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Having lived in the province for half of my life, I’ve enjoyed the beauty of what Mother Nature has to offer. A hike to the virgin mountains, a dip to the great waterfalls, a whiff of fresh air in the morning and the cool weather are what my childhood memory is made of. My father was a Forester then and I remember the times he and his team would visit different places to educate the people regarding the preservation of our environment.

Sadly though, as cities and provinces develop, our natural resources are also compromised and it doesn’t stop there. Global warming has become one of the major problems worldwide since it affects the whole planet and it slowly engulfs our world every minute. kite electricity generation In the Philippines, Filipinos are already feeling this effect. From low pressure typhoons, it has evolved into super typhoons and some incidence of tornadoes. Monsoon rain warning elicits fear as it can bring flash floods. Temperatures rise and our heat index has increased dramatically.

Pollution, in context, is the introduction of contaminants into the environment causing adverse change. It is present through noise, air and water. As we produce more noise, it can interfere with the behavior of certain animals in the eco-system. Also, on some studies, the effect of sound waves turns into heat causing a slight change in the temperature of the environment. Air pollution is what we can often see in urban places. Smoke belching vehicles and gases from factories are the culprits in contributing to air pollution. b games basketball On water pollution, incessant throwing of garbage and inappropriate industrial waste disposal affects our bodies of water, which in turn cause trouble in marine life.

Overpopulation seeds into a lot of problems. With the need for new homes, the development of new buildings, houses and establishments are in order. After which the demand for electricity, food and other greenhouse gases also increases. Scarcity of food can be experienced due to the limited ability of the animals to populate fast. Thus, dishonest people nowadays resort to using chemicals and medications to boost and fake the growth of these animals. Overpopulation also means having more garbage to dispose.

Mining and quarrying has become rampant over the years and are to be blamed for destroying the beauty of our environment. static electricity bill nye Among the natural resources that we have, water, oil and forests are the top three on the list. Fresh water, in reality, is only 2.5% of the world’s total water volume. If the problems affecting our bodies of water continue, the demand for drinking water will increase causing water shortage and worse, famine. Oil, on the other hand, is used every day for transportation of goods and electricity. electricity grid uk Lastly, according to statistics, deforestation contributes an estimate of 12% to 17% of greenhouse gas emission per year. Trees emit oxygen and filter the air. But with lesser trees, flash floods are likely to happen.

Improper waste disposal creates a hazardous problem to everyone. It may infect people not only physically but through the air and water. Garbage thrown in the rivers and canals may not only block our waterways but it invites rodents to infect the water and soon be transferred to humans. Clogged waterways have a tendency to spill causing flash floods, which is what is happening here in our country. Likewise, the lack of enough dumpsites and landfills is also a hindrance in helping to solve our garbage management crisis.

These environmental problems can attract disaster anytime. What we can do as citizens is to do what we can to alleviate these problems. Simple acts like cleaning, recycling and planting trees are always a good start. Also, strict implementation of Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 should be made. There is also a need to educate and instill discipline to people. mp electricity bill payment Let us help rebuild our nation and our world. Let us save our Mother Earth before it is too late.