Top 269 reviews and complaints about american water heater gas after eating red meat


Every part in the tank that could be replaced has been replaced. Every possible venting issue has been investigated and corrected electricity sources in us IN CONSULTATION with AWH, according to their own manual and with their tech support by phone. Still, the pilot light will not remain lit. We have had hot water at this house for 17 years with no problems at all. No venting issues blowing out the pilot light. The problem is not with our house. Suddenly, after installing this current hot water tank, nothing but problems and no consistent hot water. We have to check that the pilot is still lit every day electricity definition wikipedia, and it usually isn’t, so we have to light it again and wait. This is a ridiculous state of affairs. Customer service is terrible.

The installation company techs have called AWH tech support countless times, most recently to request a replacement tank because they have done all they can, IN CONSULTATION with AWH to rectify the problem. When they were told, No replacement, they suggested I call. I did and was told by Michael that I had to call another HVAC z gastroenterol professional to come out and evaluate the venting situation, which, of course, I would have to pay for.

The installation company techs are HVAC professionals! So, I’m supposed to pay to have another HVAC person come out and tell me the exact same thing the current HVAC person has told me. (A big problem with customer service is you can’t speak to the same person who helped static electricity human body causes you before. They refuse to transfer you, I can’t transfer you, but I can help you with that problem. So you have tell all the same information over and over and over again, even though, I have all the notes on the account here electricity outage austin. I spoke to Jessica, the install tech spoke to Crystal, I spoke to Michael – this is all on the same day within two hours! Nonsense!)

Then, after going around in circles, I asked Michael who I could send a letter of complaint to. He gave me a regular mailing address, no email, no name. When I requested a name, he told me it went directly to the VP. I asked for his/her name. He told me he couldn’t tell me that because of privacy issues! Really?! Michael said it’s just like electricity projects in pakistan all companies, you can’t give out the names. I responded that my clients know my name because I stand behind what I do, and I want them to know who is responsible. Silence from Michael. Anyway, after googling, I found that the Senior VP General Manager was Kevin J. Wheeler, but he’s just been promoted to President COO. According to the blurb about him, he has a passionate interest in customer satisfaction. What a joke. No one who makes decisions at this company cares about customer satisfaction.

So, I’m left with no choice but to buy a new water heater (NOT American Water Heater brand) and pay for installation again! They will do nothing to compensate me for having to replace their only 4-year-old defective water heater in the first place, nor provide a replacement for electricity generation by source the new one just installed that won’t work. The upshot of all this is a $2.69 billion dollar company has no interest whatsoever in whether you are satisfied with their product or not. They could lose a customer a minute everyday and it wouldn’t bother m gasol nba them a bit. There is no incentive other than common decency and good business practice that would make them care about you or your issue with their products. They absolutely don’t care. Good luck to anyone who purchases an American Water Heater brand tank.

So, here’s my question: of all gas natural of the folks here who have complained about their water heaters, have any of you done any kind of regular maintenance on them yourselves? It’s very simple: once, every three months, you drain 1 1/2 gallons of water from the heater. As you do this, you will see bits of rust or rusty colored water. This is caused by what is IN your water: Trace metals, and minerals. Keep the heater area clear and well ventilated. Vacuum around and under it. Keep it set to the proper temperature. And, for those who really don’t know electricity towers in japan: Natural gas pipelines contain a minute amount of humidity. You will have rust and calcium build-up on the thermo-coupler. In time, it will stop working which is also a safety feature by stopping the flow of gas to the unit. It’s telling you that it is time to replace me. This prevents a gas leak that may prove fatal.

I took the contract for service for peace of mind. They cover all of my utilities and will show up when I yell for help. They fix, and leave. I don’t even have to sign anything. So, in 25 years, I have gone electricity history pdf through one, and soon to be my second water heater. I have no complaints about American. I just stay on top of cleanliness and simple maintenance. It serves me very well.