Top 517 reviews and complaints about paypal credit electricity merit badge worksheet answers


So it was 2018. Now 2019. And creditors Still have no self allocation tools on their sites for customers. A unnecessary hassle in these times. I should have a pay boxes next to every balance. That doesn’t exist. So call customer service with no do it yourself. Now I have to talk to people. Expect a small amount physics c electricity and magnetism study guide of human error when doing so.

My biggest gripe is well, a couple things. 1. No normal plans (i.e. 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 month no interest). 2. Payment Hierarchy. 3. Disallowing customers to allocate their minimum payments. 4. Dumb allocations. 5. NOT listing the non-promo/standard balance on site. 6. No self allocation tools for each individual balance. 7. Abandoned NO monthly payments option.

I have a couple of their 24 month Hard pay plans. Now this is supposed to be equal payments. Problem is their system can’t do math. One is 24.95/m the other is 7.55/m. The 1st was a promo for eBay. Spend $600. I literally only had 600 left on my limit of $1,000. I got a tablet (598.80) for my nephew bday 6/2019. Had to find something for $1.20 exactly. Some useless eye pencil. Done. They split them up on the bill. 24.95/m + 0.05/m. I decided to pay the whole $1.20 ’cause it was like Arsenio telling his guy to stop shooting that little gun in Harlem Nights. Annoying. My credit line was increased the next month to 2,000. I made another purchase for my niece nephew of a bunk electricity grid australia bed (549.99) + mattress (181.22). The bunk was cancelled because I don’t do business where curbside delivery is involved. Paypal allowed me to keep the 24/m promo with the just the mattress??? Also I have five 6 month promotions.

As of Feb ’19 I have a tiny non-promotional balance of $34.82. So in the hierarchy the 24 comes 935 gas block first. I got the one for $24.95/m in Oct. 2018 and the $7.55/m Nov. 2018. They add it together to $32.50 a month. Plus the other balances gets me a minimum pay of $59.50. When I make a payment their system won’t pay it in the way you’d expect. For instance. 24.95 (stop – 34.55 left), 7.55 (stop – 27 left). Apply rest to non-promo. If none the next promo expiring so as not to charge you interest. You can pay more on your own. Simple right? Nope. What it will do is allocate $30+ to the 24.95/m. Maybe $5 to the 7.55/m. Then spread the 27 around wildly (unless you have less than two igas energy shares months due on a promo). Worst it will tack on some of that $27 to MORE of the 24 month pay. So in 3 months of paying 24.95 my balance should’ve been 523.95 instead it was 509.85. Mind you I have other promotions set to expire THIS YEAR!

Even when I make separate payments to make it child’s play for their machine it STILL messes up. Basically (stealing) misallocating my money in a way that does a disservice. But when you question them about it they’ll quote you some line out of their handbook. It’s for your benefit??? Overpaying on a promo that’s not due for 2 YEARS! How does that help me when I have debt due sooner? Effectively gas leak smell if not purposely making it more difficult to pay my debt off. Because those misallocated funds add up. Plus hampering you from spacing out your payments for as long as possible. The claim is it’s due to excess. But how is there excess when there are other balances for the $27 to go to? The very reason they claim my minimum payment is the current amount to begin with???

Illogical, Irrational and Incompetent. For this they should feel some ignominy but I was met with condescension by one supervisor. Sort of braggadocio about the whole process. Regular customer service has always been helpful and polite though. I have to say NEVER use their 24 month easy pay. Especially IF you have other promos or plan to down the line. I certainly won’t again. There’s also an issue with not showing the correct payments left at times. But If they are a line of credit in which you’d use once for something specific and you can go to 2 years without using it again or don’t mind overpaying it won’t be bad for you. Also I use them for purchasing on unfamiliar sites for the perception of them being secure. So far no problems there electricity jeopardy 4th grade.

So in summary. Too many changes for the worst. Poor choice of payment plans. Terrible allocations with no self allocation tools (or even choices for auto-allocation). Another major issue. No option on site to pay with a debit card. Only bank account or mail (???). I just scrubbed years worth of plans for PayPal Credit. Down to 1 purcahse a year (if that) for B.T.S. items. So very disappointing. ‘Favorable Regression’. Coining the term for Paypal and others to follow and apply. *Phew* That was a lot. TL;DR? If it looks too good to be true…

By the way, the automatic payment that was scheduled was canceled by PayPal Credit so that a portion of the payment towards the first payment would apply to the second purchase. Get it… covering their butts! My intention is to pay the balance that I have twenty four months types of electricity generation to pay in full off as quickly as I can and then I will NEVER use PayPal Credit again. And as an aside, I contacted the BBB about the situation and gas water heater reviews 2012 PayPal Credit did not respond through the BBB, they sent me a BS letter telling me that they recorded the conversation and the agent did her job well. I also record my phone calls PayPal Credit and she was rude!!! Thanks for nothing!

The moral of this story is DON’T USE PAYPAL CREDIT! It may sound good but they are the worst credit card company. I have other companies that I deal with that have the same type of no interest if paid… and they don’t do these types of things. If you feel so compelled to use PayPal Credit buyer beware. DO NOT purchase more than one purchase on PayPal Credit and expect them to credit them as you would like. If you do, good luck. I’m sure you will be just like me… extremely disgusted and thinking that it was not worth the trouble at all.

I made several large payments on my PayPal credit account within a 2 week period. I then called and spoke with Jonathan (who, I found out later, gave me a lot of incorrect information). I asked him to simply reallocate $1200+ of what I had paid ($2815) to a few promotions gas definition wikipedia that were expiring soon. I had already done the math and explained everything. A week later, he completely screwed up everything on my account. It was extremely frustrating.

I called and spoke with Jayden. He offered to have me speak with a supervisor – who continued to interrupt me over and over again. I was livid! It’s already a confusing thing to explain, but they to have him interrupt and talk over me was it! I lost it! As I explained to him AGAIN what I wanted. He read back to me THE WRONG thing again! He was about to screw it up even more. I could not believe it. I explained it AGAIN! I THINK he understood and got it right this time… but I won’t know until 5 days from now. I use PayPal credit a TON! This has gas vs diesel been the most frustrating experience I have ever had with a credit company. Why do they make it so difficult? So they can make money off your confusion. Beware! Keep track of EVERYTHING!