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On February 26, 2019 I logged into my employers benefit site and found a notice in red that the long term disability coverage was waived. I then contacted our benefit administrator. She looked into the issue and said she was informed that I hadn’t sent in my eligibility of insurance forms. I still had the forms as well as the original fax confirmation. That same evening (Feb. 26) I faxed all of that to Unum again including the original fax confirmation.

On the morning 9gag wiki of February 27, 2019 I received an email from the benefits administrator stating that she was informed that I had been declined for medical reasons. Funny, that I could be denied when they supposedly had not received my eligibility of insurance forms. I then contacted Unum to ask why I was denied. The representative said she could not tell me, I was then put on hold to see if an underwriter could speak with me. An underwriter was available so I was transferred but had to leave a voice mail.

Short Term Disability – A claim was started as I was scheduled for hip replacement surgery on January 7, 2019. The claim gas 4 less redding ca was approved and I had no problems with receiving the weekly payments. On either January 29th or 30th I received a phone call from my assigned case manager. She wanted to know why I hadn’t returned to work and stated that they felt I should be back at work from their review of my job description. I found this interesting since I thought my doctor was in charge of my care and the determination of when I should return to work. In informed her that I was to see the doctor again on February 20th and that I anticipated he would release me to return to work on Monday February 25th. She informed arkla gas phone number me that was unacceptable and gastric sleeve scars if I saw him on the 20th I needed to be back to work on the 21st.

During this entire conversation it is an understatement to say that she was snippy and condescending to me. I feel that since this is a service paid for by my employer, as the employee I am the customer by default and I shouldn’t have had to be disrespected on the phone by her. I did have my doctor appointment on the 20th and as anticipated he released me to return to work on Monday February 25th. I had been instructed by the case manager to call her after I saw the doctor to update her. Since I didn’t want to deal with her again after the way she behaved during our previous conversation I made it a point to call at lunch time in hopes that I would get her voice mail which it did. I also uploaded the return to work notice online.

Later on the same week gas mask ark, I found out I have gestational diabetes on top of it. This is actually more of a cause and effect type thing just backwards as GD can cause the carpal tunnel. Few days later, losing the use of my right arm for helping me out of bed gets me in hospital with a bleed from straining to get up. All the while, I am in dire pain. I can only take ** and it doesn’t touch the pain. I see a surgeon and tell him about my wrist and an unrelated lump under my arm. He cannot do the wrist. Lump needs surgery after my daughter is born. Carpal gets referred to orthopedic surgeon… at the earliest date of a month later.

Two more hospital visits, OB appointments are now monitoring me an hour every week. Working on my therapy for my perinatal depression. Now, I have carpal in both hands, which was a 50/50 shot anyways. Doc puts me on light gas in oil car bed rest for slightly elevated BP and the fact that my diet has to be very monitored and regulated. I also have informed UNUM of every thing that has put me in and out of the hospital. Today, they denied my short term disability. I haven’t had money in almost 2 months. I am going to be homeless and car-less thanks to them. I have no one to borrow the money from.

I paid them to protect gas stoichiometry me well before this was ever an issue. Now, 3 weeks from being induced because of my GD, I have this to cope with. There is no help in the picture and all of this for what will be lucky to be 600 a month. I hope they like lawyers because not only did I insure against unplanned health problems but I insured against law problems too. I am an insurance agent. Not stupid.

Did I mention the benefit selection was gas weed strain for a new job? Still nothing to concerning because I had not received any treatment. The issue is that they have not paid me, although it was a 7 day elimination period, since I filed the claim. I am back to work and lost money that is needed for my household. Unum’s has not made a decision and asked that I contact the doctors to let them know they need to return the forms. Well, Unum, the doctors are not my primary physicians. These are the doctors I have seen when there was a medical issue, other than a hernia, i.e. cold, women issues, etc. All of which were related to something entirely different than concerning gas leak explosion a hernia.

Stay away from Unum or strategically schedule surgeries because had I waited to have the surgery in July, 2018 the 12 month pre-existing research may have been avoided. However, I am not too sure because the o gastronomo practice to scrutinize a hernia repair that was as much as surprise to me, has become a reason not to pay because it ruptured after 4 years and only one doctor caught it. The saddest part is that I contacted Unum a couple months before to ask about my STD for electing to take care of the hernia because I knew the recovery time was longer than the procedure I was initially going to have done at my own opportunity cost of vacation time. To date, still nothing. Pending I have been back to work longer than I took off to have the procedure.