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I also watched them tighten the lugs with a big air gun, and when I asked how much torque was on the lugs they weren’t sure but then used a torque wrench to make sure there was ENOUGH torque on each lug. I noticed all were so tight that the click type torque wrench gas out game instructions was unable to further tighten any of them, they all exceeded the torque that was specified, and they made no attempt to back them off and tighten them to the correct torque, which was listed on my paperwork.

After the tires were balanced and left leaning against the car there was a long wait which ended when another mechanic started to rebalance the tires a THIRD time. I asked and he was unaware they had just been balanced. Their team system doesn’t seem to work well, three people worked on my tires and no one knew what the other people had done. When the work was bp gas prices columbus ohio finished I left, and the car now rides as smoothly as it did before I got new tires. I like the tires, I like the price but the poor service cost me 3 hours of my time and I’m pretty sure my lug nuts are way tighter than they should be. I hope they don’t break when it’s time to take them off.

When I talked to Brittney she said that they didn’t have that tire in stock and would have to order it and that she would call me back on Tuesday. She verified my phone number. She did gas stoichiometry worksheet not call back. I arrived on Thursday at 3:55 for my 4 pm appointment and was told that it would be an hour. I brought up the nail issue and the kid didn’t know anything about it. I told him that if it is bad that I need a replacement tire on there and did not want to driving around with a doughnut spare. He said o gastronomico if there was an issue he would call me while were shopping the store. Never called. Went back at 4:35 and the car was out of the shop and done and I was happy that it took less time that it did.

Guess what, when asked about the nail, a different kid said they put the doughnut on and put the damaged tire in the trunk and that a replacement would be ordered. I got a bit angry and told them I was not leaving without that tire being replaced. The kid ran into the shop and got Jeremy and he said that was all they could do. So I asked him what should I do if I get a flat tire. His response was, What would you do if you had two flat tires on the road. Uh. I told him that would be my problem and that my car is here now at a repair facility and electricity electricity schoolhouse rock it needed to be taken care of. He went at got one of the store managers, I think his name was Eli.

Eli (after he told the story) told Jeremy to call a competitor to see if the had one in stock (they did) so Eli drove over and picked the new tire and had he himself with his good clothes on helped to get the tire replaced. So after 2 hours and 5 minutes I finally left with partially thawed shrimp and wontons. Eli gets an A. Brittney and Jeremy Big Fat Fs.

He was having none of my explanation of being told by the salesman to search through the stacks if I wanted to examine the tire before purchasing. Nevertheless, I liked the tire but by now several people were in line electricity vs gasoline to purchase so I decided to return later that evening. I did, and was making the purchase when my newest Costco card grade 6 science electricity unit test, which I had I had activated a few hours earlier, wouldn’t work.

The manager, Mark, was called to assist. In a very insulting manner, he asserted that I was either over my limit or that I had a purchase limit on the card, even though I assured him the zero balance account did not have any such limitation. He refused to take the time to call to check on the problem, and kept insisting it was my problem and that my account likely was insufficient. I went to member services; they called and the card was instantly activated. I decided against giving Mark my business and ended-up paying a little more for the same tires at a real tire store down the street, but it is worth every penny to be treated courteously by a true professional.

I noticed a lot of whitish grease on the wheels but did not really make issue of it – and left. It wasn’t until today – the day after installation – that I truly saw what 4 main gases in the atmosphere an incredibly disgraceful state my car had been delivered in. My car is a 2013 and has 62k miles on her – she is not perfect but she is in good shape. There was SIGNIFICANT white grease all over the wheels and the tires o gosh corpus christi – I figure it assisted in mounting the tire to the rim but I’ve replaced tires before and NEVER seen gobs and smears of white grease left on the wheels and tires.

Remembering how little the installation cost was I “sucked it up” and decided to clean the wheels myself – and – with the exception of the clumped grease which took a little bit of work was able to wipe it from the wheels and tires without much issue. Irritating – but fixable. What has prompted this review – what has caused the most upset however is the damage this static electricity examples place did to my wheels. There was some minor curb rash on the front driver side wheel and a scrape on the back left – small – but I knew of these because I agonized over them. You know what I mean – you know where the scratches bumps and nicks are and they drive you nuts. EVERY single wheel on my car has been damaged – rims scraped and scratched – wheel surfaces gouged – apparently the manufacturer of my particular wheels coats them in a type of film which I did not know or notice until now.

It took sections of it being gouged out for me to understand there was a coating TO BE gouged out! Removing the significant white grease revealed the underlying damage – whatever machine they use to mount the wheel on that removes the old and assists the installation of the new trashed my 4 wheels. It’s no joke – my colleagues static electricity vocabulary words were shocked who saw them as I am known to keep a nice clean car – and the worst part is that I can really no longer address it with this business – they can say the damage was 76 gas credit card account login present before the work and I have no way to prove otherwise.

The cost to repair the damage with a wheel restoration shop – in time without car (renting a car as the wheel repair shop essentially needs the wheels off the car to do their work) is only eclipsed by the cost to purchase 4 new… and both exceed the most expensive installation estimate I researched while shopping for tires. I could have lived with lack of cleanup but not damage. In my view if you cannot perform a service without damaging someone’s property maybe you shouldn’t be doing it? I wouldn’t have agreed to them doing the work if they had said, “Well we won’t clean up the mess we leave on the tire and wheel and we’ll likely damage your wheels permanently but hey it’s cheaper than everyone else right?”

Yes it was cheaper but one of the joys of getting the best gas up yr hearse price is getting the best price on a perfect product I could have paid more for and didn’t. Paying less for something imperfect and just “cheap” isn’t satisfying. The work was sloppy – absolutely no care nor regard was given for my property or how in the hell I would feel upon discovering what had happened and there is no way types of electricity tariff the guy who did the work could NOT have known what they did. Yet they presented it in that state anyway which is actually to me unbelievable gall. But they were right – in the end. I let them get away with it. Don’t do the same – make the time and take the time to take pics of your wheels in the parking lot at Costco before you even go in. Then check them carefully at pick up – I wish I had done this. No – I won’t be back. I would like to think I learn from my mistakes.