Top 38 reviews and complaints about proform gas zone pricing


There was no sign of a call to schedule delivery, so I called customer service to get a follow up. The one representative told me that the machine was at the second carrier since Thursday, January 10th. I asked why they haven’t called me, and he said he would not have that answer for me and that I would have to ask them. He transferred me to the warehouse in Jacksonville, FL. They did not have it. Then, the orlando electricity providers warehouse transferred me to the Tampa warehouse, and they did not have it. In the meanwhile, I was getting upset at the lady on the phone at the warehouse of why I didn’t get a call. So, back to square A.

I call back Proform. After a 40 minute wait from the from the first call, I literally had to wait another 55 minutes to get through to someone. Every time I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager, they always make excuses or transfer you again where you are waiting for an additional 30-40 minutes to speak someone. Still to this day, I have not spoken to any “higher-up management”. I hung up because the wait was so long and I already spent half my day being lied to and no answers. I call back the next day, and the same thing… On wait for over 40 minutes for them to tell me that they cannot do anything for me and for me to contact billing. I get transferred to the billing department… Again another 40+ wait… surprise, surprise. But, what are you going to do when you spent $1500 on a product?!

I finally felt like I was getting somewhere with the person from billing. It seemed like she resolved my issue by explaining that for some reason I received an email saying that my machine shipped when in reality, it never did. I couldn’t really comprehend why the very first call I was told it was at the warehouse then. I paid an extra $99 for gas pain left side special delivery so I told her for all the inconvenience, I wanted my $99 back and free special delivery and she said okay very calm and that was it. I should have known with everything I have just gone through, that her response was off. “Too good to be true”. She sent me another order number and invoice after we got off the phone but the invoice was a value of $0.

I wanted a new invoice since technically this was a new order (they oil n gas prices had to cancel the other one for some odd reason). I wanted evidence that I was compensated my $99 back. Two people told me it was.. then, why wasn’t my invoice reflecting the new total? So.. I call real early in the morning (1/22/19) the next day and was told that I had to call billing. There was nothing they could do for me. So, after work, I called again and waited an additional 40+ minutes again and asked about the invoice. I also asked why I haven’t received an additional email saying my machine has shipped. It was over a week and still hasn’t shipped.

So, now, it is about a month with no machine. The lady also begins to tell me that an invoice for payment was sent in the mail and I should get it soon (I got it yesterday). She informed me that I had to pay. I said, Excuse me? You are telling me I need to make a payment on a product/machine that I haven’t even received yet?? I asked, What if it comes broken? Damaged? I refused to pay it.

How does a “company” expect people to pay for things that they haven’t even received? I informed her that Proform was fraud and I was going to dispute the gas 4 less charges on my credit card and I was going to make a police report. Also, I NEVER got the $99 charge for the inconveniences. They also delete the negative comments off their pretty facebook page so other customers can’t be warned. She became very hostile with me and said well you cancel and honestly, as much as I wanted the machine, I just couldn’t anymore. I was done fighting for an item.

I was done with their lies. I was more upset because this replaced our gym memberships that we cancelled because we built an at home gym. I came across this website and could not BELIEVE the same scenarios I just went through. I feel each and everyone’s pain. I am glad I ended up cancelling after reading each of your comments about broken machines and them refusing to give you back your money! I even told her I was going to call the business bureau and make a complaint of what they electricity production in the us are doing so if you are thinking of buying from them, DON’T!

So Monday came and I received no call and I followed up with the carrier (Non Stop Delivery) and the only thing they could tell me was they tried calling me on Saturday but didn’t get me and that “someone would call me to schedule the delivery la gasolina cancion”. I then contacted a representative at Proform again that day and they advised me the product was delivered to the carrier on 6/23 and I would have to call the carrier for any further info. I called the carrier once again to no avail. On Tuesday, 6/27 I still had not received a call from the carrier so I called and spoke to the manager Doug and he told me that he guaranteed someone would be calling me that day. Needless to say no one called so Wednesday morning I again called Doug from Non-stop delivery to inquire. I left him 2 voicemails.

I also called Proform again to see if there was anything to be done on their end and the guy I spoke with explained the full delivery process and that the carrier had 3 days to call and schedule because the product is inspected prior to being sent out for delivery. He told me if I did not get a call that day I could call Proform back on 6/29 and they would be able to contact the carrier since the timeframe had passed. It would have been very helpful if Proform put this process in the electricity worksheets for 4th grade email that is sent with the tracking info. What good is it to track the shipment if it is not on the way to me??? I finally received a call around 2pm on Wednesday, 6/28 to schedule delivery for 6/29 at 8am.

The delivery arrived around 8:30am today and when the assembly guys began taking the parts out of the box to begin assembly and they noticed the machine was damaged and pointed these things out to us. There were several scratches and dents and the base of the unit was cracked and not completely in tact. They were unable to assemble the product and had to take it back with them. My husband took pictures and so did the assemblers and gave us the paperwork reflecting the unit was damaged. At this point I am already frustrated so I call Proform to report this situation and see how and what could be done to rectify the issue.

I was connected to Lindsey in the Billing area and I explained the situation to her and asked her, What could you all do about this situation given all of the issues that have electricity cost calculator taken place. She then stated, “I can take $100 off the price of the machine and it would take another 2-3 weeks for you to receive another one and there was nothing else to be done”. So I proceed to ask her for a refund. I was put on hold for about 10 minutes and when Lindsey returned to the call she gave me a conf number. I asked her if I could speak to her manager and her response was, “My manager is not available”. So I asked for any manager and she tells me there were no other managers for me to speak with and I could call Customer Service if I wanted to speak with a manager.

At this point she began to sound gas tax deduction irritated that I was wanting to speak with her manager so I asked her if she knew when her manager would be returning and her response was, “I don’t know. She is not at her desk”. At no point did Lindsey give me other options at contacting or speaking with her manager so I asked for her manager’s name and number. She told me her manager was Audra and there was no direct number for her.

I asked Lindsey for the information for the Corporate office and she electricity word search answers states I was speaking to the corporate office. I asked for a physical address to mail concerns/complaints and she replied, “You can Google the address if you want it. This is a private company”. I then asked for an email address so she proceeds to give me the email address **. I did not hear her clearly so I repeated back and said, Did you say Plural for returns (like to add an “s” on the end)? Her response was, “THAT IS WHAT PLURAL MEANS”. At this point I snapped and I call her a not so nice name (female dog) and told her I was not looking for a grammar lesson and I didn’t appreciate her attitude and I hung up the phone.

I have never had such an awful experience with a customer service person like Lindsey. She was unprofessional and really didn’t seem to care about the issues that I experienced ordering from your company. At no point did she attempt to retain my business which is why I had the order cancelled. This speaks volumes about this company if the employees are allowed to treat the customer in such rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional manners. I will not recommend Proform to anyone, I do not feel as though they value customers. That was pretty clear by the lack of professionalism displayed by Lindsey.

I am very disappointed in this outcome as I liked the look of the HITT Pro machine but customer service is VERY important to me. Why would I give my business to a company that seems to not care about the issues the customer experiences. Sadly I will not recommend anyone to purchase from Proform, this experience has been an eye opener and I hope no one else is treated in this manner. I will take my money elsewhere and to a company whose employees show interest 10 gases in getting the customer’s complains resolved. For that reason Proform lost a customer. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!!