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Whether it’s the rapid heat build up or aluminum manifold that heats and cools too quickly I am not sure, but it is definitely a problem and Dodge knows it. It can gas efficient suv 2015 happen on either the driver’s side or passenger’s side of the engine. And unless you replace all the bolts with stainless steel manifold bolts, you are just asking to have to do this over again in the future. Despite the fact they know they screwed up and this is going to cost their customers hundreds of dollars to fix, they have not issued a recall. They know they screwed up because you go to any Dodge dealer and they have a full set of stainless steel manifold bolts on hand just in case. Why would they keep these upgraded manifold bolts on hand if they didn’t know this was a problem. This is why. Because they are avoiding a costly recall and passing the buck to their customers.

I took mine to a Dodge dealer to have it diagnosed to make sure it wasn’t an internal issue like valves or something, but had a good suspicion of exactly what the problem was after the many reviews and forums I had read online. Sure enough, after a $140 electricity word search printable diagnosis charge, they told me it was the broken exhaust manifold bolts and the gasket had also failed as a result. I presented my extended warranty and they called, but alas!! They will not cover any of the repairs because it was not the exhaust manifold itself or the header that failed, but the sub-grade bolts Dodge used. Leaving me to foot the cost of an estimated $720-$950 repair. And that’s just for two bolts because they have to drill into the bolts to extract them from the manifold. Thanks Dodge!! You suck!!

They are dodging the bullet, or the recall. They know it is a problem and will only fix it if you are the original owner with the lifetime drivetrain warranty. Some extended warranties have covered it, but not mine. They also are getting a nasty review. They also know it’s a problem and are finding loopholes not to cover the issue, again leaving the customer to foot the bill.

As I read gas stations in texas up on all these forums, posts, reviews, I see that this has occurred across many years of Ram 1500’s. From 2004-2013. Maybe the newer ones just have not busted yet, who knows. One thing I can tell you is that I am one buying American vehicles. They are shysters and will not own up to their faults. I can see why people pay the higher price tag of Toyota. They build vehicles that last and power outage houston txu when they find a fault, they fix it rather than pass the buck to their customers. My best advice, DO NOT BUY DODGE!

By the way Chrysler Roadside assistance was terrible to deal with. I called at 7 AM and their assistance finally arrived at 3 PM. I HAD TO LOSE A DAY OR WORK. I contacted Dodge for the 4th time relative to issues with this car. Every time I contacted them the customer service person would read the same script to me. Oh we are sorry, we will have a case manager call you within 24 hours and no one ever called back. So I tried to get resolution with the dealer who said they could not do anything that I would have to contact Dodge. Seeing I leased this car I tried the leasing company who said they could not help, that I would have to go to the dealer who may be willing to buy the car back.

Bottom line when you are negotiating to buy a vehicle everyone is responsive and wants to help. When you have a problem with a brand new vehicle everyone runs for the hills. Terribly disappointed with Dodge who have irresponsibly manufactured a vehicle they know has Touchscreen gas prices going up june 2016 issues. Today I am waiting for a call back from Dodge who told me yesterday I would hear back within 24 hours. We will see. If they don’t call my Lawyer will get involved.

We have ZERO confidence in the performance of this vehicle because it seems obvious there is a flaw in the eco diesel emission system that hasn’t been figured out yet, and we resent being part of these experimental fixes while our livelihoods and my and my child’s safety are at risk electricity production. If my husband tries to drive me to the hospital while I’m in labor in this vehicle and it stalls out, that is a safety issue! We have asked the dealership for a trade with a reliable vehicle but they have only offered vehicles that are way more expensive and that is unacceptable – this was not a cheap investment in the first place. We have asked the dealership for a way out of the lease and compensation for a lost trade investment – not to mention compensation for lost wages from being compromised in transport, the extra travel expenses incurred in getting a fixer upper to use during the lengthy repair – but of course they can’t do that either.

Every dead end is met with little sympathy, and statements like our hands are tied, take it up with corporate. We did. We took it up with Dodge Chrysler customer care and started a case and asked for these same resolutions, but we were told to try the vehicle and if it does break down again go back to the dealership?! Dodge customer care stated they cannot help with anything of a financial matter or legal matter. I resent the lack of resolution options from both Dodge and the dealership gas variables pogil answers extension questions in addressing this issue. I will be taking this up with the Attorney General, Consumer Affairs and will continue discussing this with our attorney.