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After a year and a half of just pushing cedar, the weather was right to do some burning and don’t you know the machine quit, smoke coming out engine compartment same as last time, only difference was bucket was tipped up and door wouldn’t open. I was able to operate the emergency electricity voltage in canada latches and grab fire extinguisher, made my way around machine and found the fire extinguisher would do absolutely nothing. So I had to watch another caterpillar burn to the ground. I had just changed all filters and put $2500 worth of solid rubber tires on. Why is this happening — I have learned that caterpillar sucks air in from the bottom of the british gas jokes machine to cool engine. Skat trak pulls from the top and Bob Cat from the sides. Nowhere is this mentioned, or is there any warning about avoiding sparks.

I kept these machines as clean as possible and would never have gone near a fire had I had this info. I also saw a Youtube video of the same scenario guy had no idea why or how the machine he had borrowed caught fire. This is a very serious, not to mention expensive problem, I was fortunate enough to get out but someone is not going to be so lucky, I don’t want this to happen and want to warn anyone with a caterpillar skid steer to beware of this potential hazard. Stay away from and ambers, sparks, or grass fires.

My husband, **, then called his cousin (Retired Diesel Mechanic Instructor for Detroit Diesel) to come over and look at the engine. He looked at it in May and he suspected either a bad fuel injector or an electrical problem. He wasn’t familiar with the HEUI Pump because the CAT engines he worked on did not have j gastrointest oncol impact factor them. He recommended that we take the motor coach to Michigan CAT in Shelby Twp., MI and to run a diagnostic test on it. They ran a cylinder cutout test and determined cylinder #3 was dead. They also performed a HEUI Step up test and found it was sticking at low pressure. No repair was made to HEUI gas efficient cars 2010 pump even though it was determined there was a problem. We picked up the coach on June 3, 2015 and left on trip to Hilton Head, SC on June 4th. We stopped for the night near Columbus, OH on Thursday night and continued on the trip Friday AM. The motor coach appeared to be running fine.

We were about 10 miles outside of Charleston, WV on a very hilly, curvy section of interstate I64 approaching exit 50 when a siren went off. Within 30 seconds all 28 gallons of oil pumped out of our coach and the engine shut down. ** was able to pull it partially on the narrow shoulder. We called AAA and 911. The police came and had a wrecker dispatched to the scene and towed it to Heritage International Trucks. They thought the oil was coming out of the hole where electricity facts for 4th graders the HEUI diagnostic test was run. They ran a scope and saw the bolt was missing but the cavity was not stripped. They thought that maybe the HEUI gas exchange in the lungs Pump could be rebuilt and recommended we take the coach to Walker CAT in Belle, WV. We had it towed to Walker on 6-6 and they were able to look at Tuesday. They said metal particles were coming out of the HEUI Pump. They said all injectors needed to be replaced as well as the HEUI Pump.

The Walker CAT mechanic said that if they had tested the pump and it read it was sticking at low pressure they would have replaced it and all the injectors. That is standard operating power quiz questions procedure. I called MI CAT and spoke to ** on Friday. He denied any responsibility. I believe the bolt on the HEUI Pump was not tightened properly by Michigan CAT or the HEUI Pump was defective. We are seeking compensation for the repairs made by MI and Walker CAT as well as our rental car, meals, towing and hotel charges because this problem should have been caught by Michigan CAT and many 2006 CAT HEUI pumps have been recalled. It has been talked about on numerous forums. A free warranty and some money knocked off the labor is not enough for all the hardship and cost we incurred. Please e payment electricity bill up advise what you intend to do to remedy the situation.

(After we picked up the Motor Coach from Walter CAT we broke down again 20 miles away from the dealership. We were losing oil and blowing out blue smoke. The supervisor and mechanic came on to site we pulled over at and found that it had a shredded O ring. Apparently the mechanic who worked on it forgot to put a new one on it when he made the repair because the O ring was black not yellow. Another 4 hours of sitting on the side of the road!)

Beginning year three the unit gave a dirty oil sample, this was questioned but disregarded by mechanics as an oversensitive sample machine. Truck then blew both turbos, this was covered under warranty and gas oil mix ratio chart diagnosed as the culprit for oil sample. Three days later truck began to smoke considerably, brought unit back in and told engine was dusted due to a faulty CGI pipe which was a freightliner part not covered by Cat engine or exhaust warranty. The pipe had a hole and had taken in dirt which first caused turbo failure and the engine failure.

$40000 on my dime and two months down time due to a strike at cat and I was running again, personal expense to me was $100000 with down time and repair. OK much smarter now, I put extended warranty on the engine, began replacing CGI pipe every 7 months and fabricated a shield for the CGI pipe as Freightliner advised if I attempted to relocate pipe to a better place warranty k gas cylinder would be invalidated. The Unit went back to First truck every third week for the next year with specific instructions to oil sample every change and inspect all aspects of CGI pipe every service, again this is DOCUMENTED.

Almost a year to the day the truck gave a dirty oil sample, I followed this up with mechanics at Freightliner and advised I thought I was getting dirt in air system again, they advised this was not the case and all was fine gas 4 weeks pregnant. Two more turbos 8 days later and again I insisted there was something wrong, again advised all piping checked, air pressure tested and passed. Back to work. 4 days later truck began to smoke and knock.

Floated on my dime back to First truck Edmonton where it was diagnosed that I had dusted my engine again due to a faulty CGI pipe, cat was not covering the engine again and freightliner even though the pipe was under warranty, would not cover it because it had been rubbing against the fabricated shield they had been electricity 2015 instructed to inspect, and on the customer report PASSED on a bi-weekly basis.

If anyone has taken the time to read this and wonder why no action had been taken legally on my part, it’s because again I was on the hook for engine replacement and down time now totaling approx $240000 in two years. The only avenue I can take is to warn all possible about one or two truck operators in the province, Unless you have very significant buying power, your warranty is not worth the grade 9 current electricity test paper its printed on, if anyone feels this is slanderous in any way PLEASE take me to court, as legal aid will be the only way I am able to represent myself against two of the biggest players in the trucking game today.