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Though it was just a beginning, when Falken was formed as the flagship high performance radial brand under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber, it grew further on as a winning brand expanding into new markets, launching tires and fitting in to the drivers’ targeted expectations.

The FALKEN CORPORATE Headquarters are based in Rancho Cucamonga, California and it is also a West Coast distribution center for North American operations. Having multiple distribution locations, Falken Tires include warehouses in Tennessee, New Jersey, Texas and Florida.

Falken brand tire is fulfilling the needs of vehicles from the commercial as well as domestic sectors. Be it, your passenger Car, Minivan, CUV, SUV or Light Truck, Falken have the exact Tire type to suit all your needs and they are proven in durability on street, racetrack and off-road.

The next generation model, the Falken ZE-914 has been acknowledged to various driving impossibilities. The high-performance expected from this Falken tire has been engineered for performance as well as cost saving fuel efficiency. Moreover, the low rolling resistance compound offers extra mileage and superior wet braking.

Buying new tire for your car is not a decision that you make in a day or just like that. This is an investment that might be as important as your life. Therefore, it is important to consider all the aspects in mind before you go for a final purchase. Go with capability and the strength of experience when selecting your new set of tires.

Most importantly, no one would want their beloved vehicle to pay for the poor choice that you made. But the whole process does not have to be that excruciating. You just need to keep in mind a few simple things and you can be assured that the after buying process is filled with happy experiences and not regrets.

There are many factors that need to be considered before purchasing new tires for your car. First of all it is always advised that all the four tires be changed at the same time as it can help in maintaining better traction level and stability throughout.

Though, Falken has gained popularity over the last few years and currently counts as among the top tire manufacturers in the USA. It is still considered as a mid-range level in terms of prices, but when it comes to the quality, it is at par many of the expensive tire models available out there.

Tires are made of various types of material and rubber compounds which are integral to their performance. Gradually, there may be some changes in the component properties over time. For each tire these changes depends on the weather, storage conditions and conditions of use (load, speed, maintenance, pressure) which a tire has to endure during his on road journey.This change in the life cycle of a tire, as discussed depends on many external conditions and on the type of tire as therefore it is not possible to detect in advance the serviceable life of a tire. Conclusion

We have handpicked products from Falken Tire series bringing technology and years of experience together. The tires from the Falken are much stronger due to their make and it means that machines can be tried at the extremes as well. Falken Ziex 950 All-Season tires are made for swiftness and agility.