Top 27 reviews and complaints about ferguson enterprises gas prices going up 2016


She then taped a sold sign on the vanity. Went home made arrangements to have someone come to house to help carry it in. When he arrived I called Ashley the sales rep and made my payment and told her we would be there in an hour to pick it up. She said ok and said she had to check on something. She came back to phone and said they made a mistake – the f gas certification logo vanity we looked at on the floor and paid for was not the one on sale it was the one next to it. She said someone misplaced the sale paper or was gas works park seattle placed there by accident. She wanted to know if I wanted the correct one on sale which was Brown. I told her no I needed the white one with the dark gray top that we had talked about when I was there.

She then apologized and said didn’t know how sales ticket got on the wrong vanity and she was sorry for the disappointment and she wouldn’t put through my charge card static electricity bill nye full episode. I am so disappointed and feel they should of still honored the sale being that was the one that was marked on sale. I have two pictures of vanity showing sale advertisement on it. However Ferguson refused to honor THEIR mistake!

I called 4 different numbers, and was transferred to lots of worthless people who electricity youtube told me I could not return it, because it was used. I stated that I have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, been refused an online return. I was promised callbacks, and never received them. What a total and complete SCAM! I paid $111 for this piece of garbage, and they won’t give me a refund. I am a single parent with 2 children in college, and that amount is a fortune to me. This was not a luxury purchase. My existing showerhead was cracked.

Never buy from Ferguson. If you must b games car, be absolutely certain, you can afford to lose your money, and that the product will work for you, sight unseen, or you lose! Also, I have read other reviews that products arrived damaged, and they could not get a refund either. My only recourse at this point is to dispute it with my credit card company. I hope they will do the morally and ethically right thing, and refuse tgask to pay It’s a shame that an American company scams people. Shame on them. Ferguson should not be rewarded for scamming people. I’m also very disappointed in the poor quality of Kohler, which is not cheap!

On 13th of July I contacted Ferguson again and was informed by sales supervisor that their sale consultant had erred on my order and that I should be receiving my order sometime around Friday, the 16th of July. In the meantime, I had contacted Swan-stone who advised me they did not have any issues and gas and water llc in fact, they had 10 tub/shower surrounds in stock and available for delivery. The issue is that Ferguson has received my full payment since June 16, but they has not confirmed a sure delivery. I had planned the refurbishing of my bathroom based on their initial delivery 93 gas near me schedule, and I only have a 1-bath home.

When I had advised Ferguson that I had filed a Better Business and Consumers affairs complaint about their customer service, the Supervisor stated that I should have contacted her and not the Sales consultant. Besides, Consumers gasset y ortega filosofia and Better Business had no teeth anyway and that she could have helped. I advised her that I had contacted Ferguson numerous times, and also had been informed that she was made aware of my order problems. As of this writing, I’m still without a bathroom vanity top and a tub/shower. I am awaiting on their delivery of which I still do not have a confirmed date.