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NOT so now. On Feb 27 I got an email at 3 am stating they were processing my order that day. There WAS NO advance notice. I wasn’t even aware of the looming date (but that has always been MY responsibility, which I’m willing to accept). They offer reduced/no shipping fee if you spend enough often enough save electricity pictures. I tried to cancel the order but of course it was too late. Being in contact with my credit card company I was aware of the charge +2days from notice. And I decided to not un-authorize the charge because (primarily from responders on this site) the Return process looks to be a nightmare and probably results in no refund.

WORSE YET: The OPTAVIA website no longer allows changes to orders, either product selection or date change. Oh I know the link is on the Dashboard page but it will not advance when selected; you get a circle with a diagonal line through it. A phone call to Customer Support (and it does not matter what phone numbers you can dig up for OPTAVIA or Medifast. They all are BUSY SIGNALS–always). One number I got through my broker said, Your call is important to us and I waited 30+ min before giving up.

I did get a delayed email response to a website inquiry just informing me to use the Edit link to change order, of course that didn’t work. Oh and that they would probably send me a postage paid electricity formulas physics return slip if I wanted to return the shipped order. But I didn’t trust that process. SO, unfortunately, because there’s very spotty/useless communication, unacceptable activities going on with their website about orders, and no longer any notices about upcoming shipments immediately before shipping so client has chance to make modifications, and no way to cancel relationship, it seems the only way to stop this madness is to tell my credit card company to un-authorize this vendor; which I have done (sadly).

I was on the program since Early September and to its credit I did lose weight. The way it works is once a month they mail you a box of diet food for the month. The product order is created and ships within 24 hrs. My order was issued for November 22 and a charge was issued to my credit card but nothing shipped. I called a couple days after Thanksgiving to inquire why it didn’t ship. The company and was told a delay was probably due to Thanksgiving and it should ship soon.

Nothing happened I called a few days later and the agent didn’t know what was wrong or how to fix it. She only offered to have the resolution team contact me. They did not. A few days later my coach electricity jewels called them they still didn’t know what was wrong but issued a second order (each around 400$) without canceling the first. A few days later nothing happened. It was suggested that perhaps an item in the order was confusing the computer and a third order of different items was charged to my card. Again nothing shipped. I called again. Same story no explanation but a promise that I would be contacted. At this point there were about 1000$ of charges to my card with no explanation.

My coach called and was given a promise of a callback and an email canceling the orders. Nothing happened. I did receive an email stating that nothing should block my emails but that was all. A different agent told me that they don’t have a method of canceling orders! My coach called again and was told by a supervisor that there was a hold on my account from a prior order and I would need to call.

I called again and spoke to a supervisor. She had no explanation for why it took six or seven calls to get any information and why in three weeks of no one contacted me from the resolution team gas in oil pan. I explained what happened with the prior order. In October an order v lab electricity was shipped to me but I never received it. I called Optavia about five or six times about it. I was promised that it would be looked into and I would be contacted which did not happen. On one of the last calls in October I was told I would be refunded the amount of the order that was lost and I would be contacted regarding the refund because the phone agent has no authority.

After no response from five or six calls I contacted my credit card to dispute the charge and I said I’m hoping that they will eventually get back to me and work it out somehow or at very least tell me what happened to the package. The credit card attempted to contact Optavia but they didn’t respond. After 45 days the credit card resolved in my favor. The supervisor had no explanation for why I was not contacted for the original problem. There was a record of my complaint with it but no record of a response. She promised to issue a rush response to the resolution team and they would call me in 48 hours. She world j gastrointest surg impact factor also said even if I agreed to pay back the refund which I was promised she could not release my account without the resolution team.

I said, What happens if they don’t respond in 2 days? She said I can call back and ask for her by name in the Las Vegas office. I waited 2 days with no response. I called and asked for her but I only got a line that rang without an ability to leave a message. I called again and finally canceled and was promised a cancellation email which I still have not received. I also sent a final letter by mail to the company. I received a call from UPS several weeks later stating that the lost box was insured and that they would refund the amount to Optavia. The gas out game rules UPS person was surprised that the company waited several months to contact them and that they did not try to resolve the issue with me.

Enter Optavia. After 18 months, I stopped take insulin and became diet controlled. My asthma is still a problem, but I am taking half or less of the meds I took. Other things also resolved or improved, AND I am down by 185 pounds!!!! In other words I go to normal stores and buy normal clothes. There are many things I could complain about. I have a lot of nutrition education. I have a degree in biology. I was an EMT. I disagreed with some of the rules and had research to back it up. I did not like the food. I could go on and on. But I was desperate and headed for an early grave.

Here are the pluses- did I mention I lost 185#? The Optavia program works. Period. I don’t need to love my food. I need to eat to sustain my body. I can other things and I can eat to live. Most of the food is ready to eat or almost ready. Add 3 T water into provided disposable dish, microwave for 1 min, cool, and eat. Or tear open the wrapper on a bar. After a while some of the food will seem tasty electricity lessons for 5th grade. The food on Optavia is healthy. No artificial stuff. It is sweetened with stevia. Each fueling contains carbohydrates, a bit of fat, carbs, protein, and fiber. They also are fortified with many vitamins and a probiotic. So this is easy and keeps me out of the kitchen which is one way to eat less.

The coach and other materials are a big key to success. My coach kept me on track. Not through keeping track of my compliance but on meeting my goals and not giving up. She allowed me to work the program in my way, but encouraged me to make choices that would lead to success. I have been in transition for about 5 weeks, and I have not gained weight overall.

Yes it is expensive. So are insulin, inhalers, other drugs, sickness, special equipment, even with good insurance. Yes I could go on a keto diet on my own. I have been on many diets and had success. But with this I don’t have to plan to make special diet meals. I don’t have to do much or any work to eat. Some people are upset that the coaches get paid from the food you buy. As frugal as I am – and frugality can equal weight gain- losing the weight is saving me a lot of money so far. I don’t want to ever do this program again! But I am glad I did. I would recommend it to anyone whose doc will OK the program.

According to the Optavia website, I can receive a full refund if I mail the products electricity for dummies pdf back on my own dime. I did so and paid extra to make sure I could track the package and receive a signature that it was received. Their website and the customer service representative who processed the product return said I should receive a full refund in 2 business days once the package is received at their warehouse. Wrong. My package arrived 9/25 and was signed by one of their employees so I know they received the package. After two business days e electricity bill, I call customer service to inquire about my refund. She is shocked I haven’t been refunded my money since the refund should have been processed in 2 days. She contacts the warehouse and they have no record of receiving my package. In other words… the package is lost in the warehouse.

She put in a request for my package to be located and said I would receive an update in 48 hours. After 48 hours, I still have not received updates on my package. I call again today and I’m then lectured by a customer service representative that it is unrealistic for me to expect them to process my refund in 2 business days despite their website stating that 2 business days is their refund policy AND 2 other customer service representative telling me that 2 business days is their policy. Seriously… She then said since it’s only been 10 business days so I should not have expected a refund to be processed any earlier than today and once it is processed, it will take an additional 7 business day youtube gas station karaoke for the funds to show up on my credit card.

I mentioned to her that my package still hasn’t been located in the warehouse so unless it’s suddenly been found, I was dubious I would have my refund processed today or any time soon. She then put in a request for the search of my package to be expedited. What a mess!!! Take my advice and avoid this company. I’m disputing the charges with my credit card company and I’m going to let them go after Optavia. Tired of getting a different answer each time I call (with really long wait times) only to still not have my refund processed. Their website says one thing and their customer service reps say something else.