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The alarm started going off in the rooms around 6/7 pm and his staff called him to tell him but he didn’t care and wouldn’t come back to the motel until 3 hours later when his guest called the fire department because everyone was afraid that there was a fire and everyone was in danger so people stood outside their rooms for gasco abu dhabi careers hours before the fire department told us it was a faulty alarm in one of the rooms. When all the guest came to the lobby at 10pm to find out why he allowed this to continue for hours again instead of trying to calm everyone down and apologize for not doing anything earlier he became confrontational, started screaming at everyone and throwing us all out.

I have him on video saying he wouldn’t charge any of us for the night due to the nightmare he put us through, but waited for me to leave the next morning and ran my credit card for $122.91 without my authorization. I am now trying to get my money back, but Wyndham Resorts refuses to refund static electricity vocabulary words it even though it was taken without my authorization. I have filed complaints with the PA Attorney General as well as the CFPB and will have to fight to get my money back.

Room had not been cleaned very well as the corners had debris. Our toilet plugged gas tax nj up so we called the front desk for help and was told Ok. 45 minutes later we called to see why no one came up and rudely told my husband he hung up before he could tell him he had to come get a plunger and unplug it himself. My husband went down and was told no one was on duty after 2 pm to fix anything. Was handled a dirty plunger with toilet paper stuck to it in a plastic grocery bag that had holes in it. My husband unplugged it by found that the flapper in tank was shutting too fast and not allowing enough water pressure to flush unless you held handle down for 10-15 seconds.

I asked to speak to manager and was told he wasn’t working but would be there tomorrow. When I told the manager our problems he asked if our bedspread was clean? And every guest had to unplug their own toilet after 3 when maintenance went home. He was smiling and gave me the impression he could care less. When the manager asked if he could make everything better I told him of course, we would be out gas x extra strength vs ultra strength most of day for basketball tournaments. When we returned nothing had been done so I asked why and he said we had a blanket laying on the bed to be changed and they would not touch the beds unless everything is off even to change sheets cause they don’t want to be blamed for stealing.

Then we get a knock on our electricity merit badge pamphlet pdf door and it’s the maintenance guy, he was rude and abrasive when my husband told him he thought it was the flapper in the tank. We told him and showed him how we had to hold handle down but he just dismissed it. Said it was fine and used a snake on the toilet, threw dirty water all over floor and walked out, leaving us to clean up. Breakfast was a joke, 2 cereals, fat free milk in a jug, toast, waffle, the same bruised apples were put out all 4 days. Even locked up their juice machine at 9 am sharp. Ice machine on 3rd floor broke, ice machine on 1st floor leaked all over floor, 2 washers and 2 dryers (stacked on top of each other) for 3 floors and one washer was broken. Was there for major basketball tournament and was up til 1 am washing jerseys, plus only one person could wd gaster x reader get in laundry. It was so narrow and had vending machine in same narrow hallway.

The room had the smallest bathroom ever, you could sit on toilet and wash your feet in bathtub at same time. Sink area was right next to entry door and you could lay on one of the beds and watch people at the sink was a very strange and awkward setup. Not at all user friendly. We are senior citizens traveling with our grandchildren for their basketball tournament and this was the most unconscionable experience ever. We want our money back.

I booked at Super 8 by Wyndham Virginia Beach bp gas prices columbus ohio Oceanfront due to lack of options and they were the only hotel that had rooms on Memorial Day weekend. My family and I arrived about 1 hour before check-in to beat traffic. Surprised to see there was little to no parking, asked about early parking and was told we would have to pay for a parking pass to be on the lot early electricity electricity schoolhouse rock or would be towed (tow truck was towing a car when we pulled in). So we purchased the early parking pass ($15 CASH only for 1 hour, wonder who pockets this $$$).

We left and came back approx 1 hr later and had nowhere to park. No other free parking available. Called the hotel was told, Sorry parking is what it is, there are other parking garages nearby you can pay for. Finally waited in the lot for over an hour for someone who wasn’t a guest to move. Parking is across the street behind buildings in a pretty shady area. Lot is not monitored, only patrolled by a tow truck. Spaces are very small, I had a hard time fitting my Jeep there. Once we get checked in, there was no baggage cart, and had to carry all luggage from the parking lot to our room. One elevator that worked when it wanted to. Our find a gas station near me room was on the 5th floor. To be a non-smoking hotel, they must use cheap cigarette smoke scented air freshener.

There were no towels in room, called front desk, they brought 3 hand towels. Never received a bath towel after calling several times. Exhaust fan in bathroom didn’t work, fridge didn’t cool below 60 degrees, shower curtain moldy and was not long enough to keep water in tub, floor was soaked after each shower. Asked to change rooms/floors told no. Room wasn’t cleaned, beds weren’t made, no towels, and trash wasn’t taken out during our entire stay. Pool had trash in it, and even after telling staff, the trash was still in there the day I checked out. Continental breakfast was a joke. I work in the Fire Service and found sprinkler heads electricity kwh cost calculator painted over and honestly question the functionality of the sprinkler system, think about that before you let your family and children sleep here at night.

The front desk staff after 6pm was either outside fraternizing with girls on the street or was too busy to help myself or other guests. I have gas apple pay stayed at Super 8’s before and have NEVER experienced a hotel with such filth, and lack of customer satisfaction. Asked to speak to the General Manager and was told he wasn’t available. Asked about a survey card, and was told just go to TripAdvisor. Not sure if Super 8 Corporate office has anything to do with this hotel, but someone needs to pay them a random visit!