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The first time I was in the Waterbury store, there were already customers there and we were told that gas vs diesel mpg somebody would come and help us in a few minutes. One person was obviously a little bit better than the other but that is how the nature of these things work. Still, both people in the 2 stores were attentive, came over and asked us what we were interested in, and showed us the different options that they had. We bought some Gunstock Oak hardwood and it was our first time to purchase from them. They said it was what worked best for our budget so that part was good. And gas 1940 obviously, as with everything else, I wish it was a little bit cheaper but it wasn’t so prohibitive that we couldn’t get it done.

I have a handyman who installed and replaced the kitchen flooring. The new flooring is a little bit different in color, slightly minimally different than all the hardwood we had. It’s good quality hardwood and unless you’re looking at it really carefully, you can’t tell the difference when you walk in the house. So, we had a positive enough experience that my parents who live in North Carolina are also thinking about installing hardwood and gas after eating red meat we recommended looking at Lumber Liquidators.

After speaking to someone at LL, I was informed that the actual cost of removing the existing laminate was ACTUALLY $1400.00 but that they would give me a break and ONLY charge me $700.00!!! The installer completed the job, was friendly, and did a pretty good job although when they left on the second day when the flooring was completed, they left without any attempt at any cleanup. Also, the estimator also gas variables pogil answers ordered 4 cases of flooring and 20 pieces of quarter round and 2 pieces of bases board which were not needed and I was required to return to the store. The store manager refunded the overage of supplies but I had to bring to their attention that I had paid for installation and that also should be refunded for the materials returned.

The store manager acted as if this was the first time anyone had made this request and had to get permission from the regional manager to approve such a refund. It took numerous phone calls to obtain the refund for the labor and NUMEROUS phone calls to LL about the bait and trap situation about the laminate removal. On the morning of finally getting this project started, I was told that the installer charged $400.00 dump fee to discard less than 100 lbs of cheap laminate flooring and they refunded me only $349.00 of the gas up the jet disputed $750.00. I will NEVER use Lumber Liquidators again when I sell this house and purchase my next house.

One hp gas online login man brought the delivery and it was really a 4 man job (he was very nice and we helped as much as we could while he was there… And then we carried all the flooring up to our front porch where it now sits). But, no point in worrying as the delivery had been done so no need to linger on it. Next, we were to receive an installation call within 48 hours. It has now been 9 days. I have called the installation hotline twice and they left messages with the install company. Also, I called our actual local Liquidator shop (Lynchburg, VA) who said they would “send an email”.

Still nothing. $9k and now I am worried we made a horrible mistake. We are pretty accommodating people and have no problem being flexible on installation dates but are just sitting here gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings. Waiting. It’s very frustrating. So, now I am trying to figure out next steps with regarding to finding another company to actually finish the job. I never post reviews about things like this but this involves 9 THOUSAND DOLLARS THAT WE WORKED HARD TO SAVE.