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When the crack appeared on 5/15/17, Rachel ** (the service representative at Luxury Pool Spa) claimed that they didn’t have enough resources to fix it in a timely manner (it was sent to their warehouse on 6/19/17) and la gasolina lyrics suggested sending to back to Watkins on 7/16/17. They also told us to call Watkins directly since “they would listen to the customer and not the dealer” on our issues. We contacted Marianne ** in customer service and emailed her a list of all the issues we’ve had with the spa on 7/17/17.

We wanted to upgrade to a newer version of the Grandee since this spa constantly had problems. She had assured us that they would fix our issues (including the ACE Salt system) and see about the upgrade once the spa had arrived. Getting updates as to where our electricity quotes by benjamin franklin spa was also up to us by calling the trucking company that was handling transport. Luxury Pool Spa did not offer to do this for us. The spa did not arrive in California until 9/1/17. We were told once they did inspect it, that the crack would be repaired, new pillows and diverter knobs would be replaced and new speakers would be installed. This still did not take care of the ACE salt system or the Bluetooth issues we were having. Rachel said the ACE system was an add-on but why would they replace the speakers (which was also an add-on) but not the ACE system?

As to the upgrade, the dealer would only give us $4,000 (we paid $13,200 originally) which is an insult to us. We even tried to get Joe Gehlich (the owner) to meet with us directly to discuss our concerns electricity in homes but were told by Rachel that he’s too busy to meet with us. We were also not told the ACE salt system would last only about a year (the life of the warranty) and to replace it would have cost over $900 (we paid $1,295 for it originally). Needless to say, we were very unhappy to hear this, it should have been told to us up front before we bought the spa. To us, it was fraudulent behavior. The technician told us that they do fail within the first couple years and most people just never replace it because of the cost. Both Thomas Holt Joe Gehlich (co-owners of Luxury Pool Spa) told us at the time that the spa would be maintenance free with this ACE salt system and was a main selling point into purchasing it.

Based on our inert gas definition chemistry current experience, we would not recommend Luxury Pool Spa or any Watkins product to anyone. I no longer want to own this spa with all its issues, no spa should be having these problems for being only 4 years old. Plus we’ve lost 3 months of our warranty coverage as well as good summer weather while it’s been out of commission. Based on the issues and all the time and energy we’ve spent on trying to get everything resolved, we want the spa to be taken back for $7,500 or replaced with a brand new Grandee with the $7,500 credited towards the purchase.

The Bluetooth popped out on me. First was loose wires which torpedoed the sound from a speaker. The service tech fixed one. When number two blew I did it myself which should warn you about the electricity song youtube build quality. The water went bad for some crazy reason — cloudy as hell, stunk like week old Mexican leftovers. I SHOCKED spa but it was eating free chlorine like beer nuts. I shocked it. No fix had to do the old 600-gallon mega dump. Lo and behold I have a perfectly balanced, clean as a whistle fully running hot tub that all my friends said was the best they had seen. After nine months — BOOM! After that last sentence you hear the pump heave and whistle and die as the control module explodes like Apollo 11 command module.

Service call again. To their credit they were out next day. Blown control module as expected no parts in stock as I would have bet my entire life savings on. One to four weeks for ANOTHER replacement no parts in stock I guess they have to order the Malaysians hand-build one at a time so now my $12K investment in the wonders of spa soaking is down again. BUYER BEWARE. These units are wd gaster highly temperamental and sensitive. The more junk you add in the more problems you are guaranteed to have. I would NOT recommend these to anyone unless you need problems added into your life.