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I went down the road to AutoZone and bought a bulb and borrowed a screwdriver. The screws removed easily as they only had a little surface pitting. I returned to Valvoline for the quick verification but there now was a few cars waiting in line and was told I had to wait because it had to come into the bay. I didn’t have much choice having already paid so I gave him my cellphone number and told him I was going next door to get something to eat and to call me when it was in the bay. It was 6pm and they closed gas meter reading at 7pm but was assured it would only be about a half hour. I never received a phone call from them and realized it was nearly 7pm so I went back over to find they were closed.

Luckily I caught the last employee in his car attempting to leave and trying not to notice me. I asked him where my vehicle was and he told me they never got a chance to get to it and my vehicle was around back at the entrance bay door where I had left it with the keys in it as he sped away. The verification of a working bulb would be less than 1 minute as all other inspections were done. To leave my car with the keys in the ignition and close the shop without calling me was totally irresponsible, dangerous and unprofessional. I had already paid them but refused to return there ever again and had the inspection done elsewhere the next day.

I went to the Valvoline Instant Oil change in Levittown PA for a routine oil change and tire rotation on November 5th 2018. When I arrived the people working were friendly and appeared to be working on my car with care. When they were Finished they asked me to sign the paperwork and said I was done and could drive away. I pulled out of their parking lot and onto a busy highway. I made it 500 feet electricity receiver before hearing alarming sounds coming from my car. Something wasn’t right. I moved into the center turning lane so I could pull in a large parking lot across the street and see what was going on.

When I turned across road (oncoming traffic) I heard a loud bang and the front passenger side of my car dropped to the pavement. Out of my passenger window I could see a tire rolling down the road. My Front passenger front tire came off my vehicle and rolled down the road. My car dropped onto the rotor and I was stuck perpendicular in the middle of oncoming traffic. Scared for my life I pressed the gas hoping the 3 remaining tires would be able mp electricity bill payment to get me to safety. I slowly scrapped my way just off the highway into a parking lot. I rushed out of the car to find no tire on my front passenger side and my back tire was halfway off the car.

When the front tire came off it caused extensive damage to my wheel well, front quarter panel hood and numerous other issues. I didn’t care about the car. I was thankful to be alive and grateful that I did not hurt or kill another person. Since I didn’t make it more than 1000 feet from the shop I ran across the road to get the attention of the service manager. I told him and his techs that the wheels just came off my car. Their only response was… We must not have tightened the gas near me now lug nuts not, Are you ok. Was anyone hurt? No… We must not have done our job…

The Service manager walked over to the vehicle and said he would get my tired back on. He tried for 2 hrs with multiple jacks and struggled. I advised that I would wait across the street and requested that my car be towed to a local Ford dealership at Valvoline’s costs because I did not feel safe driving it. A tech from Valvoline came to let me know my wheels were back on and the car was ready. I asked when the tow truck was coming and I was instructed to speak with the service manager. The service manager Ron advised that his Area Manager (Ron **) would not approve the costs of the tow truck because my wheels were gastronomia y cia back on my car. I expressed my concern for my safety and how this situation put mine and others lives at risk.

I noted that the area manager clearly does not understand the severity of the situation. The service manager stated that he told his manager everything and explained how serious it was. Even after that they denied my request. During this exchange the service manager admitted negligence and agreed that this was their fault and very dangerous. I called my own tow truck. While I was waiting for a tow I called Valvoline corporate and filed a claim. Provided all of the information above and noted the area manager’s name. I was advised by the customer service rep that my claim was escalated and would be addressed ASAP. I advised that I would like the area manager to reach out to me directly so I can express my concern… He never did.

It’s now weeks later and no one from Valvoline has called me except the service manager to keep me updated on the information from Ford about the damage to my vehicle. On each update call from the service manager, I expressed my disgust that his manager has yet to contact me and could he please have him do so. On 11/15 after strongly voicing my frustration with Valvoline to the service Manager on their lack of customer service, concern for safety and follow up with customers I received a call from area manager (Ron **).

Ron in a very arrogant, non-concerned voice told me that he was only approving $1000 of the damage that was quoted by Ford. I explained to Ron that his approval of the costs were not my concern and they would be settled between my insurance company and his. I explained to Ron my absolute disgust at his lack of concern for my safety, well electric utility companies in california being and overall callous attitude. I recounted the severity of the situation point by point. I described the danger I was put in as well as other drivers and that he should have been on the phone the next day to apologize for the mishap. Not only that, I was never contacted again by corporate. I expressed feelings on Ron’s attitude, poor management and people skills and Ron Response electricity laws in india. Ron told me he didn’t have to listen to this and hung up the phone. Ron never apologized on behalf of the company or took initiative. Ron hid behind the problem instead of getting in front of it.

Following this exchange, I was even upset about how I was treated by Valvoline and I called back into Valvoline corporate. I requested to speak to Ron **, manager (Andy **) and explained my concerns again. I was instructed by the customer service rep that she could not get Andy on the phone and could not guarantee that he would return my call. She then noted that Ron ** had called in to corporate to report that I expressed my distaste with how I was treated. This experience with Valvoline was absolutely awful. There was zero concern for my life, or the lack of service and car I received… The business, area and market managers (Ron **) (Andy **) and customer service representative are the worst that I have ever come across in my life.

Upon trying to close his driver side door he realized that gas house pike frederick md he could not shut the door. He exited the vehicle and observed that metal panel under his driver’s side door was “crunched” this area of the car is known as the rocker panel. My husband immediately walked back into Valvoline as he had not yet left the property. He showed the damage to Keith ** and Chris ** (managers) and at this time they verbally identified and assumed fault for the damage to the vehicle and identified that it was a result of a faulty and inappropriate placement and use, by their employee Mike, of the hand jack. Chris sent my husband to Gabriel’s Autobody

I then contacted Valvoline myself and spoke to Chis ** who verbally admitted to me that they were at fault and would be responsible for fixing the repairs on the vehicle. Chris also reimbursed my husband for the cost of the services he received that day. Chris provided me with the Customer Care number of 1-800-327-8242. They agreed to pay for the damages. My husband arrived at Gabriel’s Auto Body and met with Rick. After assessing the vehicle and assisting in unjamming the door lock mechanism.

The car was assessed and it was determined that the damage was significant to the reinforced steel panel under the rocker panel and affected the structural integrity. It was a result of an improper lift and positioning by the hand jack. The tire rotation was also completed outside of the bay area and on the side of the building. At the completion of the service- my husband made payment. He was not provided with any receipt, was not asked to initial. When my husband inquired if he needed to sign anything Chris stated “nope you electricity units to kwh’re good to go man”.

Fast forward 4 months to now 10/3/18. At this time Valvoline is now continuing to refuse to submit documents they claim to have from my insurance company stating that they are no longer at fault. My insurance company requested this proof be sent to their Segregation team on 6/20/18. They still have la gasolina lyrics not sent proof. Valvoline Corporate is playing the game of they want my insurance to send them the release freeing them from any further costs before they will send the requested document.

If Valvoline has “said document” then why could you not provide the “proof” when requested??? Cause you don’t have it. My family is out over $700.00 dollars and your company wants to play games. YOU ARE Liable for this claim and damages incurred. Do the right thing and take responsibility for your error and the error of your staff. I find it hard to believe that a corporation as large as yours does not have liability coverage. To make matters worse your corporation has still not reimbursed my insurance company the over $4000.00 they paid thus far for the damages! The damages YOUR MANAGERS (Chris and Keith) admitted responsibility for!!!!