurant service protection advantage electricity and magnetism worksheets


I called to follow up on 3/8/2019, the agent told me that my case was close and the technician already fixed it. It was not true as he did not do anything. It’s still broken. I requested to talk to her supervisor. She dropped my call. I called back gas finder mn and they dropped my call again. I had to call 3rd time and waited for a long time. A supervisor o gastronomico named Eric finally talked to me. He was very rude. He said that if the fridge is not repairable, how come I did not call on the same day of repair (2/28/2019). I assure him that I did call to report that on the same day 2/28/2019 and followed up on 3/1/2019. He insisted that I did not call. After reading through their electricity vs gasoline notes, he acknowledged that I called. Why was he so rude to accuse me unprofessionally? I called on 3/11/2019, again no update.

On 3/12/2019, I received an email update from Assurant to deny my claim as follows We are sorry to inform you that based on our service provider’s inspection types of electricity tariff we have determined that the reported loss/damage to your product is the result of rust. This type of loss/damage is not covered, as listed in the terms and conditions of your service plan. The similar situation happened on 4/4/2016, incident# **. Another one happened on 10/1/16, incident static electricity examples# ** Another one happened on 1/17/17, incident# **. The service man could not fix z gas el salvador it and made it worse. So, I had my home warranty 2-10 fixed it until it broke again on 2/26/2019. STAY AWAY FROM ASSURANT to avoid this situation.

On the spiffy service contract sales flier on the front cover it has the Nebraska Furniture Mart Logo and electricity schoolhouse rock the following quote: OUR PROMISE — IF WE CAN’T FIX IT, WE’LL REPLACE IT! In our experience that is entirely false advertising — there have been repairmen who refused to come out to work on the leak a third time because they said there was literally nothing else they can do. I have placed so many calls to Nebraska Furniture Mart customer service and they like to tell me that m gastrocnemius it is completely out of their hands. They say they can do nothing to ensure that the contract THEY sold me is properly respected as advertised.

I have called ASSURANT so many times and 4 main gases in the atmosphere get absolutely nowhere. I had a supervisor there tell me that the fact that the dishwasher is leaking all over my wood floors and they have been unable to fix it with 5 service calls doesn’t mean that it should be replaced. My recommendation x men electricity mutant is that if you are in the market for appliances and would like to have the peace of mind of an extended warranty for the appliance, FIND ANOTHER COMPANY TO BUY IT FROM. I am writing this review after another call this week in which gas in babies at night neither company can even give me a status update.

Side note — the door open button on my microwave just broke and I called into ASSURANT and they don’t even have record of that service contract. I called Nebraska Furniture Mart last week about that and they stated it was a clerical error on their side and promised to fix it with ASSURANT. Called back to ASSURANT today — NO RESOLUTION OR CHANGE. I will continue electricity 101 video to update this review as I try to resolve this issue.