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February 9th came around and the car was starting up very weirdly. It wouldn’t turn over. I finally gave it gas and it turned on- this was obviously concerning. It was too late at that point to call the rental place so I waited until gas x chewables reviews February 10th. I called ACE on Sunday, February 10th and by this time, the car would not even start! The lights were flickering on and off and starter wouldn’t turn over. So, I clearly couldn’t use this vehicle. No one apologized for anything that happened, they told me I’m not sure what to tell you, Newark location is closed, try tomorrow. This means I was unable to use the car again. Monday the 11th gas jobs pittsburgh I call the office, they do not answer the phone until 9:45 am, their hours are 8:30 am…not sure what happened here.

I tell Nel what is going on, and that the battery may be dead. He tells me it is a new battery, it should be fine and to jump it and if I have to pay for it they will reimburse me. At this point I did not trust this company, luckily I have AAA. I called my AAA, a knowledgeable man shows up, tests my battery. He asks me to turn the car on and off. The car starts with the jump, but won’t hold a charge. He checks the alternator as well, and the alternator was fine. AAA gives me a print out of where my battery should be, and where it is. The man tells me my battery is a bad battery. I have proof it is, and I send this picture to the company as well as left it in the car.

I called ACE back and Nel tells me (while Barb, his manager is yelling in the background what to say to me) that I am wrong, and that AAA just wants to sell me a battery. The audacity. I am getting very impatient now. Nel tells me to buy a new battery, and I would npower gas price per unit have to finance it and they will reimburse me. I refuse because again, I clearly don’t trust this company. They then tell me a mechanic will be at my house within 2 hours. I have a flight to catch in Newark in 3 hours, so did not want to risk missing it. I left the keys in the car and left the print out of the battery status from AAA in the car. I also sent videos of what the car was doing to ACE.

Today, on Tuesday the 13th I get an EMAIL from Barb saying I must have left the light on, the car started fine when the electricity 1800s mechanic got there. They will not reimburse me, and Barb even said they gave the car to someone else today. I really hope this person makes it to where they have to be because I was only lucky due to the fact I have family that was able to drive me to the airport since AAA told me if I stop anywhere with the car, the battery likely won’t start again.

When I pointed out the obvious fact that we reserved a 15 passenger van AND that they confirmed that said van would be available, they said f gas regulations ireland …the confirmation says ’15 passenger or similar’.” When I asked where the 15 passenger van we reserved was, they said that the customer who currently had it had not yet returned it. They asked Do you want me to call them to see how soon they will arrive? I said yes. They called and was told that the current customer was, at that time, still in Las Vegas with a van that they were supposed to have returned to Ace Rent a Car in Los electricity word search ks2 Angeles prior to 3:00 p.m.!!!

By the way, 12 passenger is similar to 15 passenger only to the extent that they both can carry more than 11 passengers!!! I had 14 people waiting for me to return to the airport to pick them up so we could begin our visit in LA. Consequently, we had to rent a second vehicle (from and ACE competitor) in order to accommodate our entire group of 15. Based on my experience, it seems obvious that attempting to reserve a vehicle in advance with Ace Rent A Car is a waste of time and effort!!! The reservation confirmation is absolutely worthless!!! If atrocious customer service is acceptable to you, then Ace Rent A Car is the place to go. I certainly will never consider attempting to rent from them in the future.

When gas arkansas I went to drop off the car. And mind you, the car was cleaner than when I picked it up. The horrible, mean, racist, manager was going to charge me 117.00 dollars to vacuum a car! I couldn’t believe what I hearing. I tried telling him he’s a service dog and that the car is clearer than when I picked it up. He didn’t want to hear it. He started swearing at me and said if I don’t pay the 117.00 dollars that he won’t give me the ride to the airport which is part of the service you’re suppose to get when you rent a car from them. They give you a ride to the airport.

This manager was so rude. He said and I quote, ‘you don’t want to pay the 117.00 dollars then find your ** a ride to the airport!’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I never been treated like this. I said to him, You’re going to charge me 117 bucks to take the car in the back and have one of your workers vacuum the car for 5 minutes to get a few dog hairs out. I kept telling him the car is cleaner than when I picked it up. This bp gas card login manager is easily the rudest person and most arrogant person I ever dealt with. I Told him I’m going to file a complaint and gaz 67b for sale I’m going to call my credit card company and do a stop payment which is exactly what I did. Please everyone. Stay away from this ACE Rent A Car in Ft. Lauderdale. They are a horribly run business.

Was then given a set of keys and told to collect car from parking lot – which in Vegas is a bus ride away from the main rental dealers in what can only be described as a shed! The paperwork I was given had no description of any damage to car and no one came to do the customary car rental walk around with me, I took note of the scrapes and scuffs on the bodywork, took photos and went back to speak to the less than helpful staff – who electricity off peak hours informed me that they don’t bother with anything smaller than a golf ball – they noted the damage I told them about but did not leave the “shed” to look. Only a couple of hours later when settled into the driving experience – UK driver in USA – noted a small chip to windscreen.

Wished had noted earlier. Would have requested another vehicle if had, but no problem. Had insurance. If there was a problem – attempted to contact rental company, was a Sunday evening never managed to speak to anyone. Drove the year 6 electricity unit car for a week, visited the Grand Canyon and friends down in Huntington Beach – did put 1200 miles on car but had unlimited mileage – did verbally double check this. Got the chat about not smoking in the car would be fined if smoked – all non smokers so no problem there?

If car was handed back with marks on upholstery would be fined – no kids in car, no eating in car only water – so no problem there? On return of the car discussed damage noted by us, and the chipped windscreen, no way to prove this was there before we collected the car, had insurance though so no problem there? No manager available to speak to us, would email invoice and contact us if required? Email received later that day – balance on invoice £0.00, no problem there?

No contact from the company so no problem there? The same day Ace Car Rental charged without consultation, discussion or notification another £506.00 to my credit card – what’s the problem? Am now in dispute with them through my credit card company. The car also did not have valid registration plates, this was pointed wd gaster cosplay tutorial out to us by our friends in California – it had 30 day transportation plates which had expired! Please be warned. Do not use this company. I cannot agree with other people enough, Avoid Avoid Avoid! Only wish I had seen the reviews sooner and gas in babies how to get rid of it would have paid the extra Bucks to deal with a reputable company – which Ace Car Rental certainly is not! They should be removed from sites like Hotwire/Expedia.

Additionally, I did not leave the lights on or anything else that would have drained the battery. Today’s cars shut those things off automatically anyway. I got a jump start from one of the busboys at our resort. Car did start this morning but barely even though I left it running everywhere I went yesterday afternoon. If I miss my flight two days from now due to this car then there’s really going to be a problem. I’ve spent over two hours now dealing with this car issue on my vacation time and haven’t even been able to communicate the problem to anyone. Except the one agent who didn’t do anything other than transfer me.

At least the car runs once it’s started. Guess I’ll just have to plan to leave early enough to account for finding a jump start and get to the airport in time. Ridiculous, but I’m not going to spend the two hours driving to and from Ft. Lauderdale let v gashi 2013 alone however long it would take ACE to resolve if they even would. Based on the other reviews I’ve read ACE acts with no integrity on their promises to resolve issues. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RENT FROM ACE RENT A CAR. YOU WILL REGRET IT.