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Reluctantly, my furbabies started eating it. Within a week, they were throwing up. During that same week, Titan, one of my 5 month old male furbabies, started coughing then threw up his food and kept throwing up until it was gas density problems just white, foamy stomach bile. Then, he stopped using using the litter box and instead choosing to go on carpet, couches, recliners and bedding. Then, out of nowhere, he had 8 gases 3 violent seizures in 5 days.

The seizures got worse with each one, more violent and lasting longer and longer with the last one being almost 3 1/2 – 4 minutes. He would roll and tumble and his poor little, weak body would shake and curl up, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his tongue hung out. He looked like he was dying and there was nothing we could do to help him. It was one of the electricity generation by source by country scariest things I had ever seen and I cried and cried, fully expecting him to pass right in front of us and with my 4 6 year olds crying in the next room as they c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut walked in right as it started to happen. Thankfully and luckily he pulled out of it and within 2 minutes, he was back to himself.

I started to do some research after the first seizure. Then today, I stumbled upon a blog post about a fellow cat mom whose cat started having seizures out of nowhere at 5 years old. Numerous vet and feline neurologist appointments later, the kitty was diagnosed with Idiopathic Seizures and placed on ** 2x a day. She went on to write gas kush about how her family changed their diet years later to a more all-natural diet and changed the cat’s diet along with theirs. She stated that after changing her cat gas oil’s diet, the seizure medicine was no longer needed as the cat stopped having them altogether. This got me thinking.

So, I searched 9Lives Reviews and ended up here. As I read all the reviews, my eyes widened with horror and panic. Immediately, I jumped up and grabbed my cats’ food bowls and dumped the food into the garbage. I washed them out with soap and water so there was no residue of that crap left in their bowls. I left right there and took the last $5 we have to our name and bought a bag of Meow Mix. I may gas hydrates not be able to get to work tomorrow, but at least my cats will no longer be poisoned by this terrible brand.

I just changed it back tonight, so time will tell. I can say electricity examples this, however, that after eating the Meow Mix, all 4 of my precious furbabies are starting to act more like themselves again. 9Lives is more like Killing Lives. I firmly believe that if the 9Lives company will not take the lives of our pets seriously and will not act on the many complaints of their consumers, then action needs to be taken by everyone coming together.

Their food is killing our furbabies and they do not even gas national average care! I am spreading the word and going to be calling as many people as will listen, including my local news channel. Channel 8 will investigate into complaints and I am going to make sure that my voice is heard loud and clear. Our animals are like our young little ones, we are their voice. Everyone that has left a review or reading over them, eyes wide in horror like I just was, need to come together and make this company be responsible! I almost lost ortega y gasset revolt of the masses my furbaby over $7.99. NEVER AGAIN. This product is toxic.