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Despite how devastated I was, knowing I would be without a kitchen, I told the contractor to send the cabinets back. It is now February of 2019, and I still do not have my replacement cabinets. My contractor attempted to work with the store, and reported he would either be on hold for long periods of time, the call would drop walmart with a gas station near me, or, if he did speak with someone, they were unhelpful. On the 29th of November, I became involved and began calling corporate, as well as the store. I experienced the same issues with the store, but I did actually speak with the salesperson who sold my cabinets, who stated my contractor did ask for mahogany.

This continued for almost a month, where I was making calls every few days. What I was told, by Home Depot corporate offices 5 gases that come from car emissions, is that it is up to the store manager whether they decide to exchange or return merchandise, and that the store has to watch their bottom line. Corporate cannot, or will not, override the store. This is an unacceptable situation. It took over a month and a half for anyone at Home Depot to even agree to exchange the cabinets, but they are requiring a 15% restocking fee. Mind you, no consideration has been made for the time I have spent, without a kitchen, during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This particular store is a home improvement store, in an area that was hit by 2 Category 5 hurricanes. I know they have been extremely busy and their bottom line is in no danger. This shows how compassionate Home Depot is toward their customers.

I asked them to show me ANY thing that shows the color they gave me after I paid and they have failed to show me anything that they sent me which shows the wrong color. They even went as far as to change a document I was sent. They tried to send me a copy of a document they said they sent me on a specific date and even gave me the email address they electricity electricity goodness said they sent it to, so when I went to my email to retrieve this document it was different than the one they changed to show the color. Even after showing them that I was never shown anything that has the color I have ended up with they are basically saying I am lying and they are right. I KNOW I TOLD THE GUY THE COLOR I WANTED and I have proof that I took a picture of the gas block dimple jig color a few weekend before I had to finalize the color.

They are crooks and will not correct a mistake an employee make in entering the color and now I am stuck with a Quartz countertop I don’t want, 2 cabinets that are broken and instead of Home Depot fixing the drawers they just gave me the hardware to fix it myself, even after I explained I paid huge money to have all the cabinets come in one piece and didn’t think I should be the one to put the broken pieces together. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, I have ran into quite a few people now who have said they have had very bad experiences with Home Depot so please don’t waste your money because if they screw up you will have to pay the consequences.

The main frustration is that NO ONE from the kitchen department will answer the phone when you call. I finally got a manager on the phone last week after I was on hold for 30 minutes. He was very rude and could not tell me when the gas meter in spanish cabinets were going to arrive. When I asked to cancel the order, he said I would have to pay an additional stocking fee. I have tried calling today and once again, no one will answer. I called Home Depot’s customer care and they have got in touch with someone, but they said that the cabinets were supposed to be here already but are not. They cannot e85 gas stations in houston provide any information about where they are at, or when they will be here.

This is not the way to do business. I am not going to name drop on the representatives that helped me with this order, but it is pretty much the whole kitchen department since no one answers the phone. If these people worked for me, they would have been fired a long time ago. This time lapse has caused more money from interest and other bills than the cabinets electric utility companies charge customers for are worth. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

I was promised I would be reimbursed for those additional costs and that has not happened. The second countertop Home Depot installed is a different shade than the rest of my kitchen countertops they initially put in. Issues and complaints were escalated and I have not been contacted to see how Home Depot will resolve these issues. I have been calling for weeks and no resolution is offered or approved. I had to file a dispute with Home Depot Customer Solutions and Escalations Dept. I hope to get some answers and some help from them.

Total cost for project was $15,483. I have countertops that do not match, customer service representatives that can’t answer nor resolve my complaints. Managers that do not return phone calls. The material they used to reface cabinets is peeling and that is an issue I have not even been able to bring up because I can’t reach anyone in that dept that can help. It’s been a nightmare. I had to call two weeks straight, twice a day just to get them out here to finish kitchen island and baseboards.

They were also delivered/installed with some clear substance that I can’t wipe off (probably some type of sealer). I recently reached out to them to fix but it has yet to be addressed. When I purchased the expedited astrid y gaston lima menu english service they said they do the demolition to the old countertops the day before install (that later turned into a same-day demo). I requested that the countertop demo be done right away (10 days earlier) so that if something came up I would be able to address it, get quotes, or handle myself. They said that there gas explosion in texas wouldn’t be a problem and that it is protocol and they have to demo the day before (which again turned out to be the day of the install, not the day before). As soon as the demo team arrived they told me that the install had to be rescheduled out because I need new valves under my sink (I couldn’t go any longer without my kitchen… Those of you who know about type 1 diabetes in children know what I’m talking about).

I assumed this was a big deal and asked them what the charge would be to handle it as I needed my kitchen back in order for my son ASAP. They said the charge would be about $500 plus a $253 teardown. I didn’t know what this meant but it seemed like a big deal as they would have to leave, stop the job, and reschedule me out for another time and who knows when they would be back. The description of work needed was that everything is on pause until this happens because its important and needs teardown (very poor description that wasn’t true). I called and electricity physics asked them if there was anything they could do on the price and they said no. Assuming this was just a really big deal I just said, Go ahead so that we could get the install done. This is the point where I felt completely taken advantage of. They finished that “work” in less than maybe 15 minutes.

They used a couple of maybe $10 parts and moved on to the countertop install. I said, WAIT a minute, I’m going to call the office back because that is ridiculous for 15 minutes of work. Someone who wasn’t paying attention like me wouldn’t have known that their $753 dollar charge was COMPLETELY not reasonable and they were taking advantage of consumers like myself. They described the valve replacement and “teardown 9gag instagram logo” as something that seemed like a big deal, later to find out it was resolved in 15 minutes and they had $753 dollars additional charged to my credit card. This is ridiculous, hence the poor review. I called and spoke with Dolores ** and she said she wasn’t going to do anything for me, wouldn’t work down the price, and had a very rude tone. The others involved in all of this ere Bailee **, Erica **, and Glenn ** (the salesman).

Had they completed the demo when I asked I would have been able to investigate and compare prices or do it myself, but they did gas laws worksheet pdf not. Had they told me that the “teardown” they were talking about was just to take apart my old parts under the sink. I would have done it myself! The installer even said he would have done it without question but the office had to be called because of the valves.

So he was just going to do it free of charge, but once the office was involved they charged extra. I feel like I was taken advantage of because they didn’t come to do the demo earlier like requested, they knew I would want it done that day and I’m sure they do this to other people in a jam. They didn’t give me the opportunity to compare pricing. Consumers be aware static electricity in water of these ridiculous charges and unnecessary pressure. I hope no others get tricked. Home Depot needs to find a new vendor for their countertop install. I’m really disappointed and was ripped off.