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So now, claim is denied. After the first 3 boxes were checked off for their denial reasons, now they are saying the unit was improperly installed. According to their technician, there were wire splices and it was not installed properly. He also misdiagnosed the issue. The full system must be replaced according to 3 second opinions. Their technician said it was a bad circulator. That doesn’t explain the amount of oil it burns through.

My question and my challenge here is how are we to agree to home warranty terms when the terms are not presented until after the home is purchased? The home warranty put us at ease to buy the home. But too bad for us that a lazy technician thinks a job would be too hard and lies to avoid doing the work. Too bad for us that a home warranty service sits back and collects money only to laugh in your face because something went wrong and they refuse to fix it.

I will be seeing this company, their technicians, the realtor, the previous homeowner, and anyone else that can be named as a defendant in court. This company is scamming people, taking money and failing to provide service, refusing even, and justifying it with lies. I tell them I had maintenance done, then they retort with gas explosion in texas there was no maintenance done. I got them to backpedal so far that they created a new issue as their reasons for denial. We didn’t even know the claim electric utility companies charge customers for was denied until weeks later when we decided to call and check on it. They said an email was sent, which we never found. They were hoping we would forget. Well, we haven’t. We will be getting our furnace replaced and this company will be paying for it.

Of course this did not fix the problem and the unit had to be replaced. It then had to go to “research” to find a new unit. With all their delaying tactics I spent nearly 8 weeks without hot water. Fast forward to Feb 6, 2018. Once again my hot water heater went out. Same story over again. They stalled. Finally managing to replace it after leaving me without hot water for nearly a month. I asked at that time that they replace it with a different brand that wouldn’t continue to have problems, of course they wouldn’t do that.

Here we are exactly 13 months since my water heater was replaced and it has stopped working AGAIN. The provider they sent out this morning DOESN’T work on electric tankless hot water heaters. I was very specific when I placed my claim in making sure the representative knew what kind of hot water heater I have since not everyone works on them. When I called for a new provider I was told it could be as long as 72 hours before a new provider could be assigned. Their mistake and they wanted me to wait as long as 3 days for a new provider. I don’t think so. I kept calling until I found someone who would find a new provider for me today. My question now is how long will I be without hot water this time while they play with my health just to save their bottom line.

When I called in to the Customer Service to check on the status for delivery. I was told that the part cannot be shipped out until the original and defective was sent back. At the time it was freezing and snowing out here. What kind of poor service was that when I asked them if they can expedite it by approving the the service provider to use the service provider’s parts. They insisted that they could not. Not sure if they realized if my family or I was freezed to death house. It is a greater liability there than it is to a concern of cost savings. In addition, the agents were not telling the truth.

Here are agents name that I have been spoken with since day one I called in, Christina, Linda, Sara, Charlotte, Gerald and the manager, Tirana. I was told different kind of stories by the different agents every call I made. On 02/22/19 Kimberly, another the supervisor or manager promised to call me back with the update on the delivery of the part and as of today gas meter in spanish 02/26/19 I still have not heard back from anyone. When my service contract is up, I will cancel it. I would not recommend to anyone…

Two guys come in with big tools boxes as if they are handling some big machinery, try to shake my cook top very aggressively and mess my cook top completely. The guys finally left telling me not to use just one burner because gas block dimple jig they will come back with more parts. And guess what? When I started cooking within 2 hours the whole cook top blasted and gas/smoke was everywhere… It would have been a major accident because he broke some gas pipes and did not inform or maybe he does not even have any knowledge about it.

Now I insisted with Cross Country Home Services to send only Sears Technician to fix my cook top. When the Sears technician came…he was shocked to find out the pipes were broken and that the technician from other company let me cook in that condition. Now that Cross Country Home Services came to know that first company broke the cook top they are telling me that I have to work ONLY with them to fix… Can you believe that!!!

Cross Country Home Services does not want to take any responsibility for sending the bad technicians to our home and putting our lives and home in danger and additionally they are telling us we have work with only those technicians…those people who are clueless. I’m still waiting to hear back from Cross Country Home Services SUPERVISOR (who was supposed to call me with 24-48 hours and it’s more than that now).

And added to that I’m not able to cook for the one week because of the mess Cross Country Home Services has created by sending some unqualified technicians to my home… More expenses eating from out now. I’m even planning to file a law-suit against CROSS COUNTRY HOME SERVICES now for being so reckless and sending reckless technicians to our home!!! I strongly recommend not going with Cross Country Home Services who are SO IRRESPONSIBLE AND WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE.

However it was replaced until 01/04/19 per TotalProtect/Cross Country didn’t order the part until I made several calls. My heat goes out completely on 01/20/19 I file claim ** and Assured HVAC comes out again and this time they find that my unit approved by TotalProtect/Cross Country and the company they chose Air Refrigerator Heating Cooling installed it improperly. Per Assured HVAC Air Refrigerator Heating Cooling installed gas quality comparison a HVAC that my breaker box can’t handle and my house could’ve burned down. Thank God he protected me and my family.

I have called every day since 01/20/19 and talked to at least 15 employees and requested a supervisor call back at least 4 times. I finally got an allegedly supervisor call back from Cqiana at 8:30p CST who tells me TotalProtect/Cross Country are liable even though they hired the company to install the unit on 11/27/18. She states it was the HVAC company their insurance that’s liable. She placed me on hold stated she was going to call Air Refrigeration Heating Cooling. She came back on the like after about 10 minutes and I’m being generous with the time stating she talked to John at 615-544-5247. Air Refrigeration Heating Cooling was he said take him to court that’s all she could do. What kind of company calls another company at 8:45p and just talk with whoever answers the phone not asking if they’re the owner and or the details of the situation?

This has been horrific experience and this is not acceptable. I’m filing a complaint with BBB and I’ve already filed one on Air Refrigerator Heating Cooling. I still don’t have heat electricity physics and our temperatures have been in the teens. I’ve requested a 2nd level supervisor callback however I’m sure it will be another Cqiana experience which was unprofessional and poor customer service experience! If there is a lawsuit against them I’m definitely going to join it!! Home warranty nightmare!! I rated 1 star because I had to rate it and it’s actually 0 stars.