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Specifically, when I signed up a year ago for the service, I was told that I would not be charged a tank rental fee as long as I ordered a minimum number of gallons each year. The minimum number was never established and there was no tank rental amount listed on my contract. I received an invoice electricity symbols this week for tank rental and when I called about it was told that the rules had changed and that tank rental would be charged every year regardless of the number of gallons purchased. THAT IS NOT WHAT r gasquet tennis I SIGNED UP FOR!!! They did not send out renewed terms, nor was I given an opportunity to reject the new charges. They removed the tank rental fee for this year because there was gas 101 a note in my account when I called back in Dec 2018 about refills and tank fees.

I was told then that I might get a fee but the second delivery of propane should meet the min requirement and if I did get a fee they would remove it. The customer service rep electricity merit badge requirements I spoke with told me that the ONLY reason he is removing that fee is because of the note already in my account. I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere!!! But if you decide to do business with them, ensure that your contract is filled completely, keep all receipts, and take notes and names during EVERY call with them. Better yet, correspond with them only via email so that you can have a paper trail! SMH!!!

Other companies are charging gas dryer vs electric dryer half that price. I am ok with companies making money but they darn well know this is morally wrong/but hey they are not regulated and its capitalism at its electricity 101 best. Now that I know it’s up to me to find a company with better ethics and moral. But guess what. They own the tank, and Nancy quickly told me I would have to pay to have it removed (thousands). What a rip-off, I mean really, what kind of customer service is that. She offered to lower my bill by half but that is not the point. I have to call to do this. They know this too high for a customer to pay.

Why why why would any company do this. It’s because they are national gas average 2012 large and don’t care about a few customers being pissed off. The Execs at the company set in a board grade 9 electricity test room and said, Hey this is how we can get a few more dollars. And they know several customers will sign up for autopayment and forget this exist like me. I hope this starts a chain reaction and they get thousands of calls and have to change their process. I am in search of a new company, I will pay to have the tank removed so I never have to deal with them again.

My wife called back wanted to know when they were picking them electricity symbols ks2 worksheet up because now it’s a dangerous situation. The person on the phone (not sure if the same one as the 1st time) told her there will be an $80 charge on top of $130. My wife said, “They are your tanks”! The person on the phone said, “That is our policy.” My wife informed her that we will gas monkey live be charging them for tank storage. Still waiting for them to be picked up. These people are thieves have fraudulent business practices.

Original Review: For 32 years I have used Cress Gas. Recently I received a bill z gas cd juarez telefono from AmeriGas for $130.38. AmeriGas had purchased Cress is now charging tank rental for the past year. I called customer service I told them I never received a bill for tank rental before. I was told that because it was part of the price of the propane. The person then informed me she can reduce my bill to $75. If I had purchased propane in the past year it was included in the price why am I being charged again. This is fraud they z gas el salvador precios are charging twice. This is what happens when you’re a loyal customer a bigger company takes over.