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About 1 week in he began to vomit shortly after eating. We put him on a rice/chicken diet for a few days to calm his tummy and he was soon his old puppy self. We weaned him back onto the kibble (which he still had no interest in) and he began to vomit again. This time we took him off everything (no kibble and no treats at all) so we could go through the process of elimination. We went back on to the rice/chicken again. On day 4 we put some kibble in with his rice at dinner. 3 hours later he was sick, all of his dinner, not at all digested.

That night I googled Royal Canin reviews and read about so many electricity in the 1920s people having the same experience with the ‘packaging change’. I am reading that they changed the ingredients or where they are sourced from? We have never changed his food brand because it was breeder approved, vet approved and he loved it. The vet told us changing foods is not recommended because it could upset his tummy so we didn’t. I am so mad at myself right now that I didn’t just listen to what my boy was trying to tell me when he didn’t want to eat it. I don’t know what they have done to their formula but we will never ever ever feed a Royal Canin j gastroenterology impact factor product to our dog again!!!

When I talked to a girl who worked at the local pet shop about my cat’s sudden illness, she alerted me to many (at that time recent) stories of animals (both dogs and cats) poisoned by Royal Canin foods – both kibble and cans, including puppy and kitten formulas. Investigation and analysis of some of the kibble and cans that had led to diarrhoea, epileptic-type fits, sudden collapse and even death found that they contained rancid oils. This certainly explains the pancreatitis, and possibly all the other problems. But Royal Canin seems to have done nothing about it except cover up the problem.

I am very shocked and saddened to see gas pain relief that two and a half years later people are having the same problems and their beloved pets getting sick or dying because of this poisonous food! When I spoke to the vet about it, they didn’t want to hear, so I changed to another vet. But the pet shop stopped stocking Royal Canin and recommended a number of UK-made grain-free and organic high-quality kibbles and canned foods.

Months passed, he progressively got sicker and sicker, my vet kept saying nothing was wrong even though I started realizing my cat’s symptoms seemed like kidney issues (diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, excessive thirst, etc), but his blood levels were ok. Meanwhile, my cat e85 gasoline was losing weight in scary amounts. We weren’t switching his food because prior to the selected protein food, he basically looked bald because he’s allergic to other foods. This was the food that had helped him before so we assumed that it was electricity year 4 just him being sick. Unfortunately, we now know it’s what caused him to get sick.

FINALLY, after months passing 3 ultrasounds, 6 blood tests, 2 echos (I know…) they said his kidney levels seemed off and there was clearly something wrong because his weight dropped from 15 to 10 pounds. He was diagnosed with kidney disease, we were told to just feed him ANYTHING he would eat and now have to IV him. The moment we started feeding him new food he started shoveling it down. Gained 2 pounds almost immediately. Our vet then told us to go back to selected protein since again, he was chewing/scratching his hair off. We switched back, thinking that it was because he was sick that this was all happening, thinking that all the stuff about the food was in our heads.

Even with all of the medicines and IVs, the cat stopped eating… again… lost even more weight, now 9.5 pounds, and his natural electricity examples kidney levels got even WORSE. This time we just knew it had to be the food. We threw it out immediately, picked a minimal ingredient brand from pet store that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and he started eating again immediately. His levels improved within a week and he’s back up over 11 pounds and continuing to go up. I’m sorry but that isn’t a coincidence. There’s something in the food that is toxic and it happened when they changed the formula, even though they’re saying they didn’t. So disappointing. Please don’t put your baby on this stuff.

My cat gets urinary blockages (which are a life threatening emergency) and he has to be on Royal Canin Urinary SO. The side effects are that he throws up and gets allergic skin breakouts. His fur also dulls and he gets dandruff. Ingredients include brewers’ rice, chicken byproduct, and gluten cornmeal. These ingredients have no business being in my cat’s food. I’ve been told there’s no alternative electricity quizlet. Therefore, he’s just going to have to have a $70 steroid injection once every other week for the rest of his life to deal with the food’s side effects. Absolutely ridiculous. It just seems insane that no one can come up with a solution here. I don’t want him on a harsh steroid his entire life but I also know blockages are painful and life-threatening.

I tried to write a bad review on the Royal Canin page and it magically got deleted and I was never contacted by anyone. Amazing how on THEIR website shows all 5 star reviews. Such a shady company. You’d think for $50 a bag they’d have healthier stuff. Shape up Royal Canin!!! Going to check c gastritis im antrum a holistic vet out next and talk to a pet nutritionist. Hate this brand of food!