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Lets be real about this review. This is a compact AWD car for gas efficient suv 2013 around $20k. This is an all-around excellent, fun to drive car. For what you pay and what you get there is no equal. This car is easily overlooked in favor of other small foreign cars and this includes the Subaru. However, this is an amazing little car. Wonderful engine, and so far no mechanical issues at (26,000 miles). I have a 2016 ES, AWD with the 2.4 CVT. I love that the technology in the car. It’s simple and in some ways old school. Controls are laid out well and easy to use. Visibility is excellent! I am a smaller person and never have an issue checking my blind spots or backing the car. The 2.4 engine delivers very nice power especially at highway speeds. If you want to be naughty and say push it over 80MPH the little engine really wakes up and can probably catch a few bigger cars off guard. I personally find the fuel-economy to be very good. If you put things into perspective walmart with a gas station near me and consider the following; 2.4, CVT (automatic) with A/C and AWD. Then I think 30 MPG is outstanding! I’m not sure where these other drivers get off saying the fuel-economy is so poor. I find it, in fact, to be rather good. I don’t care for the CVT automatic but have never found it to be a problem. I think it holds the engine performance back too much and it never allows the engine to happily-rev to the red line, instead it allows for a leisurely stroll around the tach. I have yet to encounter any serious snow conditions but feel pretty confident it will perform well in the snow too. However, my car came with ridiculous traction B tires so be very careful in the rain with these lousy tires. Consider the Continental pure contact as an immediate replacement. Overall, I cant say enough good things about this little car. I’m very pleased with mine.

I’ve always had a healthy electricity manipulation fear of driving. Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those, back to nature freak shows who believe that all progress is bad and that mankind must revert to the stick and stone age of the past. On the contrary 5 gases found in the environment, I enjoy being driven around in the air conditioned comfort of a fine car. I have no problems with that. It is driving that scares the living daylights out of me. So you can imagine what a nightmare my driving lesson was. Like all college students, I too enrolled in the driving lesson in order to be able to drive my own car. After all, being able to drive was one of the cornerstones of independence and would mean that I had developed my own wings right? Wrong, as I was to discover to my utter disbelief. I had never attempted driving any vehicle before. And I discovered to my horror that the entire driving lesson had turned out to be a total nightmare! For one thing, when I got into the driver’s seat, I totally and completely froze. I have to mention at this point that the instructor allotted to me for the duration of the driving lesson wasn’t exactly e85 gas stations in houston awe inspiring. In fact, if his looks were anything to go by, he looked positively life threatening himself. Anyways, coming back to the beginning of my very first driving lesson, I totally and utterly froze. I still don’t know why or what caused that reaction. But the fact remains that the very first driving lesson of my life did not get off to a good start. Needless to mention, I failed this driving lesson. After all, they don’t really go around giving marks to people just because they look like they can handle driving. In any driving lesson, to the best of my knowledge, you have to actually drive or at the very least get the car to move a couple of millimeters in terms of distance in order to be considered for a pass grade. In my case, nothing moved. Except of course when the instructor pushed me out of the car, screaming abuse! Ever since, driving lessons have given me a total headache. I think it took me a good seven years after gas explosion in texas that first, miserable experience with driving lessons till I mustered enough courage to get into an adult driving program. I was fortunately the youngest. But that too was little consolation as the only other people in the room were immigrants or country yokels, both of who had never ever seen a car in the first place!

This car is one of the best cars I have ever owned. Mitsubishi did a great job reviving the older generations with a new platform, such as engine and body design. What I really love about the car is the way it handles, the stopping power, and the performance it brought. They did a great job adding on q gas station okc a modern design inside comparing it to the older models. One of the dislikes I had was that it was missing a 6th gear, so highway cruising gets a little loud sometimes due to high rpms. This also adds to the not so great gas mileage it gets for being a 4 cylinder. The interior is modern, but at times it could look a little cheap, due to the plastic black look it comes with. Other dislikes include the clear coat on the Brembo calipers starts to fade too soon. Mitsubishi is kind gas quality comparison of known for the cheapish paint they use, so this was no surprise. Other positive aspects that I enjoyed was the AWD drivetrain and the horsepower it puts out. It made spirited driving fun again though the mountains, valleys, and the on ramp to the freeway. Overall I am very satisfied with the car, and it still holds true to the sporty spirit that the car brand was founded on.