Top 286 reviews and complaints about bj’s wholesale club gas constant for air


After several calls to customer service and being rerouted through the voice system, the automatic voice system is annoyingly inefficient, and left on hold k electric company indefinitely. I finally spoke with a supervisor, Tracy, who told me that the item was non-refundable. She stated that it is posted online. That it is non-refundable when that is not the case; she could not specify exactly where it was posted, she just kept saying that it was posted. Very frustrating experience! She also stated that she would have to contact the vendor to see if it would accept the return and that she would contact me herself.

What??? Where is any of this in the return policy that is advertised online? I informed her that one way or another, I will get my money back even if it means that I have to dispute this charge with my creditor. After which, I discovered that a gas mixture is made by combining my membership was revoked when I attempted to make a purchase when I have paid for a membership through May and have been a member for years, ever since the club came to Hampton Roads, VA.

BJ’s return policy clearly states, BJ’s selects the highest quality merchandise for our Members and stands behind the products we sell. If you are not completely satisfied with a purchase made online or in-Club BJ’s will give you a refund or exchange within the guidelines below. This item falls within those guidelines where it should not only be returnable, but they should be accepted by the club. I do not want this item. It is not a gas has no volume a bulk item, it is an electrical item, not gas; there is no oil. It is less than 90 days and unused. There is no valid reason for BJ’s to refuse this return. BJ’s is not honoring its return policy.

Consumers need to do more than complain. Spread the word and discourage others from spending their money at bad gas vs electric oven efficiency businesses. Stop patronizing businesses that disrespect you as a consumer providing poor customer service, dishonoring their written policies, etc. I will soon forget that BJ’s even exists and hope that other consumers show BJ’s that their behavior is unacceptable by canceling/discontinuing their membership and shopping elsewhere affecting BJ’s profits. Apparently, that is the only way to get the attention of a business.

I advised them that I just wanted another TV not my money back. Customer service proceeded to tell me that they don’t replace broken or damaged items. They just refund the member their money back and they purchase another one. I inquired when they may receive the TV back and I was advised January 7 or 8. Which was Monday or Tuesday. I contacted them Tuesday and they said that they have gas x strips side effects not received the TV back yet. I inquired about what else could be done so that I can get another TV. I asked could they just apply the money to the new TV I would like to purchase and they said no. I was advised that they are not set up to do business that way. I was then advised that once I return the TV then they can give me another one.

I advised the representative that I did not have the TV. I sent it back with the delivery company because it was cracked. She stated that I was supposed to take gas z factor the TV and return it to my local store myself gaston y astrid lima. I made her aware that I was never told that not to mention I was not going to sign for a broken TV. She then went on to say I can buy another TV while I wait for my return to go through. I advised her that no one just has 618 lying around to spend again and have 1236 dollars of my money held up. She stated there was nothing else she could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor and no one was available. She had put in for a callback. No one called me back. So over the next 7 business days I would be calling BJ’s to get this matter resolved.

I had requested to more callbacks in that time and no supervisor called me back. I filed a complaint with the company and nothing was done about it. I felt that I was just another membership o gastroenterologista cuida do que holder and meant nothing to them but a number even though I spend hundreds of dollars almost thousands a year at my local BJ’s store. This is the worst customer service I have ever received. Then on January 16, 2019 I found out that BJ’s didn’t not start the return process for my broken TV with the delivery company until January 10. Which was 6 days after my first call in to report the issue c gastritis im antrum. I then was advised that the TV should be deliver January 16 or 17 to their warehouse. When I asked about getting the TV at the original price with everything that came with it (Additional 1 year warranty from BJ’s free of charge, and white glove delivery service) the young lady stated that they would have to put in a request to see if that was possible.

She then advised me that the TV I purchased previously that was delivered damaged is now rahal e gas card out of stock and I can’t purchase it. I was beyond upset. I was taken through days of back and forth. Not being called back and mixed information to be told I cannot even repurchase the TV I original purchased. This is beyond bad customer service and a complete disrespect to me as a person. No one should ever have to go through this and I believe that they have to be required to do better and be held to a standard when it comes to helping a customer and providing a service they are being paid for.