Top 397 reviews and complaints about gamestop gas constant mmhg


Called GameStop customer service. Spoke to man who could not give me refund. Asked to speak to his supervisor. Hunter was the floor manager’s name and d cypha electricity ID was **. He also could not issue me a refund. I requested to speak to his manager and he would not provide. He became very defensive and raised his voice at me more than once. I do not appreciate the intimidation nor the defensiveness. He told me it is “against their policy” to give us any information electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade to contact a floor manager supervisor. I requested where I might find this information to verify what he claimed. He said it is an internal policy and I can’t see it.

I must admit, I had to laugh at this gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator as it was the most ludicrous policy I had ever heard. I told him as such and explained I would be spreading the word and contacting corporate. He sarcastically offered me the CEOs number and told me he was 3 main gas laws ending the call multiple times when I requested to know information about him or his supervisor. Very rude and completely unacceptable. Emailed GameStop customer service an hour ago. We will see what their response entails.

I called to go get it today (12/29) and the same male electricity trading strategies salesperson ** said it is no longer on sale. I repeated our conversation and he said, I don’t what to do. I know I told you that. I asked for the manager. He told me the manager was out gas city indiana weather of the store. He then proceeded to hand the phone to someone that identified himself as the Manager. I asked, How can that be? I was just told he wasn’t there. Reply, Oh yeah, I am the floor manager at the moment.

I called back an hour later and the 2 young employees gas x strips ingredients denied our interaction and the Manager believed them. Why would I lie and how would I know their names to make up a story if I didn’t talk directly to them earlier??? The Manager REFUSED to give me the gas and sand game at the price I was quoted. ($30.00). He said it was not $30.00 last week. It was $40.00. After a very dysfunctional conversation he said he would give it to me for $50.00. (It sells for $60.00.) I said if the $30.00 was an error and 2 sales people telling me it was $30 when It was $40.00 on sale – then a good businessman would give gasco abu dhabi it to me for the sale price of $40.00. Nope, he said he would do $50.00 – not a bargain and not making me happy. I will call corporate and see if I get satisfaction. With 374 negative complaints before mine – they need to do something.

Here it is Saturday and they claim to not be able to help me, that I need o gastro to first send their items back then they will process a new order for me. They electricity generation by country guarantee I will receive the day before Christmas. I ask how is that possible if they aren’t going to process this until they receive the items back? Welp, he hung up instead of answering the question. I contacted the guy whose items I received (his contact info was inside the box). He tells me, No problem. Just keep it or trade it in. He said gas prices going up 2016 he contacted GameStop and they just replaced his missing items gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to no return necessary. He came out on top with $325 worth of merch and his items which made him only out about 14 bucks…

If you’re going to shop with them, I suggest going to the store or picking up at store. Also, use PayPal, the last time I used gas in back shoulder a card on their site my card info was stolen. At this point, the only way I can save Christmas for my son is go to the store and hope it’s available… The products ordered were the only things he requested and he’s such a sweet kid, he deserves to get them.