Top 5 things you missed in the arrowverse – week 3 electricity review worksheet


Martians, Lasertag, and Vision Quest Tea – just your typical week in the Arrowverse. Welcome to “Watch the Arrowverse,” the weekly show where we take a look at some of the Easter eggs, important moments, and theories from all of CW’s DCTV superhero shows. On this episode, we’ll be looking at week 3 of “Supergirl”, “The Flash”, “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Arrow.” As we’ll be discussing the heroic details from all of those shows, we’re putting up the spoiler signal.

Turns out that J’onn J’onzz has the power to be in two places at once – well, sort of. In this week’s episode, the not quite last son of Mars reunited with his father M’yrann, portrayed by actor Carl Lumbly. But this was far from the first time the actor played a green martian. Lumbly was the voice of Martian Manhunter in 2 animated “Justice League” series, “Justice League: Doom” and most recently in “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. M’yrann returned to earth with J’onn at the end, so we’ll get to see more of Lumbly soon while hearing that historic voice.

The metahuman Hazard put the residents of Central City into some unlucky situations, but one scenario was more realistic than the rest. As Hazard waits for the slowest slot machine in history, we see a plane’s engine failing after a goose flies into it. This mirrored a real life 2009 incident. Pilot Chelsey Sullenberger, or Sully, lead an emergency water landing when geese took out both of his engines. Luckily for the passengers, Sully worked with his co-pilot to get all the passengers to safety without casualties. He’s living proof that you don’t need metahuman powers to be a hero.

As the legends expanded their team, they picked up an old enemy. The water assassin that pursued Zari was the fierce Kuasa. She appeared in CW’s “Vixen” series trying to acquire Mari McCabe’s Anansi Totem. Kuasa eventually got her hands on the water totem, but died in battle fighting the fiery villain Eshu. Her appearance is significant not only because she rose from the dead, but because she’s Mari McCabe’s sister, meaning Amaya is her grandmother. Will Amaya fight Kuasa if she discovers the truth? We could wait for the answers, or try to drink some of Nate’s vision quest tea to look ahead.

In a surprising ending, Joe West discovers that his girlfriend Cecile is pregnant. The child’s identity is unknown, but there’s one West that would be nothing but trouble for Team Flash. In the comics, Daniel West is the younger brother of Iris, who suffered through his father’s abuse for years after his mother died giving birth to him. Daniel eventually fought back, sending his father falling down stairs and permanently disabling him. After an accident gave him the ability to manipulate time, Daniel called himself the Reverse Flash, and aimed to gain enough power to kill his father in the past. But since Joe is a great dad, it’s unlikely we’d see that storyline play out. Either way, Barry was right about needing diapers.

John Diggle went from shaky to spectacular in a week with daring rooftop jumps and a fantastic limo fight as proof. However, the show’s final moment revealed drugs were the source of his improvement. This twist parallels the landmark “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” storyline. In the story, thieves shoot at Oliver Queen with a crossbow that uses his alter ego’s arrows. When Oliver suits up and follows the criminals to a drug den, he’s stunned to find his sidekick Roy Harper, AKA Speedy, using drugs. Just like Harper, Diggle is hiding his substance abuse, and on top of that, there’s now the foreboding presence of a crossbow. Will drugs be the downfall of the new Green Arrow?