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The tech confirmed there was a signal on the box and I told him I tried to reset the PPPoE with the username and password I was given, also given to my wife by the way. He asked what they were so I told him. He went to his truck and returned with a totally different password than WE were given. I then tried to enter the different password which then enabled me to have electricity generation in california internet service.

I later received my Fairpoint invoice with an additional $80 labor fee when the entire time it was given the CORRECT password no one would have had to come out and I’d still be a satisfied customer. I’ve spoken to 3 different people including a manager and they say that is their policy to charge me a minimum $80. They also informed me that what they first told me If you have our equipment/modem you won’t receive service fees was not true. They told me EVEN if I had their equipment they would have charged me $80 at least. So in my book they are liars AND my original issue could have been resolved by giving me the correct password to reestablish service.

The day of the upgrade they apparently made a chance at the NOC early in the morning electricity dance moms song – my service was completely out all day until the tech showed up to install the upgrade. In the process, he also managed to knock out my landline phone (also FailPoint provided) as well as somehow kill a circuit of my electrical – I’ve been without lights in several rooms for two days despite a promise that they were going to send out an electrician to fix whatever was done. (To their electricity 4th grade powerpoint credit, they DID send out a second tech to fix the landline that the first tech had somehow disconnected).

I complained to the first tech about the need to reboot daily and was told that was “perfectly normal. It’s all computer gear – you should be in the habit of rebooting it every day. There’s errors on the line and they go into an error buffer. The buffer gets full and then bad things start happening.” Seriously? I suppose if I disconnect the line when that’s happening, all the bad bits spill out onto the floor and stain the carpet? I didn’t even bother to argue with him. He either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or was trying to BS me.

Sadly, I just retired from a career in network support – I can tell you, if the company I worked for provided the level of service I get from FailPoint, heads would have rolled. We were expected to provide 99%+ uptime. My suggestion: if you have an alternative for internet/phone/TV service – try them first. All cable companies have bad reputations – in my experience, FailPoint DESERVES theirs.

When gas density we got the router that following week the day before installation they couldn’t make the appt. Rescheduled it 2 times before they actually installed our service and when they did install we found out the telephone pole outside hadn’t been inspected in years and could actually had speeds over 25 mbps. Initially me and my fiancee weren’t sure that the bonded connection was gonna be fast enough for our 2 cell phones, my son’s tablet and streaming Netflix which that same customer service guy who signed us up ensured us it would be plenty fast enough for our 4 devices.

Days later internet’s constantly needing to be hard reset unplugged router for 30 seconds. Restart it it would work for 10-15 minutes then needed to be reset again over and over. So we called Fairpoint customer service told them their grade 6 electricity experiments technician said when he was installing our internet there’s no reason we couldn’t at least 25 mbps so they let us upgrade to HSL Ultra plan which is suppose to be 15 mbps for a total of 45.96 month. Foolishly we did it.

Issues stay the same if not worsened as we’ve had technician after technician come here at least once a month. Never did I get an $80 fee weird huh. Here we are year later problems still the same. So June 15th tech comes to the house tells me within our gas variables pogil extension questions first 10 months we’ve had well over 400 hard resets which I didn’t know. They could track how many times we’ve actually had to reset the router. He says it’s because the free router they initially sent us is a bonded connection router. That’s the only thing it could be other than my fiancee’s windows 10 computer.

So still not fixed my year is almost up to get my $100 security deposit back. Now they started charging me $80 for the tech coming out and not fixing the problem. And I constantly ping my internet speeds it usually in between 6-8 mbps range occasionally. It’s got to 9 maybe 10 mbps once and I’m paying for 15+ mbps. So I’m now waiting for a supervisor to call me as I instantly called them, telling them I refuse to pay $80 especially when the tech support guy didn’t mention gsa 2016 any charge for a tech to come here and they’ve already been here at least 5 times throughout my year with them and never was charged before and couldn’t figure out why our internet keeps frequently dropping. So he wanted to send another tech out. I said not a chance in hell. And now I hafta switch providers bc it doesn’t work more than half a day every day.

I phoned Customer Service and got a very reasonable quote, so went ahead. Then, plugged in the old phones, and nothing worked. Called back several times and gas prices going up was told different things about what could potentially be the problem. Took a couple weeks to get a techie out to check the line. Very frustrating. But, guess what? He was great! He spend over an hour going over all the connections, inside and outside the house, made adjustments and, finally, a dial tone! He was apologetic and polite and explained that he works 50 to 60 hours a week to try and keep up, and that summer storms have created a lot of extra work. The service dpt. is understaffed and must just do as much as is humanly possible. Now I understand why the wait.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. After he left, soon after, I realized one of the phone didn’t ring when a call was coming in. I called customer service again and got assurances someone would be back next day to check the system again. And, guess what, another techie showed up early the next morning, went straight to the electricity experiments offending phone and discovered the ring tone was turned off. Man did I feel stupid. He didn’t rub it in. In fact he spent time explaining to me the many small things that can go wrong gas law questions and answers and to never hesitate to give a call anytime something isn’t working. This guy too is working 50 to 60 hours a week and he was so good natured about it. So, I say, if you’re going to give this company a bad rep, try also to keep in mind the very good people that work there.

On June 15 all I got was static. I was told I should have received some filters two days before the service was turned on. They said they would send the filters out. I asked that due to the nature of the purpose of the line if they could overnight the filters; they stated that they have no way to do that. I stated that I found that in this day and age that I find that highly unlikely, and they insisted that they had no way to overnight the filters. I asked to speak to a supervisor and immediately I was told that there were no supervisors available. I said, Send the filters.

Here it is June 20. No filters and no service. I got a call from customer service and they asked me if I wanted my Internet speed upgraded (which I requested when I ordered the phone service). I told them of the problem and they said that I need to determine gas efficient suv 2008 if the problem was inside the house or outside. In the meantime I said to schedule a technician visit to come out. They told me that the Tech would not be available until July 9. I again stated that the purpose of the service was to connect a lifeline for my father… They said that was the earliest available date.

This evening I did as the customer service agent requested and plugged the phone in the box outside the house to determine if the problem was inside the house or outside. There was still only static on the line when I plugged into the box. I proceeded to call customer service and they referred me to repair. Repair told me that there was nothing they could do because my service has gas outage not been turned on.

So by this time I had been provided a service of incorrect information regarding when the phone line would be turned on, that the filters would fix the problem by two different representatives, and then that a service call would be required to troubleshoot the line, and to check the line outside; wasting a significant amount of my time waiting on hold to get through various representatives and significant stress on my 86 year old father because during the 4 hours during the day he was alone he could not utilize his lifeline. This is a man who has had a stroke, heart failure and lost his electricity in salt water experiment wife in the last 8 weeks. But nobody at Fairpoint seemed to care that an elderly man needed to have his lifeline work! Tonight I call Fairpoint and they tell me my service is not turned on and it is not scheduled to be turned on until July 9.