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I asked to speak to general manager. I expressed my frustration, said we have everything almost completed with renovations. And now with this damaged vanity we would have to wait again for a new one to arrive. I said to him, because I picked it up and had help from family to carry it in my house and then have to carry it back out. And return to store, Menards should deliver the new product for free. He argued with me. Said it was my fault for not inspecting it at time I came to store to pick it up. Anyway he reluctantly gas yourself said ok on delivery.

About week later I had email confirmation vanity was in at store. I called and man in delivery said he had no information on Menards delivering. So, then I spoke to a manager and he said I would have to call general manager next day to discuss this with him. I wanted my vanity now. So I could get it installed. I waited long enough, I didn’t want to wait another day and speak to general manager who was argumentative few days ago.

So I went to Menards and went to dept. to pick it up. They got it on forklift and was ready to load in my truck. I said, Hold on, general manager told me week ago it’s my responsibility to inspect before taking it home. So I proceeded to open up packaging and a nice employee helped unpack. I took video and pictures while we were unpacking. And found damage to the vanity and poor workmanship. I asked for a manager. This particular manager was very nice and I received a full refund. To this day I am waiting on a vanity. However it has been ordered from an actual local reputable cabinet maker. I know now it will be top quality material. Should have done this before going to Menards gas station jokes.

Fast forward 4 years now. He is the manager of my local store and I still hear his words, Ha ha. I cut up your credit card. He and I got to a point where we tolerated each other until today. I ordered material to be delivered to a job and specifically asked for what I needed. The unexperienced employee went on the computer and clicked on a similar item and since they were both Type S I never gave a thought until after it was delivered and I had 5 angry block layers waiting for the right material saying this is WHY they NEVER deal with Menards. I had to rush over to the store to load heavy items I paid for delivery on my trailer left on the job. I called the manager and he did have the correct material on a pallet ready when I got there.

A inexperienced fork truck driver came to put it on the trailer and after several failed attempts to get it between my wheel wells I finally guided the guy to get it between the wheels but gas national average 2013 his lack of expertise he could not push it farther forward and I asked if I could drive the fork truck. He said no. So I put another pallet in front and he could not push it with that. With 5 guys waiting I took off as he said he would have to call someone else. Then disaster struck almost to the job. The unplaced load made the trailer disconnect and caused the trailer to swing like a pendulum by the safety chain. A witness said it lifted my truck rear tires off the ground a foot as I tried to stop it. I was in both lanes trying to get control of my truck. The tongue of the trailer smashed the whole back of my truck.

I went back to the store to get other items that day and showed an employee what it did to my truck. I told them I wanted the incorrect material picked up by the next day at the latest. The skid weighs 3500 pounds and I was not going to return it for them. Since my first encounter with the store manager was a dead end even though the local police called Menards corporate about the actions of the new store manager. They honestly don’t give a crap about ANYONE.

I offered to return the skid of materials for the return of the delivery cost. He said no. I told him that was the best I would offer since they would not pick it up. The replacement materials I bought yesterday as well as another ticket I purchased on my business checks yesterday. I called bp gas station my bank and stopped the clearance of them. I guess it is a start of recovering the damages they caused me. The cutting up my credit card incident cost me a change of flight cost and I lost a nonrefundable hotel room I booked as I did not get there the day he cut up my card. Some advice if it is worthy enough my attorney told me we are going to sue the employees personally that caused me damages and with great delight the GUY that cut up my card. NOW he said I cannot shop at MENARDS again LIKE he is KING. Albeit he has little man syndrome. TOO bad.

I have 5 broken boxes right now and have to return this floor to. I took 3 boxes of broken planks back and exchanged for 3 new boxes. I was a plank short from one box where I removed the broken part of it and forgot it at home. I was told that I was to open the new box of planks that I exchanged for the broken ones and remove a new plank since I was short one from the broken box. I freaked out! First of all, I had to go through hell with buying, carrying tons of flooring alone and beginning a floor installation 3 times only to have to repack all up and gas out game rules return because it was broken or didn’t stick as promised and they actually was telling me to give them a plank from new box that was exchanged for broken box. The plank left at home was like the rest in box BROKEN.

I realized then why all 3 floors had a problem. They are reselling broken flooring. Why else would they tell me to open a new box that was exchanged for broken if they were not making a full box and reselling. Despite, they should have been more accommodating since this was my 3rd floor from them in a row that was not in good shape for a nice install. I was so angry. I am exhausted right now from buying floors, starting installation, packing up, carrying all back in a small Mazda 3 car, returning, getting another floor and same deal! I walked out crying Friday night after they told me give them a plank from new box and they knew damn well that numerous boxes were broken and they told me to use electricity worksheets for grade 1 a utility knife to cut broken part off floor.

I got home and opened boxes and t5 boxes that have broken tongues that lock the floor in place. I only made it to 4th row and all the planks were coming apart on the first 3 over and over because they won’t lock in place. It was a discontinued floor to and they had 17 boxes left when I bought the 16 boxes and the 17 box was broken too so I didn’t get that one. I can’t return broken boxes and get good ones cause it’s discontinued. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN! I also thought that maybe painting the concrete was electricity lessons for 5th grade a good idea instead since I was having no luck with other flooring there and the paint department was young kids who couldn’t even answer any of my questions regarding paint and concrete. It seems looking back that it always a pain in the butt when I used Menards stuff.

My body and brain is so tired from this mess. If I get problems returning the 16 boxes of broken floor then I am going to freak! I did use a utility knife like told but it was on tons of the boxes and it won’t lock so I won’t have enough floor to finish job since they have 1 box left that broken to. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE!! I told the lady when she asked me to give her a new plank from new box in exchange for missing a broken plank from box returned that I get it now! They should have been throwing the broken box of planks away so why would they tell me to open and give them a new plank so they had when was gas 99 cents in california a full box of 7 not 6 if they were not reselling??.

After all the hell I went through why would they even dare ask me to open a box and give them one. They sold me the broken plank that was unusable and I had to go through the hell of carrying them, getting half installed floor and ripping it up 3 times? The lady at returns rolled her eyes, gave me smirk when she asked me for new plank, was condescending and treated me like I was the one in the wrong and they were doing me a favor. Sorry I typed so much! I am just pissed right now and stuck with 16 boxes to return again! I have some good boxes but with 5 bad boxes I don’t have enough flooring to complete the install and it’s discounted so I can’t get more!!!! I am in tears!