Top 49 reviews and complaints about delta faucets la gastronomie


I called 4 times and this has gone on for over 3 weeks now. My wife has called as well. Nothing but horrible experience with this horrible gas laws worksheet company and the disgusting way we were treated. The first time I called, I was made to crawl under my sink, stick my fingers in all sort of tubes near electricity facts electric outlets, crawl under the cabinet and take photos. Then the representative finally found an excuse to blame me! Apparently, the cables weren’t perfectly laid out (even though for 6 months this wasn’t an issue). So I moved the cables the way he wanted it and it still didn’t work. He told me to wait an hour since now it’s my fault. Nothing. But now it’s even worse.

Called back. Another scumbag representative. Again, tells me to crawl under the gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 sink and reminds me how the cables were poorly laid out even though I reminded him the cables were fine and haven’t changed for 6 months. So now they blamed battery pack even though I told him that it was electric wired. His response, “Yes. But even though you are using electric plug, you still must use k electric bill payment online the batteries as well to ‘complete the circuit’. Mind you, the instructions stated, “either battery” or “plug”. Now why the hell would somebody opt to use an option plug if they would need to use the batteries anyway? Isn’t that kind of stupid e85 gas stations in iowa? So, he blames the batteries and insists on sending me a new pack even though I tell him there is nothing wrong with the battery pack. 8 days he says.

I have to call again and talk to scumbag 3 to talk him into faster shipping on q gas station okc. No proper warranty on sink. This is how Delta handles their crappy warranty and their idiotic customer service. Remind you, this is what you pay for. This is what you get. I get the new battery pack and as predicted, faucet still not working. Call again – Scumbag 4. Again, he blames me. He tells me that my faucet 5 gases in the atmosphere is “too old!” I tell him that I only purchased this in April! He responds that yes, but that is 1 year old already. I correct the idiot scumbag that gas zone pricing I purchased this in April 2018. Not 2017. Barely 6 months. But I find it interesting that with Delta’s 5-year warranty, they consider their crappy products “too old” if it has been a year. Basically, you expect your products to break down after a year and refuse to make good on them? Regardless, my faucet was barely 6 months old which I already stated multiple times. How sleazy of you.

So when he realizes he can’t blame gas laws worksheet answers and work the wires, can’t blame the battery, can’t blame the age. Next question… “What material is your countertop?” “Granite”, I respond. “Oh!” he replies. “That’s it. Granite will cause interference. That is your problem!” For 6 months, I had no problems and gas lighting now you decided to find a way to blame me because my countertop happens to be granite? And that is a reason you decided is going to cause “interference?” What next? Are you going to ask if I have drywall in my walls? Sleazebags. I push back and tell him I’ve had granite all this time and never had an issue. It didn’t just suddenly start interfering for some reason. So now he blames the solenoid. Why?

The sink runs fine on batteries alone gas explosion in texas. When I unplug the power cord it runs ok. Power cord plugged in, it does not. So I wait again for yet a 3rd package hp gas online booking hyderabad and receive yet another battery back (3rd battery pack from you idiots), a solenoid which I don’t need and no power cord. I don’t know what you are expecting me to do with this solenoid but I know where you can stick it.

I want to file a MAJOR complaint with a senior manager. None of your scumbag customer service reps ever wanted to let my wife or myself speak to a manager gas efficient suv 2013. And both of us were polite unlike now. Because I am so done being polite. I don’t even want this faucet. I want a full refund for it. I don’t want to have anything to do with Delta. I don’t even want to fly Delta airlines just to be safe. I will tell all my colleagues at the office, friends, family, business associates, online blogs, BBB, everybody I know what a horrible company you were and how electricity labs for middle school disgusting you guys treated us. I hope the time and the few bucks you scumbags saved was worth it.