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First thing I get told is, Well you pay your bill with your mobile phone so we didn’t do this. Then I get told they can see I am a great customer, pay on time or early, they appreciate that so much!! Then I am told I paid it too early and it was like a double payment in Feb. As THE CONVERSATION Goes On I Am Told THE $27 Late Fee Would Be credited Back. They CAN ONLY Do THIS Once AND ONLY FOR good customers. Yada Yada yada. Furthermore the 30 I had just electricity laws in india paid would’ve applied to March because of MY mistake. Basically kept blaming me for paying them early. Sorry TOO early.

After speaking to a supervisor I was informed I needed to pay $88.00 to bring my not late bill current. So these idiots had the $30.00 I paid on Feb 23rd. The additional $30 I paid on March 24th were going to credit me 27.00 and of course the one payment for $30… However I was going to be bill $88.00 BUT I SHOULD REALLY PAY JUST $58.00 TO BE CURRENT. Their math not mine!! Now my math… You want me to pay you the 27 bucks that you are going to credit back to me. Cause the 27 is not payment. It can only be credited. Plus of course the 30 for April’s payment.

My math say that is 57 buck not 58 or definitely not 88. With no one can tell me how they get 88 and they admitted I did not pay my bill late, but I need to pay a late fee so they can give me said late fee back plus pay nearly a double payment to bring the account current when truthfully March and April’s payments were electricity bill calculator made. By their standard though only March has been paid. Even if I go for that BS one payment should at least count, but they want 88 bucks more because I paid my bill electricity units to kwh early.

No one can tell they want 27 plus 30 and 58 or as the bill says 88. 88 minus 27 minus 30 is 31 more bucks. No one knows why but apparently they think I owe it. Even though I’ve paid both cards early for over a year, without any problems. I Pretty much told them shut the card off. They will get 30 a month until it’s paid off. I will only be using my other cards that appreciate customers who pay on time or early. Capital One here is a math lesson for YOU… YOU NEED CUSTOMERS MORE THAN WE NEED YOU. To everyone else pass this company by. There are many great credit card companies, but this isn’t one of them.

Two weeks later I looked and my card had been restricted!!! I called for a solid week in an attempt to figure out what had happened and was told with each phone call that I would have to leave a message for the Executive Resolution Department and they would call me back within 2 to 3 business days. That NEVER HAPPENED. I sent a fax with all of my info for that department with still no communication. I carried my phone in my back pocket for 2 weeks answering every aggravating solicitation call just to keep from missing Capital one’s phone call. Never a returned call, email, fax or smoke signal. Nothing.

I was standing in a local grocery store earlier today listening to the conversation next to me and the woman was gas meter reading complaining that she paid off her Capital One Platinum Card and now it was restricted. I told her the same thing happened to me. She said that she has a close relative that works for Capital One in New Orleans and they said if Capital One doesn electricity generation definition’t see your account as profitable meaning if you pay your balance off too quickly and deprive them of making tons of money off of you, then they will cancel your account. The heck with trying to be responsible with your credit. Right??

I get back into my car and try one more time to get answers but was told the same thing by a very nice young lady. She genuinely said that she was very sorry and could tell that I was upset. An hour later my phone rings. I don’t want to answer a number that I don’t know but I’m glad that I did. I recognized the voice as the young lady that I just spoke with earlier from Capital One. She didn’t call from the same number and she tells me you deserve an explanation. Your card was cancelled because you kept paying your balance too early and she hangs up. I was so shocked but appreciated that she gave me the answer that I was looking for and she also verified what the nice lady I had just spoke to in CVS had said.

This is the day for coincidence…as I’m typing this my phone gas konigsforst rings again and it’s the Executive Resolution Department 2 weeks later. I asked the woman why and she first tells me that I will be receiving a letter. I tell her that it’s been a couple of weeks and unless it came from China to the US it didn’t make it to me. She said that they canceled my card due to the fact that I used it against Capital One policy… what??? I then asked what transaction was against your policy. She says. Ma’am I don’t know. I asked her if the letter would tell me that and she says no, it will simply say my card was used against Capital One Policy.

I then asked did I ever pay late… she says no. I said did I buy a ** precursor with it by mistake lol and she says electric utility companies in california no. She would never give me and answer. What that tells me is that the lady from CVS and the anonymous phone call were both right. They were not making enough money off of my account. I’m over it now so thank you all for taking the time to read this crazy but very true story. Be careful with this company please.

I then proceeded to unfreeze my TransUnion Credit Report. After unfreezing my TransUnion Credit Report I applied (online) for a credit card and was Declined. I have an 800+ Credit score and I am debt free. I made a 2nd call into the customer service department and spoke with a supervisor. She informed me that it was “due to the freeze” that I was declined and they were “unable to pull my credit electricity facts ks2”. I explained that I had already lifted the freeze and then asked her if it would hurt if I “tried again.” She answered by telling me that it would not hurt at all. When I attempted to apply again, I was declined, once again.

Frustrated, I phoned customer service (a 3rd time) and spoke with a different supervisor. This supervisor then explained to me that your company “pulls from ALL 3 credit bureaus”, which was contrary to what I was told on my original call. I was also informed that by the 2nd supervisor that your company did indeed pull my TransUnion credit report, which would leave a “hard inquiry” on my report.

I feel that I have been misled and do not believe that I was treated fairly. I do not feel that it was fair that my credit was “dinged” due to misinformation that was provided to me. I requested that the “hard inquiry” be removed from the credit report (TransUnion gas near me now) that was affected and have not received a reply to my certified letter, which was sent over a month ago.

In 2011 my father got sick, and all of his mail/bills, came to me. I paid them for him, while he was sick. He died a short while later, in January 2012. I was the sole heir of his property, as well as executor of his will, I handled all of his creditors once he passed. His mail still, in 2019, comes to me to deal with. I never received a single piece of mail/phone call, etc from Capital One. In 2014 my father’s will went electricity receiver into probate, to allow me to sell his property, and creditors were alerted to the fact that the estate was in probate and they had to send in requests for payment. They only have a limited time, by law, to pursue payment. Again, nothing from Capital One. I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone, he had passed 2 years earlier, and I had taken care of all bills that came through.

I entered into a lease-to-own contract with a buyer to purchase the property in 2015, and the attorney ran a title check on the property, it was clear. The buyer has been leasing to own, and let me know that they would be putting the property on the market a couple of weeks ago. When their realtor ran a title check on the property, there was a judgement lien on the property from Capital One, dated 2018.

How exactly, is it legal for them to, 1. Try to collect on a debt that defaulted in 2004, 15 years ago, 2. Bypass the legal limit of time for them to collect their monies when a property is in probate, and 3. Not alert the personal representative/executor of the will that they were owed money, and would be taking the estate to court for payment? I have NOTHING… I don’t have a copy of the judgement, I had to call the courts and ask them electricity in homes to please help with whatever they could. I don’t know where it was file, what it was filed for, or where to even start. This is one of the shadiest companies I have ever heard of. I now have to involve the probate lawyer, to help sort this out… costing thousands of dollars out of pocket.