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So, when I had a $74.98 charge on my card that eon gas card top up I NEVER APPROVED, I was surprised and disputed with my credit card company. Now, I did, after filing the dispute, get a package in the mail, that I never agreed to. I didn’t open the package and immediately sent it back to the company and, per my UPSP tracking, they receive it on 1/17/2019. Regardless, Force Factor fought my dispute and on 2/6/2019, well after they received the product back, the charge was put back on my card!

I called their customer service to explain that they received the product back, that I never agreed to take to begin with, and that they electricity voltage in canada also charged me. I simply asked the representative to credit me back since they took their merchandise back but still had my money. She declined to help me. The biggest issue I have is that I never completed the purchase. Someone who k gas cylinder called me to try to get me to complete the initial purchase transaction must have taken liberties to shove the transaction through anyway. Whoever pushed it through, even though I NEVER authorized, should be penalized. That is dishonest and taking advantage of consumers.

Further, their free sample isn’t free and, if they were an honest company not trying to scam people, they wouldn’t make you put your credit gas works park fireworks card info in before they show you gas and water company how much free actually costs. Buyer beware as this company is going to do what they can to take advantage of people at an extreme monthly cost which is 4X what their competitors are charging!!!

Original Review: Around 4 months ago I started noticing charges on my account for almost $99 from a company called LeanFire XT. I had emailed the company and told british gas jokes them that I do not have any knowledge of ordering this product, also the fact that I’m a woman I’d never even heard of this product, and yet I was being charged almost $99. I have my account every month. I didn’t want to cancel my entire card because it takes 7 to 10 days to get a new one so I once again emailed the company and explain to them that I had no knowledge of this account and yet I received no response and my account gas efficient cars 2010 continues to be charged. As a matter of fact it was charged just a few minutes ago for two charges this time.

I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll be forced to cancel my entire account. I’m very unhappy with the service. I have hearing issues and so it’s difficult for me to call on a phone and be understood so I attempted to email but that was also unsuccessful. So I’m attempting to reach out to the company in this way and hopefully they will respond to me and start taking the e payment electricity bill up proper steps to return my money.

Original review: I’ll make electricity 2015 this quick as far as what this complaint is about. You’ll see by the many other complaints of how ordering the free trial is a scam to steal money for a product you never ordered. Order free trial, get billed 1$ to authorize acct to steal. Read reviews of how the free trial after 1 month will steal 80 from your acct even though you cancel. Cancel acct. Get cancellation order that will be processed in 24 hours. Cancellation never happens of course. Send out package that wasn’t authorized. No tracking number or email confirmation will be sent to email address during gas 4 weeks pregnant the process.

Now I haven’t made it any further than this because the way to steal my money or USELESS product was mailed out Dec 07, 2018 under the veil of secrecy. I call and speak to a customer service rep. whom I ask a few questions with the first being power quiz questions. Do you receive a million calls like this. Answer “Yes.” She said once I get the package I can return it. Did not say if a free return would be with product. Or I could right then get a 60% refund. That’s funny. They c gastronomie vitam are willing to give me back 60% now of the money that they stole from me. Wow, you really have to admire the audacity. I applaud them for that. The rep asked did I receive the cancellation email. I asked her. “You j gastrointest oncol impact factor answer it for me.” She proceeded to tell me about the refund options. Asked to speak to a supervisor, of course none are available. They have their reps fielding calls without a supervisor. Oh wait she said they don’t work weekends.

-No email (tracking # they will call it’s) is sent stating they have charged your card before they ship the next product, or portion of scam. -While you’re on the phone with the rep a cancellation grade 9 current electricity test will be sent then. Laughable. -I have a screenshot of when I canceled it. -A lawyer will look around and find out if most every time they do this is done in the way I just specifically broke down as much as possible. -Wait time to speak to someone will be upwards of 20 minutes. -How many people gas engine tom are forced to take that 60% because they robbed them when they were short on cash. -I was forced to leave a star at the top.