Top 489 reviews and complaints about a. o. smith water heaters kansas gas service bill pay


I had 11 months remaining on the warranty. Discovering this issue at 5:00 am, I visited the AO Smith Website to see what actions were necessary to secure my home safely. There were a list of 3 service providers in the area, so I called one. The technician was able to look up my warranty and set me up with an appointment for a replacement water heater same day. I felt as though I had to move along.

I was instructed to settle up my warranty with AO Smith. They said they could offer me $500 2015 electricity prices and that I could get a new water heater from anywhere and use any company. Well, how convenient after I already made arrangements with their forced provider. AO Smith got back to me at 3:00 in the afternoon telling me about my options when I contacted them just before 10:00 am AND of course I contacted their service provider at 5:15 am and already got the ball rolling because I thought I had to use their provider.

I spent $1441 on the new heater and labor. I was able to get AO Smith to raise the offer to $791 but that still puts me out $650. I would have been in better shape with the $500 and a service and parts sale from somewhere else – like Sears where I would have preferred to shop – lower prices and an interest free charge on their credit card.

I am upset about this unnecessary mark-up because of AO Smith’s faulty products and slow/poor customer service z gas el salvador empleos. I am nervous about the fact that I have another AO Smith water heater in my home. In another 5 years when this piece of junk kicks the bucket, I will absolutely be purchasing a different brand elsewhere. DO NOT purchase an AO Smith product.

On Monday I called and had to request that a tech call me back when one of them becomes available. I did check the lower heating element for continuity and it did have 12 ohms, so it’s a good element. I decided to replace the element just to be sure while waiting for someone to return my call. After turning the power back on I get another error code an hour later indicating that the UPPER heating element was bad. I checked the element for continuity. I found 12 ohms. There’s nothing wrong with the element. In the meantime, I have no hot water going on 3 days. Eventually someone did return my call. We did some troubleshooting to decide what exactly was wrong with this brand new piece of garbage. I was to call back after I had rebooted the unit without the display module. I had to leave a request v gashi 2015 for someone to return my call again. No one called me.

So now it’s Tuesday and I called again, and again I had to request someone return my call. After about half a day later someone returned my call. This tech decided to send me a new electronic thermostat. He said they would over night it and someone would be calling me with more info. No one called me back. Again, I had to call and leave a request for someone to call me back. Someone did call me back. She didn’t know why I was not contacted about the overnight shipment of the thermostat but guaranteed me it would be here by the end of the day. It is now 8:25 pm. No thermostat. I am now 5 days without hot water. This is as sorry a product as it gets. 5 DAYS WITH NO HOT WATER BUT A BRAND NEW HOT WATER HEATER. Don’t waste your time with these losers, buy a Rheem.

Plumbers I called charge a minimum of $150 (Flat rate of $40 just to come out, and then $100/hour after that, with a minimum of 1-hr). I’ve already spent approx. $1200 to date on the products + labor! So if I want AO Smith to cover the charges, I have to wait until their contracted technicians come out, so now I’m waiting. On top of that, if the unit gas prices in michigan is deemed to be irreparable they will not cover the cost of labor to have the new unit installed! That I, the customer, will have to incur the charges for installing the new unit. This means I will have paid twice for labor – the first time and then the second time! How fair is this?!

When I purchased this product from Lowe’s, I expected it to be working. In all fairness, Lowe’s did say they will replace the unit. But the call center is just spinning me around in circles and not assisting in any way. I am extremely unhappy, dissatisfied and would not recommend using their tanks. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but with a 6-year warranty 1 unit electricity cost in india, I hope I don’t have to deal with them in the future as they are of little help, empathy, and try to spin the blame on the install.

At 8:00 pm, we still had not received a call. We then called the tech to see when he would be at our home. He said that it would be much later that evening, and not to wait up for him. (Our heater is outside and easily accessible). At approximately 11:25 pm he arrived. We heard his truck come into our driveway. At 11:50, he left. He had to replace the Chamber Temperature Sensor, made adjustments and modifications, relit the unit and left. This cost us $195 in labor since it is not covered under the warranty.

We now know after reading so many negative reviews gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore on this product, that this unit should not be sold to an unsuspecting public. A.O. Smith continues to put out an inferior product knowing full well what a piece of crap it is. They are RIPPING OFF the consumer while they laugh all the way to the bank. We know that it is only a matter of time until something else goes south with the unit. We will NOT put another dime into it. We think all of us who have posted reviews need to band together to file a class action lawsuit against A.O. Smith, and contractors who continue to push their product. Our next step is to contact the Consumer Affairs Bureau in our state (CA) and file a formal complaint against this company. We are so sorry that we were all duped and taken advantage of as consumers.